Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a health blogger or coach? Do you plan reaching out to a different new audience so as to spread your expertise? You must have been looking for top health blogs that accept guest post so you can submit your guest post to them.

In this post, I will be sharing with you top 10 health blogs with high traffic that will be beneficial to the reason why you actually wanted to submit your guest post.

This blog post is a compilation of wonderful blogs centered on health issues, and accept guest posts from bloggers and health coach.



Being one of the largest guest blogging sites in the health industry with over 70000 views monthly, this blog accepts guest posts. Subject of articles accepted varies from nutrition, fitness, exercise, and diseases.

It is emphasized that any article to be considered as a guest post must meet the word length requirement of over 1000 words. A link is allowed in your bio; however affiliate links are highly prohibited.


From dissociative disorders to bipolar disorders, and autism, the subject varies within the niche of mental and psychological configurations. When submitting guest posts, a short (about 100 words) bio of you, the author, is attached as a channel back to your own blog.

When writing on psychology issues it is usually required that you stick to a word length of between 650 and 900 words. While when writing in mental wellbeing 900 to 1400 words would suffice. To contribute to this blog, you can email your article as a word document to This is one of the best health blogs that accept guest posts


Founded by Steve Novella and David Gorski, this blog focuses on investigating the lines drawn between science and medicine. This blog allows for guest posts; you can send posts to

But in doing so, you should know that the editorial staffs appreciate a flexible writing style spiced by some good humor. Originality is a highly priced jewel; and on the contrary, plagiarism is equally discouraged. Promotional links and sponsored posts would probably not be accepted and published.


This blog focuses on establishing the equivalence of happiness and health. A kind of psychosomatic voyage along with advice and distribution of useful guidance to its readers on how they can attain a healthy living.

Articles submitted to this blog are carefully screened by at least two experts. Short write-up, funnily decorated, and full of quality are the properties of posts that are recommended.


The founder is a Princeton University lecturer, Tim Ferriss, and he focuses on blogging on how gymnastics, body movements, and yoga can positively impact one’s health. They are usually recommended to be lengthy articles of over 3000 words.

However, you must first sign the guest writer agreement, which is a requirement for Tim’s liability insurance, and is based on Mashable’s standard agreement—note that you would not proceed without this. Specificity is highly encouraged, much also is humor, and quality.


This blog focuses on helping its reader achieve optimal balance of diet and weight. The editor Tony, offers fitness advice to visitors on how they should perceive themselves, and that their self-worth should not by any means be judged by the amount of fats which their skin had stored up for future emergencies.

He also gives tips on how fat levels can be trimmed or maintained. Word length of guest posts goes from 600-1000 words. You also get the advantage of including your bio, with a link to your site, in 50 words.


The Lupus Guru Annie is a nurse who teaches from experience about autoimmune ailments. Passionately keen about changing lives, she teaches about Lupus with the goal of transferring as much information about the ailment to any individual possible, particularly her readers.

She accepts guest blogging, particularly those posts that are health related (like on disabilities and chronic illnesses, and how they can be managed).


This blog concerns itself with issues of women biology—ranging from pregnancy, to birth control, sex, menstruation, weight control, menopause, cancer, and general women health and advice. You could get in touch with the blog to contribute your posts.


Found in 1997, and currently with Brad Chase as the president, this blog is centered on subjects such as reduction of fatigue in women, remedies for problems like stiff joints, prostate, and memory. This blog accepts guest posts, and appreciate insightful articles that go into a good deal of practical details.


With focus on providing tips on fitness and healthy nutrition, this blog accepts guest posts on health news and subjects within its scope. It is selective about its authors as authors who are themselves fitness experts, personal trainers, and health care professionals are highly appreciated.

To submit an article for posting, you must first register with the blog, with your full name, along with bio, and one or two links to your blog. Word length of article must be a minimum of 800 interesting and informative words.

It is appreciated that you respond to comments, and more appreciated if your work is original with lacking in typos.

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