How Much Does a Hysterectomy Cost?


How much does it cost to have a hysterectomy without insurance? This process normally deals with the removal of certain internal organs in the body. It is mostly associated with the removal of the uterus. However, it is not restricted to only the removal of the uterus, as it may also involve the removal of surrounding organs such as the fallopian tubes, the cervix, and other surrounding organs. Our focus is to answer the question “how much does a Hysterectomy cost?”

This medical procedure is mainly carried out due to health problems which may be faced by the patient. Such may include cervical cancer as well as cancer of the uterus. Other reasons for performing a Hysterectomy on a patient are due to a shift of the uterus from its position into the vaginal canal, intense pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding from the vagina as well as having the growth of abnormal tissues outside uterine lining (medically known as Endometriosis).

These conditions call for the removal of these organs which create discomfort and disease to the patient.

Types of Hysterectomy

There are 3 major types of Hysterectomy; these are the Abdominal Hysterectomy, Laparascopic Hysterectomy and the Vaginal Hysterectomy. Let’s briefly explain each of these;

Abdominal Hysterectomy

Being the most common type of Hysterectomy, it is normally performed by making 2 types of incision usually measuring 5 to 7 inches. These consist of either a horizontal or vertical incision based on the causes. An advantage with this process is that while it heals faster, it leaves little scarring. However, its disadvantage is that there is loss of blood, and a higher chance of infection.

Laparascopic Hysterectomy

For this type of Hysterectomy, the laparascope which is a camera is inserted into the abdomen through small incisions made near the belly button. The reason for the insertion of the camera is to enable bring about visibility of the particular organs being removed. There is a much lower risk of infection as compared to abdominal hysterectomy.

The Vaginal Hysterectomy

Under the vaginal hysterectomy, it provides a minimally invasive surgery option where organs are removed through the vagina. This is most ideal for women who do not have large uterus. This process has a faster heal rate than the other methods.

The Cost of Undergoing a Hysterectomy

The cost of performing a hysterectomy in America falls within a range depending on the state or region. Also, the different types of hysterectomy have different cost implications. For instance, for the abdominal hysterectomy, it starts from $9,995 to $18,880, for a laparascopic hysterectomy, the price ranges from $8,088 to $12,190, and for a vaginal hysterectomy, the price range is from $9,333 to $14,623. These are the cost range for performing the different types of hysterectomies.

Other Costs

There are also other factors which affect the cost of this surgery (hysterectomy). These include the type of surgery you will undergo. The more time a surgery will take, including the equipments and method of treatment used, the higher the cost incurred. Your location also matters to how much cost you incur. There are more health facilities/hospitals to choose form in America’s urban centres. A major determinant to the treatment cost is your insurance provider.

Using the services of an in-network health provider will significantly lower treatment costs. The opposite applies when you use the services of an out of network health personnel or health facility. These little details can significantly drop the cost or increase treatment cost.

Also, during the surgery, if there are cases of emergency, it falls back on you, as you will incur added treatment costs. The anaesthesia administered to you during the process also contributes to the cost of treatment. Just like the surgeon, if the anaesthesiologist is out of network, you incur higher charges, while if he/she is in-network, then the costs will reduce.

This does not end there. The state of your health when you went in for surgery will also count in determining treatment costs. Therefore, pre-existing health problems can add to your treatment costs. All the treatment history and procedure is made available to your health insurance provider.

Health Insurance Cover for Hysterectomies

Health insurance companies will cover the expenses for a hysterectomy if it is considered necessary and if approved or recommended by a doctor. However, for those without insurance, or having inadequate insurance cover, the cost for such treatment will have to be borne by you. the health facility you use for treatment can significantly increase the overall costs.

Ways of Minimizing Expenses

There are ways you can considerably minimize expenses and getting a better deal from your insurance company in the event that your insurance does not totally cover the treatment. You can simply make proper inquiries from your health insurance provider about the treatment costs as well as well as using your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to cover for personal expenses incurred from treatment.

As can be seen above, answers to the question of “how much does a hysterectomy cost?” has been provided, and we have also seen that there are several contributory factors which can significantly affect how much is spent on a hysterectomy.



A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that is carried out on women to remove their womb or uterus. This procedure i carried out to treat a range of many conditions such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, pelvic pain, heavy periods, uterine cancer, endometiosis, fibroids and so on. The procedure is most of the times performed on women that are above 40 years of age. The hysterectomy cost will depend on the nature of the disease that is affecting the patient.


Hysterectomy comes in three different types, depending on the severity of the patient’s case. A total hysterectomy, which is more common, involves the removal of the cervix as well as the uterus. The removal of the uterus alone is called subtotal hysterectomy. A total hysterectomy combined with BSO is the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes alongside the uterus and cervix.

There are 3 approaches when it comes to performing a hysterectomy and they are abdominal hysterectomy, vaginal hysterectomy and laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Once a woman has undergone hysterectomy, it will be impossible for her to get pregnant. So it os necessary for patients to be certain that they do not want to get pregnant anymore before making the decision to go for the procedure.

It will take about 8 weeks to recover after the procedure since hysterectomy is considered a major operation.


Every surgical operation comes with its own risk, which could be difficulty in breathing, reaction to medication, blood clots issues, bleeding and even death. Hysterectomy also comes with its own risks as well which may include infection that may carry abscess, nerve injury, pneumonia and the post operative opening on the region where the patient’s vagina was sealed. It is well advisable for patients to ask their doctors if the procedure will be appropriate for them to undergo.


Are hysterectomy covered by insurance? What is the cost of hysterectomy blue cross blue shield?

The hysterectomy cost a patient will incur will depend on the type of procedure she is undergoing and the severity of her case. Generally the laparoscopic hysterectomy are quite more expensive that the vaginal and abdominal hysterectomies.

Type Of Hysterectomy       Median Network Rate       Range In The Us

Laparoscopic $9,000 $8,000 to $12,000

Vaginal $10,400 $9,000 to $14,000

Abdominal $12,000 $10,000 to $18,000

The cost will definitely vary depending on some factors. You can find below a list of factors that will affect the hysterectomy cost

  1. The type of surgery that the patient has will determine the cost, since this will affect the duration of the surgery, the tools that are being utilised for the surgery and the volume of anaesthesia that will be needed for the procedure.
  2. The location of the patient will also affect the cost of surgery, especially since this will determine the kind of hospital and medical personnel that will be available to the patient. For instance, patients that live in urban areas may have many options to choose from.
  3. The health insurance plan available to the patient can also affect the cost of hysterectomy. The final amount of money a patient will need to pay for the procedure will depend on if the surgeon is out-of-network or in-of-network. The co-pay and the coinsurance, as well as the deductible the patient has left will also go a long way in determining the price they pay for the procedure.
  4. What happens during the surgery will also determine the final cost. for instance, the type of anaesthesia that the patient gets can alter the cost. and in the case of emergencies, the patient might have to pay additional costs that were not initially budgeted.
  5. The current health state of the patient will also play a major role in how much they will pay for the surgery. If the patient has pre existing health issues, they may have to pay more as the medical personnel involved in the operation will need to take extra precautions to avoid critical complications that may arise from the surgery.


In the situation whereby the ovaries are removed, the patient will be induced into menopause immediately after the procedure, irrespective of their age. In this case, a hormone replacement therapy will be required and this may cost between $10 to $100 per month.


It is possible for a patient to get close to 40% discounts in some hospitals, even if they don’t have insurance. For instance, patients can get close to 35% in Washington Hospital located in California.


If you are looking for where to get hysterectomy procedure done, you should note that it is a major procedure and so should be carried out by certified gynaecologists that have extensive experience in carrying out the hysterectomy procedure.

The American College of Obstetricians has a directory available to patients to locate doctors that are certified to carry out the procedure.

It is recommended that a patient should seek alternative opinions before deciding on whether to go for a hysterectomy procedure. gives detailed information and support to women that might want to consider going for the procedure.

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