How To Import Power Banks From China And Sell In Nigeria For High Profit

Buy Cheap Low Cost Power Banks Online From China Suppliers And Sell For Profit In Nigeria.

Power banks are portable devices produced from batteries and designed for the storage of electric charge which can be utilized when needed. This stored charge is meant to be used by other electronic devices other than the power bank itself. Some of these include: MP3s, PSPs, mobile phone, digital cameras, tablets etc.

Just like commercial banks which help customers store their money for future use, power banks help users preserve electric power or charge to be used later.

Due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, many people are forced to move around with chargers. This is because of the need to store power supply when available so it can been used when it is not available.

Nigerians will always recharge their phone batteries. To most people, phones means business. Many can’t afford to be offline for any second. Since people cannot wait on NEPA or generators to fulfill their power needs, they need portable devices that can charge their phone batteries even while traveling. This has made alternative source of recharging a hot market doe anyone interested in venturing into it.


As result, a lot of Nigerians make millions importing these finished products from these china business ideas through online stores because the business of power bank importation is a lucrative one.

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While browsing through some Nigerian online stores, I discovered that prices of power banks starts from #2,000 for 5600mah, there are other capacities too such as 1000mah, 5000mah, 10000mah and 12000mah. It will shock you to know that you can import these same power banks from China for half the price if you check Chinese online stores like Alibaba and Aliexpress.

If you are able to buy these power banks from Aliexpress for instance for $6 and decided to sell them for $10, it is still a profitable business. Chances are that you could even buy it for cheaper if buying at wholesale prices from sites like Alibaba or by even visiting China and doing a container importation yourself.

The idea behind this business is to get cheap power banks from sellers in China and resell for profit in Nigeria. You can purchase from online stores in China like Alibaba and Aliexpress or if you are buying in large quantities, you may decide to travel to china.


Assuming you buy from Aliexpress at about $4 or less per unit, you can decide to buy 100 units and you pay for it. It will be sent to you in Nigeria using China Postal mail and then to NIPOST from where you will collect it within about 30 days or so. When you receive your package, you may be able to sell it for about $10 and for that 100 units, you will have made about $600 profit.

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With a bigger capital, you can import a container. By traveling to china, you can meet the major dealers and get a good price for your business. You make more profit on this business if you import in bulk rather than in small units. A good warehouse is however essential for that.

My recommendation is that power bank importation business is profitable because many Nigerians need an efficient way to recharge their mobile phones since the Power company is not reliable. You will be surprised that some power banks are even smaller than mobile phones that people can even use it in their pockets while on the road.

‘It’s advisable to go for non solar power bank. I have used both. The solar power bank sold by most sellers are usually of poor quality. If you want to buy power bank, contact the seller and ask him/her if she/he can get you the original one they use there (China) or the best quality in China. Normally the price are not going to be the same. It’s advisable to buy the original than buying those trash they sell on the site. Compare the price others are selling. Don’t always go for the cheapest seller. In China, cheap product are produced with cheap materials.’

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