How to Rank a Fiverr Gig Higher

Secret of Ranking any Fiverr Gig to the Top for High Earnings

Fiverr is a market place for mostly freelance services offered by professionals in different areas of specializations, thus, in order to compete favourably, one would need to know how to rank a Fiverr gig higher. You would need a higher ranked Fiverr gig if you really want to attract patronage, as an increasing number of potential clients scan through available options.

Adopting the right measures on Fiverr can significantly increase our income, and enabling us to be financially free and having the freedom to use our time as we so desire. However, despite this great opportunity offered by Fiverr, there are still a lot of users or sellers who barely make a sale due to their low gig ranking, and in many cases, these set of people have little or no knowledge altogether on how to increase their fortunes. This article comes to the rescue for such classes of people as it exposes some of the easiest ways on how to rank a Fiverr gig better.

Now, in briefly explaining a gig, it simply means the number of jobs done. Thus, the higher the number of services one has done satisfactorily, the higher the gigs obtained. With services starting at $5, which is where the website gets its name from, earnings can significantly increase with an increase in gigs. Thus, the higher the gig, the more likely you will earn higher.

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Fiverr Gig Categories

There are several available gig categories on Fiverr which are spread across a diverse range of specializations. When creating an account, users are availed these wide areas of specializations to choose from. However, you are not restricted from selecting multiple gig categories, so long as you have the required knowledge, and can meet the needs of your clients. Some of these categories include writing and translation, advertising, programming and tech, lifestyle, gifts, fun and bizarre. Others include graphics and design, video and animation and digital marketing.

Ranking a Fiverr Gig Higher – Algorithm Formula Revealed

Knowing how to rank a Fiverr gig higher all starts from following some simple strategies, which if used, will give you the much desired results you need. However, there are several ways which can be used at arriving at the desired result. We would provide some of the easiest ways to rank your Fiverr gig higher. We would start with the following in no particular order;

  • Buying Some Reviews

Getting good Fiverr reviews is an easy way to attract clients. In many cases, buyers are first interested in going through or observing the review section to ensure they are dealing with the ideal seller. Positive reviews add to the likelihood of buying your services, while anything short of this will turn them off. To be on the safer side, you may want to consider buying these reviews.

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To do this easily, you would need to have or create a buyer account which has nothing similar to your seller account. After getting this in place, you should then buy your gig. This should only come after having done extensive bargaining to ensure it looks real.

  • Increasing Traffic to Your Gig

To increase the performance of your Fiverr account, you should consider driving traffic, to your gig, and this can be done through several ways. One of such ways is the use of social media. How? By simply sharing your gig on Googleplus, facebook and others, accompanied by a hash tag of your areas of competence or services your offer.

  • Using the Right Tags

The right usage of tags can make the difference between achieving a higher gig ranking or not. It is therefore important that when choosing which tags to use, consider using the most search keywords to use as your tags. An effective way to do this is by searching your keywords using Fiverr’s search option. By simply doing this, a search of all the most used words is conducted by Fiverr, and you can use these in creating your tags.

  • Capitalization of Keywords

This is yet another strategy which can be used in achieving a higher ranking of your gig. Capitalizing your keywords is an effective way of achieving your objective. However, when doing this, you must ensure that you choose short titles as using gig titles with long characters has a discouraging effect, and does not effectively pass the message to the buyer. The choice of short titles should be done while capitalizing your keywords. This is a simple, yet an effective strategy known to increase your gig ranking.

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These are some of the most simple strategies used to obtain a higher gig ranking, and solves the often-asked question of how to rank a Fiverr gig faster. These strategies if followed carefully will ensure that you have a steady stream of buyers seeking your services in whatever niche you may choose. This works across all categories, and is not limited to any. It is therefore noteworthy that the same steps should be used in whatever gig category you may want to use.

This is usually the starting point for persons just opening a Fiverr account and in need to know how to rank a Fiverr gig higher. The gigs are where the money lies. Not doing this effectively will leave you at the bottom of the ladder doing tasks starting at or a little above $5.

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