Vital Qualities to Look for in New Employees for Startup Hire

Hiring for a Startup: Top Qualities to Look for in New Employees

Engaging staff for a business start-up is a no mean task. Why is this case? According to scholarly research findings, almost 75 percent of new businesses fail, soon after setting up. Most observers link this alarming rate of business start up failure to the situation whereby close to 50 percent of new hires do not acquit themselves accordingly at their duty posts.

What characteristics employers look for in an employee? The peculiarities of a business start-up must be considered before employing staff. A new start-up has needs and demands that involve driving innovation, creating structures, systems and processes based on clearly defined visions as well as putting mechanisms in place for seamless business operations and strategies.

Therefore, employees at the new business start-up will serve as the drivers and interpreters of the goals and visions of the fledging business, create momentum on business traction, engage with current and potential customers as well as draw up templates for marketing and advertising strategies.

So, how does the new business start-up go about picking the right candidates to fill its positions? The key is to look beyond resumes and cover letters and to critically assess the qualities and character of applicants.

So what do hiring managers look for in a candidate? As a guide, the following traits/qualities should be looked out for, when hiring new employees for the new start-up:

Key Traits To Look For When Hiring Employees For Your Startup

  1. TheyShould Be Action Takers

The very nature of any new business start-up is representative of hard work, long hours, grinding and toiling as well as the proverbial gamut of challenges. So these new businesses require staff that are nimble and have the ability to think on the spur of the moment.

In addition, potential employees must also display qualities of being proactive; individuals who require little or no supervision and can take the initiative.

In other words, the new start-up will need to employ people who are primed to be “ready, aim and fire” in approaching their tasks and responsibilities. Need what to look for when hiring a new employee, here is one.

  1. They Rise Above Monetary Motivation

The new start-up should shun engaging individuals who are purely seeking to reap financial windfalls. While financial motivation is not bad in its entirety, it should be seen as a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

The start-up will blossom when it is staffed by people who are committed to the business vision, so much so, that when rough times arise (which could mean the business being unable to pay staff salaries), the truly committed employee will remain, to weather the storm.

  1. They Display Resourcefulness

The new start-up will reach its true potential, when it employs staff that can be pragmatic. Resourceful individuals do not bulk at the hint of a challenge. Rather, they critically analyze what alternative paths exist and how the challenge can be solved, with what is available.

These individuals are prudent managers, with a knack for ensuring that available resources are best utilized under any circumstances. The start-up enjoys this trait, with the creation of “A way will be made out” attitude in the work environment.

  1. They Understand that the Customer is the Mainstay of the Business.

Resourceful employees are centered on customer service and engagement. They understand that the customer is the lifeblood of the start-up, so they go the extra mile in caring for and connecting with the customers they meet.

They show a genuine concern for the opinion and observations that any individual customer makes and they are great at allaying the fears of clients.

  1. They are Team Players

Another essential trait of the ideal employee for the start-up is team spirit and team building. Exceptional employees are aware that individual contributions, made in a united and coherent process, make for a resounding success.

Therefore, these employees are genuine team builders, who create an atmosphere of work harmony and cohesion, in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Since start-ups are like families, where individuals spend long hours in one another’s company, it is imperative that the start-up engages people who will smoothen work place relationships and bolster the group effort.

  1. They Must Be Passionate.

Start-ups will flourish when it engages the services of individuals who are passionate about what roles they have to play. So much so, that such an employee can do what they are assigned to do, without getting paid. They display boundless energy and drive, which can positively influence other members of staff.

The above traits are by no means exhaustive. Start-ups will survive and even thrive based on the traits and competencies of its employees. Hiring staff should go beyond just assessing business acumen but it should also x-ray the personality of the individual in question.

While skills can be taught, and lessons learned, the personality, emotional intelligence as well the people skills of the individual will form the building blocks upon which the start-up can aim to achieve its goals and objectives.

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