Pillars of Customer Service Excellence

The 4 Pillars of Customers Delight To Improve Service Experience

Customer service is the assistance offered or provided by a company before, during, or after the procurement of their services or acquisition of their products. It is the support of customers in the effective and correct use of a product or service. It could be assistance in, for example if the product is hardware, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and disposal of the product.

It could also be an automated service such as the touch tone phone, which involves a menu and the usage of the keypad to select those options (“Press 1 for English, etc.”), or through a contact center where an agent will talk the customer through.

In recent years, the quality of customer service has declined because of the lack of understanding by the executive and middle management.


So how can customer service be improved? Here are some suggestions:

Be personal. Computers aren’t real people, no matter how much a company wants it to be. People are going to appreciate the support better if a person will guide them through what they need fixed, and it will make them feel that the company cares about them, and that the company is willing to assist them. People have also pointed out that they dislike automated self-service customer support.

Customer service agents must be competent. They should know the information about the company and their products by heart, and be able to use this information to help customers who have bought their service or product and fix their problems. They are more competent the more knowledge they have. One thing customers do not like is being passed from agent to agent without any solution to their problem.

The hotline must be convenient for the customer, not the company. Customers should be able to contact a customer service representative whenever they like, or by any means most convenient for them, by phone, email, or any social media platform the company’s customers frequent. Contacting the company should be easy for the customer.

One more thing that will make it easy for the customer is not making them wait. Most customers express frustrations when they are being made to wait. This goes hand in hand with the competence of the support representatives, because one of instances a customer is being made to wait is the transference from one agent to another with no solution. Some customers avoid companies for years before going back to them after a bad experience with customer service.

When companies are active in reaching out to their customers, they feel cared about, and that the company is trustworthy and responsible, even if they’re not happy about the situation they’re in if ever they’re having trouble with the acquired service or product. The trust support representatives build with the customers will result in customers coming back, or becoming loyal, and maybe even recommending the company and bringing new potential customers.

Not only companies who offer data enrichment services need good customer service. To have good customer service, consumers must be always informed, and the company must always be friendly and responsive, and willing to help by providing relevant information whenever the customer needs it or ask for it.

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