3 Attitudes That Will Keep You Permanently As An Employee

Habits That Will Keep You Permanently As An Employee

Many people do not understand that there are certain factors that militate against your passion and vision for entrepreneurship.

There are 3 attitudes that will keep you at your job for years. Even with the best of potentials, holding on to these habits is a sure to remain an employee for life. Have you thought about this? Why should you live your life building another man’s dream? What is stopping you from turning into an entrepreneur before 40?

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1. Contentment And Fulfillment

For a young graduate that lands a lucrative job with one of the blue chip company, a individual may spend the rest of his or her life trying to become the best employee because of the feeling of ‘dreams come true’ and fulfillment that comes with such job offers. He would spend his entire life planning to be good at what he does and getting rich in the same company. But the truth is no matter how good or rich you become in an organization, you are still an employee that is actively engaged in building another man’s dream. What I’m saying is not that one should not work as an employee but what happened to your own dreams?

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2. The Risk Involved

How many people can abandon the financial and social benefits that comes with having a job after growing in the system for so many years all to start all over again as an entrepreneur. Even before you start a business, you begin to see the price of losing the free medical care, travel and accommodation allowances that comes with the status of being an employee.

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Many people want to quit their job and start a business of their own but are afraid of what may be outside that comfortable office. They are pinned down at that job by the fear of the unknown, building another man’s dream because to them, it’s all about the money whether they work at a job or run a business of their own. The question is would you have achieved more in life if you were your own boss? How much is your dream worth?


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3. It’s Too Late!

I don’t think I have what it takes to pursue this dream, time is gone with age. After spending the productive years working from job to another, sitting behind office desk or touring the fields, a lot of people find it difficult to run after their visions because they see retirement around the corner. Even though they start getting an idea of what they actually wanted to do, the strength and passion to pursue such aspirations has become rusty with age and the many years spent working as an employee.

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I’m encouraging anyone reading this post, wherever you are in the world to sit down and reflect on this as you resume work in the morning asking yourself over and over again, Am I doing this job at the expense of my dream?’ It is difficult to become very rich and influential by being an employee all your entire life unless you decide to be your own boss.

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