Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents, Restaurant, Realtors, Insurance, Schools, Businesses, Apartment

It has become imperative that small business owners gain access to cheap or inexpensive marketing ideas for their businesses with the usual challenges encountered by small businesses especially in the area of awareness of services offered.

These cheap marketing ideas, although cheap have consistently proven effective in reaching its intended/target audiences. This article seeks to make available to the entrepreneur, some of these inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses. We begin with the following;

Exceeding Client/Customer Expectations

This is an area that requires maximum attention by all small business owners. Any business venture that plans on expansion needs to focus strongly on surpassing the expectation of its clients. This is because a well satisfied client is most likely to become a loyal patron of that business.

Apart from being a loyal client, research has proven that there is increased likelihood of the satisfied client informing his/her family, friends, associates, work colleagues and other people he/she mingles with about the superior services enjoyed, and a likelihood of them coming to also see for themselves.

Use of Unconventional Means

This is an often overlooked, yet effective means of marketing that has only drawn attention of just a few users. Because of the cost implications involved in using mainstream media channels such as the print media, and the electronic media, cheap alternative modes of marketing have proven quite effective in efficiently providing the much needed lifeline that marketing brings to a business.

Some of these unconventional means include; placement of adverts on community bulletin boards, grocery shopping carts, taxi boards, parking meters, and floating balloons, catchy humour messages such as “hey stop” among several similar options.

Sharing/Splitting of Advert Costs

This is an inexpensive yet effective way of marketing for small businesses. For displaying their products and services, small business owners can enter into an agreement with vendors to market their (vendor’s) products in their business premises.

Hence, the small business provides exposure which is critically needed by vendors and manufacturers, while at the same time splitting the advert cost with them.

Reducing Ad Slots

This is an area which can prove highly effective if wisely done. Essentially, reducing ad slots simply means a reduction in the time allotted to a particular advert, say, a reduction from 50 to 20 seconds.

Running a 50 second advert does not translate to higher patronage as compared to running a 20 second advert in the radio or TV station. Hence, a reduction in the advert time, but maintaining the advert frequency (running consistently) will do the magic of drastically reducing advert costs, while achieving effective marketing.

Seeking Expert Advice

This is a crucial area of marketing using cheap means of advertisement and still arriving at the desired goal. Under this alternative, the help of magazine, newspaper and radio specialists can be consulted to help in giving crucial advice on the development of an efficient and cost effective advertising strategy that will ensure that the message still reaches its target audience at cost effective and budget friendly rates.

Maintain Consistency

This is an effective yet inexpensive marketing idea for small businesses that has proven to be very efficient in meeting the essential marketing needs of small business. Placing small and frequent adverts is more effective than placing big ads after long intervals of time.

For the big, yet infrequent ads, their effects may just be temporary, but consistently placing little but frequent adverts is most likely to achieve higher and better results. Hence, consistency should be the watchword.

Use Off-Peak Periods Often

Using off-peak periods is another way of achieving low cost marketing for businesses. Although not a prime time period, yet it has consistently proven to be still yet an effective way of marketing for small businesses. Charges for off-peak periods of advertising are far lesser, compared to charges during peak periods, which cost far higher.

Target Unsold Monthly Magazine Spaces

There are sometimes unsold spaces in monthly magazines that can be exploited by small businesses to improve their marketing strategies. These monthly magazines offer these unsold spaces to buyers at discounted rates just to ensure they do not have unsold spaces.

This is an opportunity for exposure for small businesses, especially if the magazine is a popular magazine.

Alternative Sources of Advert Placement

You should consider alternative means of having your adverts displayed either in print or electronic media. Such may include selecting unconventional means of getting the work done.

You may as well consider the trade by barter option. If the medium of advertising, such as a television station requires services from the small business, the small business can reach an agreement by taking advantage of the unique position offered by this opportunity.

The small business can provide the service in exchange for marketing its business worth the service provided.

This article has tried to provide inexpensive marketing ideas for small business. Effectively marketing a business does not necessarily require that big funds be set aside for such.

Although it contributes to marketing, there are several inexpensive ways of arriving at the same results. These advices if fully taken advantage of will surely prove very effective in providing the much needed exposure effective marketing brings to any business concern.


Everyone likes free, especially free ideas to market their business and make more money. This is why I have decided to share with your today inexpensive business promotion and free marketing strategies for any small business.

One of the cheapest inexpensive marketing technique that you can come across is posting to classifieds. Setting up an account on Kijiji, Craigslist and Back-page does not have to cost much. You should be wary of this inexpensive guerrilla  marketing idea for small businesses though, because it cost nothing, such ads may go outdated within a short time, get flagged or get removed before you finish posting it. Success from classified ads marketing rely greatly on the nature of the ads, the reach of the classified and ability to submit to the right categories.

Has writing articles ever crossed your mind? Article writing is a cheap marketing idea for insurance and other businesses, as it requires zero cost to write articles with quality content, and then publish it on numerous sites. You can also go for training to improve your writing skills!

With a camera, you can create high quality videos, as video marketing is one of the best inexpensive restaurant marketing ideas out there. It is also one of the best inexpensive real estate marketing ideas people use to make their brand name and inexpensive marketing gifts popular!

Blogging is also an idea that is not expensive to act on but works like magic. It involves zero cost if your blog is not hosted bet hosted blogs cost around $3-10 per month. Blogs are awesome because of their ability to double as squeeze pages. It is just like your internet property to design and make your own

Another low cost and inexpensive marketing automation idea is social bookmarking. After developing your contents, articles and videos; create accounts in popular social bookmarking sites and encourage your network of friends and family to tag your site. If the website you are trying to promote has enough quality, there is every tendency that it will go viral, rank very well and gather traffic. This free method of marketing works and generate enough popularity to boost sales.

Other inexpensive apartment marketing ideas that marketers use include subtle promotional techniques such as affiliate marketing, forum promotion, use of business cards, network marketing and podcasting.

I hope I have been able to inspire you with some of these inexpensive marketing strategies to choose from as well as some solid direction for your marketing campaigns. Bear in mind that the because a marketing technique is affordable does not mean it will not be effective

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