How Much Does a Kraftmaid Bathroom Cabinet Cost?


Kraftmaid cabinet is known as one of the top brands when it comes to cabinet making. This is the reason why a lot of people want to about the Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity cost. The brand most of the times work on the concept of the One Kitchen at a Time approach, through which they consistently ensure that projects are completed by minimizing the total number of products they handle per time.

This can be said to be the reason why most of their customers look way beyond the Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity price list and are rather more interested in the design made by the company and their mode of operations, most especially the customer service as well as the quality of the products on offer.


As we are discussing cost of Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity, it will be quite important to note that Kraftmaid Inc has many lines of cabinetry that their customers can choose from. Their designs are quite limitless and are made up of products that are gotten from top quality woods. Customers are then given the option of choosing the type of cabinetry that want to be installed in their homes.

Kraftmaid Cabinet cost varies so much depending on the type of product on offer. The product the company manufactures ranges from bath collection, cabinet door, decorative enhancements, accessories and kitchen innovations.

You can also decide to get customised cabinetry from the company to your desired design and size.

So now, what is the cost to get a Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity? There are lots of retail stores that offer on sale complete sets of cabinets made by the company. You can find below the price list of Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity

SIZE                                       DESIGN                                             PRICE

15” X 15”                               Square Cabinet Sample                     $60

16.73” X 0.75”                       Cabinet Shelf Kit                               $65

                                                Cabinet Fill strip                                $25 to $50

Besides the basic door and parts, Kraftmaid also makes bathroom cabinet that are built in and attached to the walls of the bathroom with screws. The cabinets made by the company, most of the times, have adjustable shelves that is created to allow for maximum storage capacity. Another value of their cabinets is that the hinges are concealed and designed in such a way that it closes quietly without making disturbing noises.


SIZE   DESIGN                                                                               PRICE

42”      Summerfield Bay Casual bathroom Vanity                          $500

48”      Kraftmaid Summerfield Bathroom vanity                            $900

42”      Kraftmaid Summerfield Nordic White                                  $600

36”      Summerfield North Bay White                                              $480

60”      Kraftmaid Summerfield Nordic white                                   $890

12”      Kraftmaid Nordic White                                                        $390

30”      Kraftmaid North Bay White                                                  $365

Apart from these wide ranges of Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity Cabinets, the company also have accessories and storages that will enhance the outlook of your kitchen cabinets and make them more appealing. There are various designs created to organize the position of the cutleries, chopping boards, knives, wastebaskets and so on.

These designs are quite innovative and make work easier to operate in the kitchen.


The company is known for their innovative designs and durability and so a lot of homeowner will like to be fed with the information on the entire cost of Installing a Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity. The overall cost will now depend on the type of cabinet that the company is offering. Although customised cabinets will cost more as they will need to be designed uniquely to suit your own taste. The size of the kitchen will also determine the cost of installing a cabinet.

Generally, the Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity price ranges between $100 to about $300 per square foot. You might be made to spend close to $25,000 depending on the type of material that is used in making the cabinet.


Sometimes, it becomes a thing to worry about when the cost of a Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity is quite much for you to afford. There are quite a number of means through which you can save on the cost of making a Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity.

What you need to do first is check out different retail outlets. Most stores offer discount on most Kraftmaid Products. You can get good discounts from Lee Lumber. They offer as much as 15 to 25% discounts if you purchase Kraftmaid base Cabinet.

Making researches over the internet will also prove to be helpful; you can get a wide range of discount prices from different online stores. In fact, ordering for your Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity over the internet will save you additional costs you might incur on gas.

If Kraftmaid Bathroom Vanity is what you desire to make your home and bathroom pop up with so much life, then you have a whole lot of options to choose from. All you need to do is take a look around stores and it is definitely sure you will get deals that will impress you.

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