How to Handle Unhappy Customers Successfully

Steps to Handling Angry Customers

Ways to Turn Your Unhappy Customer into a Valuable Resource
Have you ever experience unhappy customers in your business and you were angry about the whole event? An unhappy customer can cause damages to a business if not handled properly. As a business owner, it is always normal to experience unhappy customers in business, but how to handle them so that what cause the unhappiness in the first place can be resolve is what is very important.

How Should You Handle Unhappy Customers?
Unhappy customers can lead to financial losses for your business if you are not able to handle them professionally. Here are 5 possible ways to handle unhappy customers in your business whenever anything bad happen;

Rules in Dealing with Difficult Customers

1. Apologize Immediately

One best way to attack angry customers is by apologizing immediately. This calm down the mind of the customers and put you in a safer side.

Do not be afraid to apologize and thank your customer. When you are saying “sorry,” use a genuine, warm and caring tone and show your empathy. You would be surprised how many customers would be satisfied just with your sincere apology.

Saying “I’m very sorry” does not mean that you or your company has done anything wrong; it simply tells that you are genuinely sorry that the customer has had a bad experience.

2. Remain Calm

Another way to handle unhappy customers is by staying calm while giving the customer to pour out his or her mind. Try to understand what exactly caused the concern.

Give the customer a chance to express their unhappiness and concerns and let their anger dissipate. In the phase during which the customer is “fuming” there is a very good chance he or she won’t hear anything you say.

Please, never smile while the customer is complaining, and also, do not interrupt. It annoys the customer. Once they are done saying everything they wanted to about your brand, you will have to calmly respond to them with a reassuring response. It is always better to listen carefully and act professionally when it comes to dealing with customers.

3. Think from their Perspective

One best way to solve a problem according to psychologies, is to put yourself in the affected person shoe and think from their perspective. It is among the best ways you can understand issues of your customers.

You will have to think from their perspective including what you will do when you are in their position. By behaving in such a way, your customers would think that you genuinely care their requirements and show concern to their needs.

Either you will have to apologize for the inconvenience caused and should assure such things not to take place again or you should tell them that you might be doing the same if you were in their place.

This is very crucial in handling unhappy customers because it will help them listen all the more thoughtfully to a griping customer – which is really what all the customer needs. In addition, it will help them stay cool and gracious while a customer vents his dissatisfaction.

4. Find a Solution to the Problem

You should always remember that customers approach you to explain the problems they face with your products or services and to get a solution from your company. Do not think that they approach you just for complaining.

You have to communicate effectively with them and should get more details from the client before concluding that you have clearly heard and understood them.

Identifying the problems from the customer not only makes them feel that you are listening to them and caring them, but also help you to find out the cause of the problem and thereby resolve it at the earliest.

Focus on what you can do to find the best solution and keep the customer satisfied. Ask questions like, “What can I do to help you right now?” offer several solutions and be honest when telling the customer what you can do and what you cannot do.

While you suggest a solution to your customers, make it a point that you extend an offer which the customers can never neglect.

5. Follow Up

This can be one of the best approach to finally close any problem with unhappy customers. To gain the lost trust back, it is desirable for you to call your customers and ask them whether the product is working fine.

There will be times when there is no hope in handling a troubled customer. By then, the customer service worker should essentially concede that customer to a director or manager.

However, representatives who handle customer’s complaints rapidly, productively and professionally will minimize those issues and will give employees a feeling of possession in their employments and in the organization.

Unhappy customers can not only lead to financial losses for the company, but also future business prospects as well. It is always desirable to handle the client requirements in a purely professional manner.

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