Starting an Internet Cafe Business

Interested in small internet cafe business ideas? If YES, here is how to open an internet cafe business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start an Internet Cafe Business

Do you want to start an internet cafe business to meet your needs? If yes, then here’s how. 4 in every 5 homes own a computer whether a smartphone or a laptop or a desktop. This is the extent to which this information age has deeply informed our traditional lifestyles; making almost anything possible within a few clicks, in an atmosphere of good internet.

Some call it elements of a type 2 civilization, but by whatever name it is known, one thing that is certain is that the demand for the internet rises everyday like the vapor from a heated kettle. Most job applications, as well as interviews these days are scheduled online.

By siting an internet café business in the appropriate location, you go a long mile in meeting communication needs, as well as administrative needs for a number of persons. However, as much as any other business, efforts are expended in the start-up of this business, as well as careful analysis and feasibility studies; for instance citing a café in an area where most individuals are high-class, chances are that they all have at least a laptop in their homes, which would mean lesser output for you.

A number of important steps have been enumerated below, that will guide you as you start an internet café business:

How to Start a Cybercafe Business

1) Plan your Café
Always the first step for any business is the task of planning. Financial plans, Café size, location, advertisement plans, operations plan, other services that should be integrated. You must clearly state the amount of the required capital, and how you intend to realize it.

You could make this process easier by meeting with veterans in the business as they might have a few tips purchased by the currency of experience. This should be as concise as possible, and understandable. Preferably document all your plans for your business, as well as analysis.

2) Run Feasibility Check
Very importantly is the factor of environment that one has to be immensely careful. Citing a Café in a village where access to healthy water, good road, and electricity is not really a nutritious business strategy.

It is usually advisable to cite a Café close to hotels where travelers can easily lodge, or at the heart of middle class societies, or even at restaurants.

Also, you must enquire about the start-up capital, as well as individual costs of securing all the components that are necessary.

3) Choose a Name and Location

After conducting a proper feasibility study, you must then proceed to choose a name for your business as well as conclude on where to locate it. Location is very important when it comes to siting a business because if not chosen can lead to the failure of the business. You can utilize the services of a real estate agent in securing a location for business .

Regarding location, you can adopt some of the tips presented above; however for the naming, you should pick one that resonates quickly in the minds of anyone that hears it.
4) Acquire Permits and Licenses
You should visit the tax office for a tax permit; and you would also register your business to get the necessary license to operate without any political harassment.

5) Hoisting the Computers and other Hardware
You should have acquired the necessary equipment: Internet Service Provider (ISP), Router (so you can share internet amongst a network of computers), computers, printer, photocopying machine, binding machine, lamination machine, portable seats, efficient lights, UPS for every computer, a steady generator (considering electricity issues), and a scanner.

So this important moment is when you set them up. You might need the service of a networker to aid in the set-up, especially when you will be using over 25 computers in the network.

In this set-up phase, you might also need to do some electrical works, software installation, and furniture works.

You can also consider setting up a mini food joint by the side as a strategy to keep your customers locked up in your café round the clock; giving them little reasons to oblige you their absence.

6) Secure your Computers
Using the appropriate firewalls and antivirus software you can do this. You can buy the CDs of the firewall and do the step-by-step installation. This is important because a small bug can crumble the entire system if not quickly detected and attended to.

Then rules and regulations would be set to ensure optimal performance of your machines—rules like prohibiting the insertion of foreign devices into café computers except maybe in critical cases only after a thorough scan has been done on such devices, and eating or drinking on the desk to avoid spilling liquid into the electrical components.

7) Advertisements
Consider using fliers to do your adverts, as well as local newspapers; to create a rippling awareness through your vicinity. You could also use social media to do your publicity. This would go its length in promoting patronage of those around you. Now try as much to pay attention to recommendation, feedbacks, and reviews by customers.

8) Run the Café
In doing this, you should consider staffing. It might not be so efficient to run a café alone. There might be times when you are required to do a photocopy job for a customer and at the same time you have got customers in queue waiting to be logged into your network perhaps.

Under such circumstances, it would pay to have assistants or an employee—the more the hands, the easier the work of running the internet cafe business.

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