Husse Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

HUSSE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Are you looking at opening a Husse franchise? If you have always love pets, then running your own pet foods business may just be right for you.

Husse is the perfect investment when it comes to pet food home delivery among others in the UK. Husse is one of the fastest growing pet food franchise with good track record of success that any entrepreneur willing to invest in the pet food industry can choose.

In this post, I want to share with you everything about Husse franchise and the cost required to start a Husse franchise.

About Husse Franchise
Husse was founded in 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden and became a franchise in 2012 to deliver high quality pet foods to pet owners. Today, Husse has more than 700 franchise location in more than 50 countries across Asia, Europe and North and South America.

Franchisees with Husse enjoys the freedom to work from home and earn the amount of income they want supplying high quality pet foods to cat, dog and horse owners. Husse products are being consumed by roughly 300,000 customers across their world. Husse delivers their products in branded Husse red cars directly to the customers at no extra cost.

Husse franchise won the Europe’s Prestigious Top for Dog Award in 2015 and 2016 because of the high quality food products they deliver.

Why Join Husse Franchise
Joining Husse franchise and becoming a franchisee will be a nice decision because over 45% of home owners in the UK has at least one pet. Also, from research gotten, pet owners in the UK spend around £2.6 billion each year, and the figure is rising.

Moreover, pet food does not have season. It is an all year round food and this is a nice forecast for pet businesses. Franchisees are allowed to either lease a red car or purchase a nice used red car to start. Franchisees also get the chance to set up their own team of distributors and own their warehouse.

With over 300+ product range, there is always a product to sell to any pet owners as Husse products goes for all life stages of dogs and cats. Franchisees are also given a 30-days credit periods that allows them to collect payments from customers before paying for the orders.

How Much Does a Husse Franchise Cost
Husse franchise falls into the low investment franchise categories and it does not cost much to own a Husse franchise. A Husse franchise just cost between $27,000-$88,700 depending on the franchise package you are going for.

Husse Franchise Fee
Husse franchise has three different startup packages for its franchisees;

  • Silver (£4,900 + VAT)

With this package, you are responsible for 35,000 households.

  • Gold (£9,900 + VAT)

This is for 55,000 households.

  • Platinum (£13,900 + VAT)

This package goes for 75,000 households’ exclusive territory.

Of any of these packages, veterans get 10% off franchise fee.

Husse Franchise Startup Cost
The startup cost for Husse franchise range between £15,000 and £20,000. There is an ongoing royalty fee of 5% and an advertising royalty fee of $125 per month. Husse franchise offers in-house financing that help covers startup cost, franchise and inventory.

Aside that, there is also another financing option because Husse has a relationship with third party sources to help cover up to 70% of the investment.

Husse Franchise Training and Support
Training and supports are provided for franchisees to become a success with their business. The training will cover product knowledge, sales techniques, administration, marketing, how to use the website and intranet system, and nutrition training.

Franchisees will also gain unlimited access to Husse in-house graphic designer for their graphic needs. Ongoing support gives franchisees access to answers that they would want to ask any of Husse in-house vet.

Franchisees also get sales and advertising materials, marketing supports like social media, SEO, email marketing, newsletter, and easy-to-use CRM business program. Husse arrange regular meetings, seminars for continuous development.

Husse Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
There is no information in regards to Husse franchise terms of agreement and renewal on their website. I am certain that the information will be made known to potential franchisee when they apply. It should be written inside the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).

How Much Does a Husse Franchise Make?
There is an established earning recorded from a franchisee that made £55,000 a certain year. Though, this is not a guarantee earning as how much you can earn depends on how you run your business.

But, as far as you follow the sales and marketing techniques, rules and regulation given to you, it is possible to achieve that earning or surpass it.

How to Open a Husse Franchise
Interested persons should contact Husse franchise via or email them via You can phone them through +44 0800 909 8885 or reach them with this address, Unit 1, 180 Park Avenue, London NW10 7XH.



Among the thousands of franchises available to buy, it is always a very tough decision to choose one. At the same time, a perfect research is very important before you think of investing in any kind of franchise. Husse franchise is considered to be the global leader when it comes to pet food services. So you might want to know how much is a Husse Franchise

Despite the financial crisis rocking most parts of the world presently, it will interest you to know that Husse Franchise has always been making profit. And this is one of the reasons why you need to consider buying into the franchise.

Husse Pet Food was established in Sweden in the year 1987 and they started selling franchise opportunities in 2012. The company has more than 750 franchise units spread across the world, with more than 30 franchises in the UK.

The company is the leader when it comes to pet food delivery in Europe and they are involved in the delivery of cat food, quality dog food, cat litter, and accessories. The company delivers their products to their numerous customers in their branded vehicles, without any additional delivery fee.

  The company started selling franchise opportunities in the year 2012 and they have a working franchise model that guarantees success for all their franchisees. With more than 750 locations across the world, the company continues to grow and there are franchise opportunities available to the public any time any day.

When you decide to buy into the Husse Franchise you will be presented with the opportunity to choose from four different franchise system of the company.

  1. Master franchisee
  2. Franchisee
  3. Distributor
  4. Affiliate

As a Master Franchisee, you will have the rights to trade under the company’s trademarks and also get involved in the distribution of their products. Master Franchisees will also have the opportunity to own a network of other smaller franchisees, affiliates, and distributors. As a franchisee with Husse Franchise your responsibility will be to trade directly with the Master Franchisee. You will pick up your order from their warehouse and will be responsible for the sales of your own stock.

Buying into a Husse Franchise is quite lucrative, but it definitely comes with its own cost. The initial investment that will be required to set up a franchise unit with the company ranges between $35,000 and $90,000.

As a new franchisee with the company you will be required to make an initial Husse Franchise fee. This will grant you the access to the company’s brand identity and the franchise fee will only be valid for a period of time as agreed in the FDD. The Husse Franchise fee is $18,000. Every franchisee will also be required to make an on-going royalty fee of 5% and then an ad royalty fee of $125 on a monthly basis.

The amount of earnings that a Husse Franchise owner can make will depend on so many factors. One of which is the location of the franchise unit and the ability of the owner to run the business effectively. The company has a workable franchise model, that if well applied will bring in success.

If you will be buying into the Husse Franchise the company will require you to possess some good communication skills, both written and verbal. You will also be expected to have a good understanding of the use of Information Technology. Franchisees will also need to have the willingness to learn new skills, ambitious, and have the ability to motivate other people.


  • You will have your own online e-commerce store with the ability to track customers’ orders.
  • There are over 300 products to choose from
  • A wide range of kennels to sell
  • You also have the opportunity to recruit agents within your locality
  • A wide range of products recommended by Vets.

When you buy into the Husse Franchise,  you will be offered training and given the tools that will prepare you for your business. The training offered by the company covers information about the products, marketing, use of the internet as well training on animal nutrition.

The company does not offer any form of finance to their franchisees. If you need additional funding for your franchise unit, you can get that from any of their 3rd party affiliates that offer funding to cover the expenses of setting up your new franchise unit.

As a Master Franchisee you will be given the access to operating in an area of a population of about 10,000,000 while franchisees will only be able to cater for an area with just 20,000 cats and dogs. If you are operating from a small country, you can be given the license to serve the entire country.

This article has discussed intensively on how to open a Husse Franchise. If you will need to get more information, you will need to submit your application to the website of the company. Once your application is received, you will be given a feedback if you are considered for a franchise opportunity.

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