Holiday Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Holiday Marketing Guide To Increase Small Business Sales

This is a guide for small businesses to prepare them for business during the holiday when consumers spend more than 50% of their income and also to prep their business most especially the marketing and sales to meet the demands of consumers during the rush hour of the holiday.

The following are things you should do to guide your small business for holiday marketing:


1. Social Media Marketing

If you want to improve on your marketing skills and make huge sales during the holiday, you should do the right marketing and advertising campaign through social media, emails and texts so people can know about your business.

You can do the right marketing and advertising campaign by using the best pictures of your business, real pictures of your business that are effective, also let your campaign be native because a native campaign (advertising and marketing) looks more natural because it conforms with the platform where it is been done.

Also, do your campaigns in segment because customers are not all on the same level and they have different targets and values and you won’t want to lose all your profit margin focusing a campaign on the wrong customers.

2. Marketing Plan for Holiday Business

You should know that the business you do during the holiday is different from your day to day business. During the holiday, everything that concerns your business changes including the sales, number of consumers and variety of goods and products.

So you should have a different marketing plan for your business during the holiday which is different from the one you make maybe annually. It is important you have a different marketing plan for holiday business (sales) because it helps give a direction and goal to the business you do during the holiday.

3. Know your Target Market

Knowing your target market helps to know who to market to before and during the holiday. Knowing your target market and communicating with them makes the business more successful and also builds a good relationship between the consumers and the business.

4. Provide Discount

During the holiday season, you should provide a storewide discount for your customers. The discount should not be only on some products, it should be on all products so that customers will not feel restricted to pick only those that have discounts.

Most small businesses avoid providing discounts because of their profit margin but the only thing that can make you lose too much is if you are giving discount away and you are not making huge sales, that is when you can stop providing discount.

5. Provide Fast Website

Providing fast seamless website is very important since most businesses now do online operation. Most times, fast websites provide fast sales so you should have a fast website if you want to make huge sales.

You should also have an online business listing report where holiday shoppers can find information about your business when they search for it online and also an online directory helps to ensure that your business information is correct and error-free.

6. Advertise Locally

Advertising locally for your holiday business makes it easier and faster to create awareness for your business, gives your business a competitive edge and also attracts more customers.

7. Partnership with other Small Businesses

You can also partner with other small businesses in your location for promotion of sales, products and services.

8. Know your Objectives

As a small business that wants to do business during the holiday, you should have and know your objectives and also know the specific days of the day when the holiday will start and end.
You should also know what you are targeting, you can be targeting more customers, new customers, more sales, more awareness and so on.

9. Evaluation

You should evaluate the marketing strategies you used during the last holiday business, ask yourself questions to know how effective it was and the amends you need to make.

Some of the questions you can ask are: Is your marketing measurable? You can know how measurable your marketing is by weighing the success of your business during the holiday against effort, time and cost spent on the marketing campaign.

Is your marketing personalized or not? You have the advantage of personalizing your communication with customers which will help your holiday business.

Also ensure that your business marketing strategies are professional, usable and shareable, shareable in the sense that you can share with other small businesses to use it.

10. Smart digital marketing

Have a smart and brilliant digital marketing because good holiday business ideas coupled with good digital marketing is much more effective. I am talking of digital marketing in terms of blog, eBooks, email newsletters, gift cards for customers and so on.

It is also important that you remain active because inactive might lead to customers losing interest in your business or totally forgetting about your business.

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