Kirby Vacuum Price – Average Cost in 2018


What is the average price of the avalir 2, sentri ii, g5 Kirby vacuum cleaner? Is an expensive Kirby vacuum really worth the price?

The Kirby Vacuum was invented in the 1800’s and since then the cleaner has been able to evolve over the years. It all started as a manually operated cleaner and now it has gotten to an advanced stage of a vacuum cleaner that not only used electricity, but can multi task. Lately, Kirby Vacuum cleaners are now operated on rechargeable cells like in the case of some intelligent robot vacuum. It is very much certain that not many household can do without a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. So now the question is what is the price of a Kirby Vacuum


You have always wondered what could be really special about this vacuum cleaner that made a lot of people talk about it and ask about the Kirby Vacuum Price. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the Kirby brand has always made it to the top list of the best in America. It is well known for its durability and the best technology. Kirby Vacuum has become a household name with the modern and advanced methods of cleaning engineered into it.


Despite the fact that the Kirby Vacuum is quite saleable and very popular among households, the question that a lot of people ask is about the price of Kirby Vacuum cleaners and why they have to pay different prices to different salespeople.

It is quite obvious that the company does not sell their vacuum to the public directly. They don’t even sell them through the retail stores, not even on their websites. If you desire to buy a Kirby Vacuum, you will only be left with the option of getting it from authorised sales distributor. These distributors have the liberty to sell the vacuum at their own specified prices.

The modus operandi of these distributors is to visit different households and conduct demonstrations on the capability of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaners to encourage prospects to purchase a unit. With this style of sales, it is a very common occurrence for some consumers to pay more for the vacuum while some will pay less as different distributors will set their own favourable prices for the Kirby Vacuum


Kirby Vacuum Price is being affected by three major factors:

  1. The model of the vacuum
  2. The accessories that come with the vacuum
  3. The Sales agent

You should not that Kirby has so many products that you can actually choose from. They all differ in their different functionalities and the kind of technology they work with. This of course have so much to do with the eventual cost of the Kirby Vacuum.

The supplies and accessories that you get alongside your purchase may also make a huge difference. If you do not have any need for the vacuum as often as possible, then it is quite better that you only opt for few supplies that will be enough to sustain you for some few usages.

And you should also note that since Kirby depends so much on direct sales by its independent distributors, then you should as well expect different prices of the vacuum offered by the different sales agents. It is even possible for you to bargain or negotiate to get the Kirby Vacuum at the lowest possible price.


Kirby can be famous for its history and questionable marketing tactics, but the exact Price of Kirby Vacuum has always remained a mystery over the years. That is simply because, even after about 100 years of operation, the company still utilises the same method of selling their vacuums and this remains the usual door to door sales by authorised agents.

This is the main reason why it is quite difficult to ascertain the exact price of the vacuum. Even searches on the internet will provide varying results that a lot of people get confused.

So many consumers have reported being given the price for the Kirby Vacuum to the tune of $2700 although the specific model was not mentioned. And they also claim the price was sometimes reduced, even to as low as $800

At a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner was listed for $1,600 and a reconditioned vacuum has been reported to have cost as less as $800.

The Kirby Sentria can go within the range of $800 and $1,600. This will although depend on the accessories that you want to include with it. You can get the model of Amazon for $1,200. The GSix is listed on Amazon for $1,699


When you buy a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner, you will be sure to make extra payments for parts, accessories and other supplies that will need to operate the vacuum. The filters might cost you from $10 to about $20; the belts will go for $11 for a pack, $14 for the shampoo, $10 for the scent tablets.


It is not so uncommon to see a Kirby Salesman knock on your door and try to sell the item to you. Sometimes they even offer a free demo and usage of the products. But at the same time, you can as well visit the company’s website to locate a seller and even schedule a demo to be conducted at your own convenient time.

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