How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in USA?

Cost To Build a House Yourself | Average Home Construction Prices

How much does it cost to build a house in Texas? Almost everyone at some point growing up had that dream of building their own home from the scratch. They may not have had the whole projection in mind, but they definitely would have a particular style they want their dream home to have. It shows in every dissatisfaction or fault they find when they live in homes built by others.

Very few actually get an opportunity to bring this dream into reality. But then the few who do, always has this as the first question that comes to mind… “What would it cost me to build my very own home vs buying one?”

Building your own home is something that is exciting. It gives you an opportunity to get things exactly where you want them without having to cope with whatever is handed over to you. But then it involves so much more than an estimated price.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House from the Ground Per Square Foot?

The cost to build a house on your own land varies and depends on certain factors which includes:

a. The location of the land: every piece of land in the United States have different prices. It all depends on the location. Lands in big cities would always be more expensive than others.
b. The size of the house: this is pretty obvious as the bigger the house, the more it would cost you.
c. The type of materials or features of the house you intend to build: more rooms and bathrooms will definitely amount to more costs compared to fewer rooms, no matter how big or small your house is.
d. Type of build: the cost of a custom build differs and is more expensive than a modular build.
With this in mind, below is the breakdown of the estimated cost of building an average home in the United States.

The Cost of Land

The first step to building a land is acquiring a land. The average cost of land in the United States is about $4,500 per acre. Please note that, this amount could be way higher in some states such as New Jersey as compared to others.


Foundation building cost also varies depending on the land you are building on. But on the average, if you have no challenges is $7,850.


Excavation which involves cost of excavating the land, excavation labor, excavation debris removal and excavation equipment allowance would on an average cost $85.5 per unit yard.

Shell of the House

The next thing to consider is the cost of the shell of the house. The shell of the house refers to the bare bones of the house which includes windows, wall, rough framing and doors. The average cost of shell of a house in US is estimated at $25 per square foot. So you should be looking at an average cost of $61,675 for a house of about 2,467 square feet.

Roofing Costs

The cost of roofing differs depending on the type of roofing you intend using for your home. For metal roofing, you should be looking at an average of $7,372. The cost of a tile roof on the other hand is about $11,363.

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing consists of different aspects which are broken down below

Flooring: The cost of flooring depends on the type of flooring you intend using to build your house. Types of flooring include; carpeting, ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate flooring, natural stone tile, vinyl or linoleum flooring and wood flooring. If you have not decided the type of flooring you intend using, then you could set out an average of $2,862 to cover the flooring cost.

The Cabinets: This is an important aspect of your interior finishing when it comes to building a house. Your cabinets define how your kitchen and bathroom appears. On an average scale you would spend $4,621 depending on your kitchen design. Of course this varies depending on if you intend using a stock cabinet or custom cabinet.

Counter Tops: The average cost for counter tops includes $3,100 for granite counter tops and $3,490 for Corian counter tops.

Bathroom: The bathroom is also another aspect that takes up some part of your house budget. From flooring, lighting fixture, shower to installing sinks, you should be ready to spend an average of $10,000. Remember if you have more than one bathroom, you should be ready to multiply by the number of bathrooms in your house.


Painting is one aspect that cannot be left out when it comes to the cost of building a house. Average cost of exterior painting is $2,647. For the interior, an average room painting would cost $580 and you would have to multiply this by how many rooms you have got.

Mechanical Costs

This includes plumbing costs, plumber cost and the cost of getting a heating system installed in your home. On an average you should be ready to spend a total of $37,843.

With the above estimates, you could approximate the cost of building a house of a little above 1200 square feet, at $250,000.

Additional Costs

The cost of building a house does not just end with the above as you still have to deal with architect and engineer costs, building permit, land inspections, impact fee, electricity, waste removal and any other preferences you would probably prefer your house to have.

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