Konga Affiliate Program: Sign Up, Add Banner And Text Link Code And Make Money

How To Make Money From Konga Affiliate Program

Konga Affiliate Programme is one of many ways Nigerians make money online. Konga is a market place where products are offered for sale when people shop online. The affiliate program works in such a way that bloggers and website owners can earn commissions when people buy products from Konga online store through the banners and links generated from the publisher’s affiliate account.

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If you have a website which attracts decent traffic, rush over to Kongasign up page and register for an affiliate account. Confirm your email and login into your affiliate account dashboard to get affiliate codes or banners which you can the display on your blog or forum.

How To Choose Profitable Affiliate Programs

With a social network profile on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Pinterest boasting of large followership, you can also make money by sharing posts containing affiliate links to Konga products which your fans can be interested in. Many people also make money by including their links in forum profile signature and posts as well as in outgoing emails.

If you want to earn more from Konga Affiliates, you can read through these two methods listed below:

1. Review Related Products
If you can write well, reviewing Konga products related to the contents of your blog is a sure means to boost earnings on this affiliate network. For instance if you run a tech blog, you can write a review of popular mobile phones like Samsung S5 (using SEO optimized keywords that people search with frequently such as un-branded, unlocked, free shipping, discount, coupons etc). Embed your affiliate links in such posts and you are on your way to getting paid by Konga affiliates.

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2. Promote On Social Networks:
A large fan base on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest will ensure that your post reach a lot of people. All you need do is insert your Konga affiliate links in post and tweets that you share. As long as you keep them related to what your page or profile is all about, you are sure of earning commissions when people buy products through affiliate link. products on social media sites  and you will see an increase in your affiliate earnings.

How To Add Konga Banner and Text Link To A Blogger or WordPress Blog
Whether your blog is WordPress based or blogspot (hosted on blogger), you can easily add Konga affiliate text link or banner code using the text widget or html widget respectively.

==> Sign in to your blogger dashboard
==> Visit the Layout tab
==> Click ‘Add A Widget’
==> Choose ‘Html or Javascript Gadget’
==> Paste your Konga Affiliate banner or text code into the gadget and save.
==> Drag the widget to your desired location on your blog.

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With this post, I believe you must have understood how easy it is to make money from Konga Affiliate Program. Now, visit Konga Affiliate sign up page and register at no cost.

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