Starting a Haulage Company

Interested in small haulage company ideas? If YES, here is how to open a haulage business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

Starting a Haulage Business – How to Start Your Own Haulage Company

How to Start a Trucking Company From Home
Without the transportation of these goods to wholesalers for onward distribution, businesses will eventually close shop. Haulage Business is very vital to the survival of not just businesses but for any economy that wants to witness growth.

As a result, Haulage business has become big business in many parts of the world.

On a daily basis, large volumes of industrial raw materials, light and heavy equipment, food items, refined petroleum products, consumer goods as clothing, electronics among a vast array of others, vehicles and heavy duty machines valued at billions of dollars are being hauled across continents in the world. This is in a bid to meet up with demand.

The consumers of these hauled goods either live close by or thousands of kilometers away. Whatever the case, hauled goods need to be transported to several cities and towns to retailers for onward distribution to consumers.


How to Start a Haulage Company in the UK and other Parts of the World

Whether you live close to a factory or not, goods produced elsewhere still need to be hauled to your location for easy distribution. This article provides information on the haulage business sector.

Why is there a Boom in the Haulage Industry?

Asides imported goods at ports, factories and industries have to get their finished products transported from their warehouses to distant locations in cities and rural areas. Although there are other sources of transportation of these finished goods, haulage of goods is still very popular especially in Africa where the infrastructures are still not enough.

Requirements to Starting a Haulage Business

In order to start a successful haulage business, certain vital elements are required and must be put in place for effectiveness.

In order to start any successful business, profits alone will and cannot sustain a business. But a key ingredient is very necessary to the success of such a business, and that ingredient is passion.

Passion for that business eventually brings about profitability. Without profits, and especially in the teething phase of the business, only passion will keep the business afloat. This is also true in the haulage business sector.

Although it can be very profitable, yet it is fraught with many risks and challenges. Haulage business will eventually be successful for you when your determination to succeed is backed with consistency.

Choosing your Desired Niche

In the haulage business sector, there are several niche involved. There is the oil products niche, the processed food niche, the raw materials niche among several others. Knowing which niche you have passion for is very vital to the success of your intending haulage business sector.

The niche you select will determine the types of trucks or vehicles to purchase.

Some vital questions also need to be asked. Such would include whether you will want your trucks to be leased to a trucking company or to put them on hired purchase. If you are to start haulage, will it be long distance haulage or short haulage?

Will the products you haul be in solid state or liquid state? Or will you go into the haulage of both solid and liquid products? How do you intend to go about marketing your automobile outfit?

These are questions that need to be adequately answered before you commit resources into the haulage business sector.

Start-up Capital

Start-up capital is crucial to the materialization of any business idea. For Haulage business, lots of this capital is absolutely required because it is cost intensive. Also, you have to determine how much of this start-up capital is required to have your desired number of fleet. Hence, a business plan is absolutely needed in order to shed light on financial requirements and the affordability of equipment.


There are several financing options for start-ups from financial institutions, although they come with varying levels of interests accruable to you. There is a second type of financing which involves leasing. Leasing can be in the form of equipment leasing which involves an agreement between an equipment owner and the lessee where a periodic rental fee is paid to the lesser by the lessee.

There is the finance lease which involves the financial houses. This is the most popular. The financial house leases its automobile finance for a periodic rental known as interests which are paid periodically as agreed by both parties. For this lease to be possible, collateral is always demanded by the financial house (in this case banks and business lending houses).

The third type is called the operating lease, which covers the short term line of required equipment such as motor cars, barges, boats and trailers. This is the most friendly to the lessee as it gives him/her longer time to pay as compared to the other forms of leasing, giving him/her the opportunity to reduce financial commitments in terms of assets.


In haulage business, insurance is key and vital to business survival. A haulage business will not and cannot function effectively without this key ingredient, as there are always risks involved not just in haulage business but also in all forms of business.

Especially in haulage business, accidents may occur due to the fact that it involves the movement of goods and services to long or short distances.  Insurances cover most of these risks associated with haulage business operations.


The hiring of good employees is a key ingredient needed for business success. Getting the right people with the right mindset who shares your visions and goals is invaluable to any haulage company’s success.


Starting a Haulage business requires very serious maintenance. Due to its nature of moving heavy goods to both long and short distance destinations, wear and tear becomes a natural reality. Ignoring this vital aspect will do maximum damage to business profitability, effectiveness and customer satisfaction in the long run.

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