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Are you interested in starting up a homemade chocolate business, and you are looking for a homemade chocolate business plan sample to use as a template in writing a business plan for your homemade chocolate business?

Here is a chocolate making business plan sample to serve as a template for writing a good business plan for your homemade chocolate business.

There are many factors one has to consider before starting up a homemade chocolate business. The most important of which are, the right location, and the right target market. The homemade chocolate business is one that entails retailing to consumers a host of products such as chocolates, candies, sweeties, toffees, chewing gums, etc.

Without further ado, here you have it!

BUSINESS NAME: Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate Store.

Sample Homemade Chocolate Business Plan Template and Feasibility Report

Executive Summary

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Business Structure

Products and Services

Market Analysis

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Financial Plan

Sales Forecast



Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate Store is a neighbourhood homemade chocolate retailing business. Angie Simpsons Chocolate business will be located in a corner piece location in Oregon, United States. We will be committed to retailing homemade chocolates as well as retailing a broad range of candies, sweeties, toffees, chewing gums, etc.

The business will be owned by Angie Simpsons, a graduate of University of Michigan, and who has loads of experience working in the industry for more than 10 years. The business is committed to becoming rated as the number one consumers’ choice homemade chocolate business in Oregon, and counted among the top 10 leading homemade chocolate businesses in the United States.

The start-up investment sum needed is $200,000. $75,000 of the start-up investment capital will be contributed by the owner, Angie Simpsons, from her investments and savings. $50,000 will be borrowed from close friends and family, while the remaining $75,000 will be obtained as loan from the owner’s bank.


Our vision at Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate Store, as a neighbourhood homemade chocolate business, is one that is very simple and straightforward. Our vision is to become the number one consumers’ choice homemade chocolate business in Oregon, and to become rated among the top 10 leading homemade chocolate business in the whole of United States.


Our mission as a neighborhood homemade chocolate retailing business is to become a number one consumer’s choice that is committed to establishing a successful and reputable homemade chocolate brand which will grow from just one store to a chain of stores in Oregon and the United States, fixated on serving nothing short of the very best services to our customers all over the United States.


It is true that the success of a business is highly dependent upon the foundation on which it is built. This is why we have resolved to be committed in hiring only the right employees to work with us. Our business will be established to be able to compete favorably with other businesses in the industry.

In view of that, we have shortlisted the following key positions, in no particular order, to be occupied by competent, honest, and qualified employees:

  • Human Resources and Admin. Manager.
  • Store Manager.
  • Merchandize Manager.
  • Homemade Chocolate Markers.
  • Accountants/Cashiers.
  • Customers Services Executive.
  • Cleaners.


At Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate Store, we are committed to providing the very best services to our customers; at the same time, we are seriously in business to make profits. We will make sure we actualize our business goals and objectives. This, we will do under the law of the United States, complying with all the laws and requirements as within the confines of the United States.

Bearing this in mind, we will offer the retail sales of the following key products /items in our homemade chocolate stores:

  • Hard Candy.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Homemade Chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolates and Caramels.
  • Soft Candies or Creamy Candies such as candy corn.
  • Gumballs, and
  • Chewing gums.


Market Trend

Homemade Chocolate retailing business is one business that has existed for such a very long time. It is not out of place to find small scale homemade chocolate stores in various street corners.

It is also very typical to find homemade chocolate businesses establishing their businesses in locations that have the right target market. This is why it would be stupid for one to establish his homemade chocolate retailing business in areas that are highly populated by old people.

One would rather establish his homemade chocolate retailing business in a place populated by children such as schools, religious gatherings, etc.

Target Market

Our target market as a neighborhood homemade chocolate retailing business includes, but not limited to, the following:

– School Children.
– Single Men and Women.
– Households.
– Expectant Mothers.
– Students.
– Business People.
– Tourists.


Before choosing the location of our homemade chocolate retailing business, we carried out a thorough market study. We will do everything within our means to make sure we employ the right sales and marketing strategy that targets our desired customers and propels us to our business goals and objectives.

We will make sure we first, send introductory letters and our business brochure, to schools, households, students, etc. We will encourage our customers to help promote our business with the use of word of mouth publicity. We will ensure to position our billboards in strategic areas in Oregon.

We will not fail to promote our business by leveraging on the media; we will promote our business by advertising our business on radio and television stations, local business magazines, etc. We will also not fail to establish a functioning website for our business, and create a Facebook page, as well as connect on Twitter and Instagram.


Start-up costs

The total start-up investment sum that will be required for Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate business is an estimated amount of $200,000.

Sources of Funds

Part of the start-up investment sum will be sourced from the owner, Angie Simpsons. The other parts will be obtained as loans from friends and family, and from the owner’s bank. $75,000 will be contributed by the owner from investments and savings; $50,000 will be borrowed from friends and family; while the final $75,000 will be borrowed as loan from the owner’s bank.


Below is a sales projection for Angie Simpsons Homemade Chocolate business for the next three years. This projection is based on a number of factors such as location of the homemade chocolate business, as well as obtainable statistics in the industry.

This projection nonetheless does not consider the emergence of a major competitor within the same location, and does not also factor the occurrence of any major economic meltdown.

Year One                    $60,000

Year Two                   $150,000

Year Three                 $350,000


Above is a detailed Homemade Chocolate business plan. The business plan sample presents all the vital aspects of the business that you are required to give attention to. It presents the business’ executive summary, the business’ goals, vision and mission, and the various ways the business’ goals will be actualized putting in place the needed sales and marketing strategy; as well as the kinds of products the business will offer to its target market.

It is only hoped that this business plan sample will provide a useful template for you in writing a good business plan for your Homemade Chocolate business.

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