5 Powerful Strategies to Land Your First Thousand Customers

Tricks and Tips For Landing Your First Thousand Customers

What are the new ways to attract and grow your first 1000 subscribers? A friend of mine made a decision some months ago to open a chain of stores/mall where you could practically get everything. When he announced the location he was going to set it up, lots of people thought he was practically making the worst making the worst business decision ever.

The business was to be sited at a place where similar items were sold all around. The only response he gave to those who tried to discourage him was, “watch me get my first thousand customers in a few weeks”. True to his word, as soon as the place was set up, people trooped in in hundreds to patronize him.

In two weeks, he was getting thousands of customers both online and offline. When asked how he did it, he replied, “by using some tricks”.

Are you at the startup stage of your business and you are wondering when the doors are going to start being opened by customers? Have you been wondering how to make your first thousand customers?

Are you tired of getting and counting customers in tens and hundreds and want to move up to getting your first thousand? If yes to either of the above, then go on reading.

Getting your first thousand customers is actually easier than it sounds and although your first thousand customers doesn’t guarantee success, it gives you a chance to get experience, feedback, and ideas on how to get the next thousand, while of course making some real cash.

So here are some of the tricks my friend applied that helped him get his first thousand customers…

Actionable Ways to Get Your Startup’s First 1000 Customers

1. Talk to People About It

So many people still underestimate the power behind ‘word of mouth’. Talking to people about your business is one great way that would make you step into your first thousand customers. One mistake people make about telling people about their business is telling them about their business.

Okay, let me explain that. They are so good in telling people they have started selling this or dealing on that, they broadcast to family and friends that they have set up shop somewhere but never really encourage them to try it out.

If you are determined about getting your first thousand customers, then while broadcasting about your business whether offline or online, give them an opportunity to sign-up for it, or tell them you would love it if they would patronize you. Make a request and make them know how much you would be happy if they would be your customers., instead of just telling them about your business.

2. Tell them to tell Others

Another trick to getting your first thousand customers is telling friends and family or customers to share the good news to others. I remember leaving my friend’s store the other day and the security at the exit smiled at me and said, “did you enjoy your time here? I replied in the affirmative and he said with a smile, “we would really love it if you could tell others about us, you could even get a bonus package if you are able to get someone to come shop here”.

This request couple with the fact that he was cute (smiles), made me tell others about where I did my shopping that day. Do not be shy or too proud to tell people to do you a favor by encouraging others to patronize you as this is one great trick getting your first thousand customers.

3. Take your Business Online

It always surprises me when I search for some business names online on some search engines and I get “no results found” (P.S insert shocked face smiley here). Taking your business online is one great step to getting your first thousand customers.

When I say take it online, it should not end with just creating a page for people to like. You should create a medium for people to be able to patronize you or do transactions with you online.

For those businesses that are online businesses, it is important to make your site easily accessible and understood by customers.

4. Have a Good Relationship with your Customers

Another trick to landing your first thousand customers is, having a good relationship with your customers. It is important to make customers feel loved, important and appreciated. This is what keeps them coming back and away from your competition.

A happy customer is a magnet that attracts more customers. If possible, send a text or a mail to appreciating their patronage, get feedback from them and listen to their advice on how to make the service you offer better.

5. Offer the Best You Can

Another way to get your first thousand clients is making sure the services you render is of the best quality there is, because let’s face the fact. No matter how much you spread the word about your business, if you do not have quality products or services to offer, then no one would consider coming back or advising their friends to patronize you.

Others include, giving out free products, conducting promos, trying out new things and online advertising…

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