Hobbies That will Make You More Intelligent

Best Hobbies That will Make You Smarter

Mankind, from time immemorial, has always sought ways, means and methodologies to increase the average human’s intelligence quotient. Being smart is regarded very highly and many awards are tied to people who display high levels of ingenuity and innovation.

Being smart can be viewed in many lights such as being street smart, business smart, school smart, emotionally smart and a host of others. It is a widely held belief that people are genetically wired to display a certain level of intelligence and that the best that any individual can do is to live up to or achieve that potential.

However, recent scientific studies show that man can actually increase his intelligence quotient, and hence his intelligence. It is now proven that learning new skills enables the human brain create new neural pathways that cause an increase in the productive and intuitive capacities of the brain.

One of the ways to go about this process is by practicing a hobby. A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically carried out during one’s leisure time. Hobbies form an integral part of the lifestyle of many individuals, especially when such hobbies are fun and inspiring.

A key characteristic in the definition for hobby- regularity holds the potential for the human mind to build efficiency and effectiveness, not only for the particular hobby in question but also for application in other areas of human endeavour.

Hence, hobbies can exert a great impact on man’s reasoning and intuitive levels and perception. The following hobbies, once constantly practiced, have the potential to bolster the intelligence quotient and make you smarter:


1. Learning/Playing a Musical Instrument

The great philosopher Confucius is credited with the statement: “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Music has the potential to stimulate the cells of the brain, helping to invigorate areas of the mind that hitherto would have remained dormant.

The complexity of music and sound as can be found when one listens to music as well when one learns a musical instrument, increases the memory capacity of the brain. Music learning sharpens and raises concentration levels.

Another advantage that comes with playing music is attaining the stance of perseverance and patience, as learning any musical instrument will occur over a period of time.

2. Reading Copiously

Reading has the potential to increase your intelligence quotient and consequently, make you smarter. This is because reading opens the mind’s eyes to experiences and places that bolster the imaginative faculties of the human brain.

When reading is carried out voraciously and across many different fields of endeavor, the memory capacity of the brain is better utilized, as the mind tends to process and store for later retrieval, the information gleaned from the materials that are read.

Reading also helps you to relax and reduces stress; in this state, your brain is better able to regurgitate what has been read for further processing and imbuement, such that the knowledge gained is internalized and can be reproduced, effectively making for a smarter individual.

3. Exercising 

Exercise is a great way to stay fit and to ensure that one’s body systems are functioning as they are supposed to. Exercise tones and keeps body parts and muscles in shape. The brain can also be considered a muscle, so when you exercise, you are ensuring both your physical and mental well being.

A major benefit of exercise to the human brain is that more oxygen is permitted to reach the brain, hence improving brain power and function. Increased oxygen levels aid in the creation of new brain cells, hence the individual becomes smarter.

4. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language, especially at advanced ages, comes with certain challenges. Acquiring proficiency in any language will occur over a period of time, and such mastery is dependent of the difficulty level of the language, the time for study, availability of study aids and guides amongst others.

The process path for learning a new language will involve tasks such as comprehending grammatical structures, language syntax as well as committing to memory new words, which will have a positive on one’s intelligence and brain capacity.

It has been shown also that individuals that display high levels of verbal-linguistic intelligence are great at decision-making and solving problems.

5. Travelling

Travelling is a great way to relieve stress and to feed the mind with wonderful sights and sounds. Once the body and mind is relieved of stress, you can begin to take note of finer nuances, become more observant as well as achieve greater concentration levels.

Every new place travelled to, offers the opportunity to meet new  and interesting people, new and diverse cultures and ways of living, that will broaden one’s horizon; thereby making one smarter.

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