Human Brain Secrets That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Top Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Improve Your Marketing Skills

Knowing how the brain works will help you become a better marketer because you will understand how the brain and mind processes information so you will be able to encode your message in a way that will favour you when the brain processes it and you will also be able to market your goods using the best strategy.

Marketers who do not know secrets about the brain or understand it will not be at their best. The human brain responds to marketing consciously and unconsciously based on how effective the marketing is.

Even though the brain is complex, there are still secrets that can make you understand it despite its complexity and mysteriousness.

The secrets about brain that you should know as a marketer to be at your best are:

(1) Emotions affect Human Brain

One of the secrets you should know about human brain is that human brains are more affected by emotions than rational thoughts. As a marketer that wants to be very good, you should not focus on using rational thoughts but rather, you should focus on their emotions.

Use messages and information that will have impact on your emotions as your marketing strategy because emotion makes lasting impact on human brain than rational thought. Human brains are all primitive.

Also, your marketing strategy should have immediate reaction on your audience because not everyone has the time to pay special attention to your products. Therefore, you make it in a way that even with the shortest glance your marketing will have a gut reaction.

(2) Names that Rings an Effective Bell

Something about human brain is that no matter how dull a person is, the brain still has a hint of smartness in it. Since the brain has some smartness in it or even more than some, you should not give names that does not sound intelligent to your products because once the brain processes the name and discover that the name sounds stupid then it might interpret the product as unserious thing or something that is unnecessary or even good.

What you call your product determines how the brain will react to it. When choosing the name for your product or marketing strategy, as a marketer ensure it is a name that passes effective message across to the audience and not one that will discourage them.

(3) Images are more Effective than Text

The brain processes information faster when it is marketed through pictures. So, you should use more images than pictures to be a better marketer. It is easier to remember and understand text that pictures accompany the text that has no picture.

(4) Use Catching Colours

Another secret about the human brain that can help you in your marketing is that we get more attracted by catching colours which also arrest our attention. To be a very good marketer, pick and use colours that will attract people to whatever you are marketing.

You can use colours like blue and yellow because blue colour builds trust while yellow colour focuses the anxiety section of the brain and activates it.

(5) Appealing to the Reptilian Brain of the Audience

The brain has a part known as the reptilian which is the part you should focus more on when marketing because it gives immediate reaction. It has two sections known as the cerebellum and brainstem.

Reptilian can be referred to as the part where decisions are made. So, if you can have impact on this part of the brain positively then you are good to go because your marketing will be successful.

(6) Addressing Pain should be the First on your Agenda

Most marketers start their marketing by talking about the benefits of what they are marketing which has become very common. Consumers will rather focus on how to avoid pain rather than focusing on the benefits they will receive.

(7) Use Contrast to keep Consumer’s Attention

Contrast helps a lot to keep consumers and viewers attention and to make them concentrate more on your marketing. Articulation of message is very important in marketing which is what contrast does.

You can also contrast the price of what you are marketing with some other product with the same price that is not necessary, this can do wonders.

(8) Make your Marketing Short and Simple

Keep your marketing short and simple to avoid confusion. This is because audience can get confused when your text and visuals are too long. They do not need much information, all they need is information that will help them to make the right decision. People who get additional information tend to lose interest in your product.

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