How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria

Guide To Starting Commercial Ice Block Production In Nigeria

Today, I’m about to open your eyes to an oncoming business boom which you must grab if you are interested in changing your financial levels.

It is important you know that this is the time to start thorough planning. As we are already in the month of October, the dry seasons months are finally here.

One of the major uses of ice-block making machine in Nigeria is the million of litres of cold water and drinks consumed daily in Nigeria, asides the need to preserve food with the use of freezers, fridges and cold rooms.

Ice-blocks came as a convenient alternative for the chilling of drinks and water due to the instability in power supply across the nation which we have all experienced at one time or the other.

The high temperature during hot weather of the dry season often leads to dehydration and the need to take cold chilled drinks to quench one’s thirst. Cold environment is also needed to preserve food items so they can last longer in the hot seasons.

Raw Materials for Ice block Business

Ice block making business is very lucrative because you won’t have to spend a lot of money have your initial investment in purchasing the ice block machines. Water, which is your major raw material is available free of charge.

Nylon Bags
Nylon bags are important part of this business. When you get to the market to purchase it, just ask for Ice Block Nylon (medium size). Topmost is the most recommended brand, it very strong and reliable. It doesn’t leak water like most other ones.
Ice-Block Machines
You should get a ice block machine that is effective, affordable and reliable and its working cycle is 6 hours per harvest.

Freezers (Optional)
The freezer is used in storing ice blocks that was harvested from the ice block machine, Although most of us do have a freezer at home.

But for the purpose of the ice block business, it’s necessary to have one to store ice blocks that are ready, so that the ice block machine can be used for another production cycle.

Another advantage of the freezer is , should in case of power failure, if there is a large stock of ice blocks in your freezer, You can store it properly for 3-4 days Yes! 3-4 days.

All you just have to do is to reduce the defrost rate by securing the blocks , covering it with a trampoline nylon and sealing it in the freezer.

A small size ice-block machine has the capacity to turn out 20 blocks in just six hours. After which the ice blocks are removed for sale and the machine loaded again.

24 hours = 1 day
Production cycle = 6 hours
Average production cycle per day = 3
Total no. of ice-blocks 20 x 3 = 60 blocks

You can fix your price for the block based on the size and demand. Average price in southwest is #100. Then the total sales for 60 blocks is 60 x #100 = #6,000 daily. You can go ahead to estimate the total sales you’ll make for a month

The ball is now in your court. I have explained how feasible this business is. Don’t let this opportunity slip off before the rains begin. You can take a look at picture of ice block that is already filled with ice block ready for harvesting and onward sales.

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