How To Successfully Handle Angry Customers

Dealing With Unhappy Customers

As a business owner, there are times you or your staff might have issues with angry customers, there is no way to eliminate such situation or customer, the best thing to do is to know ways you can handle them successfully and that is what this post will be telling you.

There is a saying that customers are always right, there are times when customers may not be right but as the business owner, you just have to listen to them, make them believe they are right and handle the situation.

Even if your business offers the best service and product and even if you have and give good customer service, at some time, you will have issue(s) with an angry, unhappy customer or a customer who is not satisfied with something, it is inevitable and that is why we have several trainings for business owners and others about how to manage and serve customers and also how to give feedback to customers.

Once you have an issue with a customer, if you don’t handle it well, it might lead to you losing the customer and even other customers that was brought by the person. Customers’ feedback goes a long way in your business marketing and advertisement.

Below are the ways you can use to successfully handle an angry customer:

1. Learn to Listen

When the customer is talking angrily or complaining about something, do not interrupt him or her because they need to talk their mind before you say anything. Nobody likes to be interrupted when talking especially in the face of anger.

Although, keeping quiet when the angry customer is quite difficult especially when the customer is saying things that are not true about your business but nevertheless, you need to allow them to finish talking to fully understand what the problem is and not to make them feel that you don’t want to listen to them probably because they are invaluable.

When a customer is angry, he/she will be angry and have little patience so try your best not to interrupt him/her. You should listen attentively to the customer, do not be distracted by anybody or anything.

2. Don’t be too Emotional

When the customer is explaining what happened to you or making his/her complains, you should try and separate your feelings from the situation because an angry customer is likely to say things that are rude which you might react to if your feeling is not separated from the issue.

You shouldn’t take it personal, have it in mind that the customer is angry with the business, its product or service and not you as a person but if the customer threatens or rough handle you, then you will have to them to leave or call someone else maybe the authorities in to the matter.

3. Using Apology

The first thing you should do once the customer has finished talking is to apologize even if the customer is wrong in order to solve the issue and salvage your relationship with your customer.

Your apologizing does not mean you are apologizing for what happened but better still, you are apologizing probably because your customer is having trouble, angry or unhappy about something then you can then have a real discussion with the customer after he or she has calmed down because you might not understand what the customer said out of angry.

4. Let them Know you Have them in Mind

You can also handle an angry customer successfully by sympathizing with the customer by showing that you feel real bad about the situation, that you understand them and you are trying to find solution to it.

5. Sometimes Let Them Go
When you are having issues with an angry dishonest customer, maybe the customer wants something he or she does not deserve then you should not back down because if you back down, it means you are being bullied by a dishonest person and the person might end up getting what he or she does not deserve. It is better to lose that type of person than being bullied by the person.

6. Train your Staff to Handle Customer Complain

You should also train your staff about handling customers especially the angry and unhappy ones because you might not be there when a difficult issue arises and your staff might end up messing up the whole issue.

7. Be Humble
There are times when customers confront business owners in public, we all know that nobody like being confronted in public but you just have to accept it and know that it is not every day you are confronted by customers. Do not use sarcasm when talking to the angry customer because it will only worsen the situation and make the customer angrier.

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