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Executive Summary for Hedge Fund Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for a hedge fund business? Hedge funds are a technical area of investments which require proper planning and systematic implementation of these plans. This is what a hedge fund business plan helps in achieving. We are looking at an important component of the hedge fund business plan document which is the hedge fund business plan executive summary. This section is one of the most important sections of the business plan, as it highlights the key components of the entire document by summarizing them, and presenting this information at a glance to investors.

One reason why we are focusing on the hedge fund business plan executive summary section is due to its importance. When investors are going through your business plan, one area which always attracts attention is the executive summary section as this section is able to expose the viability of the business. Here, they check if a business is worth investing or not. It is therefore very important that you focus your energy into writing a good executive summary, as it can either qualify you for that funding or not.

This sample hedge fund business plan executive summary is meant to act as a guide in helping entrepreneurs interested in starting a hedge fund business find an easy way to effectively writing their own executive summary. We begin thus;

The Executive Summary

Sigma Assets Management is a hedge fund business located in Detroit’s financial district. We manage hedge funds for our clients, as well as provide a wide array of hedge fund related services which include the management of distressed securities funds, event driven funds, emerging markets funds, and the provision of custodial services for assets, execution and clearing services as well as long and short equities. Others include depositary/trustee services as well as multi-strategy fund services.

We are focusing on the provision of world class hedge fund management services to our esteemed corporate and individual clients and to make a bold statement in the market by improving the value of our brand through the offering of unbeatable financial asset management services to our clients. To make this a reality, we have in place a team of world class hedge fund managers who will professionally handle our clients funds, as well as provide professional advice where necessary.

We pride ourselves in our workforce who have been carefully selected among a pool of the brightest minds in the industry, and their experience and expertise would be brought to bear on our business. We have put the right measures in place to ensure a periodic training of our workforce to ensure we keep up with global best practices in the provision of our services to clients. Also, the their welfare is our topmost priority as we have provided a work-friendly environment that would encourage high productivity.

Funding for our business will be sourced from savings and debt financing which are aimed at raising an investment sum of $700,000. So far, a sum of $200,000 has been realized from savings kept for aside for this purpose by the business owner Mr. Carl Stevenson. Out of this amount, a substantial part of it (over 70%) will go into renting of an office space, marketing and the purchase of equipment and furniture. Also, the payment of wages will also form part of these expenses.


Our mission at Sigma Assets Management is to be among America’s foremost hedge fund managers by breaking into the top 10 asset management firms in the country. This we would achieve through the adoption of global best practices, coupled with the wealth of experience possessed by our workforce and owner. Effective marketing will also contribute in helping us realise our objectives of providing world class hedge fund management services.

Sales Forecast

The demand for hedge fund managers in America is currently on a steady rise which would likely be sustained over a longer term. It is in view of this that we have made a sales forecast which sees our an impressive increase in demand for our services over the next 3 years, accompanied by a steady rise in profits over this period as shown by the chart below;

  • First Year $100,000
  • Second Year $330,000
  • Third Year $600,000

Expansion Plans

Although we are currently operating out of Detroit’s financial district, we have our eyes set on the big picture. Thus, we have ambitious plans of expanding our operations to cover all of the states within the United States, with our ultimate aim of being incorporated into the big league on Wall Street. Here, we will operate on a national level which will be helped by a brand name built and known for excellence.

Keys for Success

An important part of our effort will be channelled into getting the very best brains in the industry. This will not come cheap, however, their output and contributions will justify our investments. We have also set up a world class marketing department, coupled with an R and D (Research and Development) department which would enhance the quality of our service offerings to our clients.

This hedge fund business plan executive summary sample has captured some of the most important requirements a good executive summary should contain, providing the necessary guidance to entrepreneurs on how to write a sound hedge fund business plan executive summary.

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