How Much Does a Laptop Cost?


Smart phones and tablets have taken over most people’s screen time, but it is quite interesting to know that a lot of people cannot just do without the real computer and for a lot of computer users, that means the laptop. Anytime there is the need for office and school work, spreadsheet, video editing, music production, data entry, nothing can replace the standard keyboard and big screen.

But the type of laptop a user will buy will depend so much on how often they want to use it, the purpose of the laptop and how much money they can afford to spend on getting the laptop.

As it won’t be quite uncommon to see people that have not had any experience with the laptop. Probably they so much admired their old desktop and fell in love with it. But along the line, they felt the need to switch to a modern conventional laptop, they might want to find out how much a laptop costs.


Buying a new laptop might be kind of a cumbersome task as you will be presented with a lot of choices that you get confused on which one to go for. Most major brands of laptop manufacturers have multiple product lines with varying features and prices and then a lot of information to digest on processors, graphics capabilities, storage, screen resolution and a list of connections and ports.

A lot of researches will need to go into the decision to eventually settle for one. Although some buyers might already have the specifications of the kind of laptop they want to buy, but in a situation whereby you have no established choice, then you will need to be extra careful in choosing the brand that will suit the purpose of what you need the laptop for.


  1. DO NOT BUY TOO MUCH LAPTOP: Some years back, it is considered normal and a good pricing when you buy a laptop for $1,000. But today, most of the advanced designs that you get in the market will sell for less. Although you might still need to pay more, especially when you decide to go for the Apple The MacBook pro starts from $1,500.

The cost of a functional Windows 10 laptop will be within the range of $200, though you may not be presented with so much features that will be needed for heavy activities on the computer. Chromebooks, which operate a limited software by Google will go for about $300 to $600

  1. TRAVEL LIGHT: When you decide to buy a laptop, you also need to put into consideration the number of times you travel in a week. Daily travels will mean that you would want to go for something that is quite light with a small screen size. Although you might be disadvantaged in the area of power and battery life. That is just the price you pay for going for a lighter laptop. But whichever suits the purpose of the projects you handle should be considered first.
  2. DESIGN: You will also need to put this into consideration before buying a laptop. What are the specs you seek? Do you desire a U series Intel core i5 or you would rather go for the Y series one? Do you want an SSD hard drive or better still a faster PCI-e version.


The cost of a laptop will depend on the brand, the size, the processing speed and the storage capability. Students and other people on budget can get an inexpensive laptop at the range of $300 to about $700. Home users might need to pay more if they desire to go for a bigger laptop with big resolution and more processing speed. The cost of laptops in this category might be within the range of $700 and $1,500

Also depending on the brand of the laptop. Most top brands such as Apple can go as high as $1,500 and you might be able to get a Windows 10 laptop for $600

Gamers and multimedia users may need a high-end laptop that has a powerful processor like Intel core 2 Extreme with a minimum of 2G RAM. The cost of these set of laptops will be in the range of $1,500 to $3,000


If you are a frequent traveller, you might need to incur extra cost in the purchase of a laptop battery, which will cost between $50 to $300. A carrying case will also be needed to protect your laptop during travels. This will cost between $10 to about $100


If you desire to buy a laptop, you will get it at a computer store close by to your location or better still get one over the internet. Most major brands such as Apple also have their own stores where you can purchase a new laptop


You can also get discounts from stores and some manufacturers will also offer you coupons as a regular customer with them or when you are buying for the first time.

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