Jani-King Franchise Cost Price and Opportunities

Jani King Franchise Opportunities, Revenue and Locations

The Jani-King franchise presents a franchising opportunity for franchise candidates interested in the commercial cleaning and maintenance services sector. Specialized in the provision of the best commercial cleaning and maintenance services to its increasing client base, this franchise opportunity has a business model built on excellent and satisfactory service delivery.

Founded in 1969, the Jani-King franchise has Jani-King International Inc. as its parent company. With a corporate headquarters located at Addison, Texas, the Jani-King franchise opened its franchising arm for investments in 1974.

Since then, this franchise opportunity has grown into a global brand, providing the best services to clients and attractive investment opportunities for interested franchise candidates.

Some of these commercial cleaning and maintenance services include window washing, disposal of waste, care for hard floors including other delicate cleaning services provided for industries either on a regular basis or occasionally as the case may be.

The Jani-King franchise is driven by a passion to service that has become its tradition. Jani-King franchisees are trained in the provision of these services and also guided to succeed with their franchises through the provision of the franchisor’s business model which increases their chances of success significantly.

Benefits of Owning a Jani-King Franchise

With the Jani-King franchise, franchise candidates interested in the commercial cleaning and maintenance services sector have the opportunity of owning global brand with a strong brand name built over the years and renowned for providing unbeatable commercial cleaning and maintenance services to its clients.

This has created a dedicated client following which is on the increase, ensuring that there is a constant supply of clients especially to its new franchises.

Other benefits of owning a Jani-King franchise is the franchisor’s robust support network that ensures that the chances for failure are significantly reduced. The Jani-King franchisee is guided through the most difficult challenges he/she may face, thereby increasing the chances of success. This increase in the chances of success creates a win-win situation for the franchisee and franchisor.

The Jani-King franchise cultivates a winning mentality in all its franchisees that has contributed to them being productive thereby increasing the brand value as well as creating attractive profit opportunities for their franchises. This is in addition to creating a low cost investment opportunity for wider participation.

Jani-King Franchise Start-Up Cost

The Jani-king franchise has certain start-up costs the franchisee must incur to qualify for ownership of this franchise opportunity. These start-up costs include an Initial Investment sum starting from $20,431 to $54,596, plus a liquid cash requirement of $25,000, and an undisclosed net-worth requirement. To qualify for ownership of a Jani-King franchise, these start-up costs are a requirement that must be met.

Jani-King Franchise Fee

The Jani-King franchise has a franchise fee of $16,250 which must be paid by all interested franchisees. There are no provisions for financing that covers the franchise fee.

Jani-King Ongoing Costs

Although silent on its ongoing costs, these costs are normally in the form of an advert royalty fee as well as an ongoing royalty fee that must be paid by the franchisee to the franchisor.

The size of the incurred ongoing costs largely depends on the size of the franchisee’s business. Larger sized franchises normally attract higher ongoing costs as compared to smaller-sized franchises that pay lesser ongoing costs.

Jani-King Franchise Training and Support

Under Jani-Kings training and support arrangement, franchisees benefit from specialized training sessions aimed at ensuring that they become very productive. From the date of signing of the franchise agreement, the initial training provided by the franchisor lasts a 3 week period consisting of 12 training sessions at the least. These training sessions also include self study and instruction sessions. Attendance to these training sessions is mandatory for all new franchisees.

After the training sessions, the franchisor must be satisfied fully satisfied with compliance to training before the franchisee is permitted to move on to the next stage. The training sessions usually take place at Jani-King’s regional offices. Apart from the aforementioned trainings, there are also additional trainings provided by franchisor for existing franchisors. For these trainings, attendance is optional for all franchisees.

All Jani-King Franchisees benefit from a robust support system that includes access to the use of its proprietary software, plus the use of its state-of-the-art equipments to ensure maximum productivity.

Jani-King Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

Under Jani-Kings franchise’s terms of agreement and renewal arrangement, the ownership term lasts a period of 10 years. However, after the expiration of this term, the franchisor makes provision for an extension of the ownership term for 3 consecutive additional terms of 10 years. This is however subject to having met certain conditions and qualifications.

How to Start a Jani-King Franchise?

There are certain easy-to-follow ownership procedures that the franchise candidate is expected to follow. The first step is to first visit the franchisor’s website on https://www.janiking.com/franchise-opportunities/ on this page, locate the “get started now” button which provides an online application form that must carefully be filled and submitted by the franchisee candidate.

Qualified applications are contacted for further investment discussions, involving all the procedures and guidelines required for ownership.

This article has sought to provide basic investment details on the Jani-King franchise. With the above information, it is believed that interested franchise candidates stand a better chance of making informed investment choices that will prove highly productive and beneficial.

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