Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

If you have huge amount of money and are willing to invest your money in Nigeria, they are lots of investment opportunities in Nigeria to invest your money into that you may not have looked into.

Nigeria is one of the leading growing economy in Africa and there are so many possibilities that investing in the country will yield better result in the future. With a country of over 166 million people, there is always a customer for your business.

If you are an entrepreneur or investor looking for good investment opportunities in Nigeria, study this post very well as I will be sharing with you lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria that can give you a good ROI (Return On Investment).

Investing in any of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria explained in this post depends on you and what you feel comfortable with. If you are a high risk taker with huge amount of capital, you can invest larger industry like the telecommunication, exporting, renewable energy etc.

But, if you are a low/moderate risk taker with significant capital to invest, you can invest in small scale opportunities in the country.

Here is a list of thriving investment opportunities in Nigeriaany wise investor can take leverage on;

Top 10 Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria With Small Capital

1. Telecommunication

Nigeria’s telecommunication industry is one of the growing industry in Nigeria and Africa at large. Though, it is capital intensive to get into. But, it is profitable in the long run. The opportunity for an investor in the telecommunication industry is not to start your own call network, but you can choose a niche product or service to compliment the present striving networks and make good money out of it.

There are so many telecommunication services providing cheap and fast browsing data to Nigerians and you can either start yours or look for a market that has not been touch and start up something.
These are some of the biggest challenges the telecommunication industry is facing in Nigeria and see if you can think of a solution about them:

• Security for telecom equipment in remote areas.
• Poor quality of internet and mobile services.
• Expensive fee on internet data.

If you don’t have the mindset of starting a business in this industry but you just want to be a part, you can invest into any of the striving telecommunication networks. You can visit any of their headquarters to find out how to invest in their business.

2. Real Estate Development

Due to the ever increasing number of the country’s population, there is always a big demand for rental properties like lands, apartments, office, shops in both rural and urban places. Real estate development is a low risky investment opportunity in Nigeria that you can venture into.

If you have some huge money in the bank and you don’t know what to do with it, you better think of investing in real estate development. This is an investment that never depreciation no matter the state of the economy.

You can choose to just buy many lands and hold them for like 2 years plus and sell at a higher price which will give you up to 300% return on your investment. You can also choose to buy a dilapidated residential property and develop it for the purpose of resale if you need quick cash or put it for rent.

There are so many opportunities in the real estate niche. You have to look for the one that fit your style of business and tap into it.

3. Invest in Stock Exchange

Another way you can take leverage of investment opportunities in Nigeria is by investing in the stock exchange market. It is no news that some people don’t have the time to entrepreneurial mindset to pick good investment opportunities because of the fear that they may lose their money if it turns out sour.

If you are that kind of person, investing in the stock exchange market is the best bet for you. There are many companies in Nigeria listed in the Nigeria stock exchange market that are looking for investors to put their money into their business so they can do better and win their competitors.

When you acquire a share from any of these companies, you automatically become a shareholder which makes you an owner of the company. So, any profit being made by the company, it is shared among shareholders as dividends on a yearly basis.

You can get up to 300% of your invested capital as far as you don’t touch your investment for the long term. You just drop your money and allow it to make more money for you. If you have always hear people saying that money works for them, this is what they mean. You are part of those circle of people if you put your money in this investment vehicle because you are doing nothing but watching your investment.

4. Fast Food Franchising

This is another profitable food investment opportunity in Nigeria a wise investor can plug into and rake good amount of money. There are so many fast food franchising company in Nigeria that you can become a franchisee and begin making good among of money.

Successful ones that are really making name include; Shop Rite, Wal-Mart and Mr Biggs.

5. Livestock Farming

This is a small scale investment opportunity to invest in if you don’t have large amount of capital. Do you know that the most profitable livestock farming business in Nigeria is catfish farming?

Due to the restrictions placed by the federal government on the importation of some food items, it has increased the demand for local production. The most interesting thing about this livestock farming like other agriculture businesses in Nigeria is that you can start from your backyard with just small capital.

There is a great need for livestock products like catfish, rabbit, poultry products, sheep etc.

6. Setting Up a Security Company

There is a huge demand for security in so many companies in Nigeria. Most private companies prefer to patronize the services of security companies than relying on government securities.

This is a very good sector to invest into as an entrepreneur or investor. You can set up your own security recruitment company or training center.

7. Haulage and Logistics

This is one flourishing business in Nigeria you can put your money into. Companies must haul their goods from one location to another and most companies can’t afford buying their own haulage vehicles so they do hire.

You can just start with one truck and manage it. From the proceed you get, you can go for another one and before you know it, you have already gotten up to 5 haulage vehicles transporting goods from one part of the country to another.

8. Waste Management Service

There is ever an open market for this business because existing companies are still finding it difficult to carry it out this business to customer’s satisfaction.

Like in my area where I stay, the waste management company in charge of my street usually come once a month. Imagine how the dirty will look like when they finally come. And when they do come, they don’t even finish all the houses they are supposed to pick up their waste.

It got to a point everyone started burning their waste not relying on the waste management company again. So, you can see that this is a very good market to start your business in. I am very sure that it may be the same for people in other places.

9. Become a Distributor for Dangote Cement

Yes, you must have seen so many Dangote cement depots around your city. I have seen up to 20 in the city where I reside. These are distributors of Dangote cement and they are making money as wholesalers.

You can tap into it too. It is not that capital intensive to join. You just need to meet with them and discuss how you can become one of their distributor in your community or territory. I am sure they should be rules on location for distributors and cement depot.

10. Construction Company

Massive constructions are always on-going in Nigeria. You can choose to invest in the construction sector and start winning building contracts like the RCC, and others.

Construction company niches include; construction of roads, bridges, towers buildings etc. you just need a team of qualified experience engineers to join your company.

A lucrative investment can start as a small enterprise and grow into a conglomerate. All the small scale investment opportunities in Nigeria explained above have the potentials of generating millions if properly manage. You have to be ready to put in the work.

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