Starting an Insurance Company from Scratch

Interested in small insurance business ideas? If YES, here is how to open an insurance company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start an Insurance Company – Life, Car, Health Insurance Etc

You need to read this blog post if you are thinking about how to start an insurance company. Normally, it takes someone with years of experience in the insurance industry to be able to have the full confident to want to start an insurance company and become their own boss.

Before you get excited about starting your own insurance company, have it in mind that it involves a lot of hard work, passion and determination to scale through the first five years of startup.

It is very challenging when it comes to running an insurance company as you will be dealing with employees and customers. It takes a good leader to be able to run a company of this nature or else, it won’t last the first five years.

Below is a complete guide designed to help you attain the goal that you need to start an insurance carrier company and become your own boss.


A Business Name

The first thing you need to do to start an insurance company is to come up with a name for your company. Your insurance business name must reflect the type of insurance products that you deal in if you choose to specialize on a single product.

If you choose to specialize in more than one product, you can pick a name that is easy to remember by your potential customers. This is very important.

Registering your Insurance Company

Starting an insurance company involves that you have to register it. The legal entity you choose to register your company depends on you. From experience, I can only say that the best entity you should register an insurance company would be as a LLC.

When you register your insurance company as a Limited Liability Company, your personal asset will not be affected in case of failure to pay debt. The only properties that will be affected will be properties own by the company.

This is why most financial institutions are registered under a Limited Liability Company. If you do your research further, you will discover that an LLC is the best option for registering your company under.

If you are starting the insurance company with a partner, you can register the company as a Limited partnership company.

Get a License

How do you become an insurance agency? You will need a license before you will be able to solicit and sell any insurance product. Make sure that you study the licensing laws of the state that you live in and get licensed. You will need a separate license for each type of insurance product you plan to sell.

Have it in mind that the process of obtaining an insurance license do not come easy. There are some laid down criteria that must be met before you will be issued a license.

Before you will be qualified to apply for an insurance license, you will need to write an examination. This exam is something you can sit and write in one-sitting if you are really serious about starting your insurance company.

This exam is something you must be serious with or else you will need to come back another year to come write it again if you fail. You must prove that you want your insurance company started by performing well in the licensure examination.

Insurance Products

How do insurance companies make a profit? The next thing that should be on your agenda is deciding the type of insurance products you want to deal in. The insurance industry as I know you should be aware is a very wide industry with so many niches.

You can choose to deal in life and health insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, liability insurance etc. Auto insurance is perhaps the easiest to sell but not as lucrative as life insurance.

When determining how to start a life insurance company, you have to remember that your main source of income will be commission and residuals from the policies. The higher the policy amount, the greater the commission. You might want to keep this in mind while deciding what type of insurance to specialize in.


How much does it cost to set up an insurance company? Starting an insurance company requires capital to invest in it. Draw up an insurance company business plan enumerating the capital you need to get started, monthly expenses, projected future commissions and profits. Finance is the lifeblood of any business.

Common sources of finance are banks, financial institutions and investors from the industry. Some expenses you will need to cover include advertising, salaries, commissions, professional fees, rent, taxes, office supplies etc.

Advertising your Insurance Company

You need to be able to identify and contact potential clients for your insurance company. The survival of an insurance business depends on a smart advertising and marketing strategy. Hard-selling skills are the hallmark of good insurance salesman.

You can recruit salesmen to help in marketing your insurance products to potential clients and bring you leads. You can run advertisement extensively over the internet, in the yellow pages and also in your local newspaper. The bulk of your expenses will be on advertising. So, be prepared.

The information should get your insurance company off the ground and start soaring!

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