Gum Graft Cost Per Tooth – With and Without Insurance

How Much Does a Gum Graft Cost?

Are there gum graft alternatives? Does delta dental cover gum grafts? What is the average gum surgery success rate and cost for one tooth? What is the typical price range for gum grafting and is it worth it?

Did you just get the notification from your dentist that you will need a gum graft. A lot of people panic when they are being told this, but there is no need to panic. Even as gum surgery may sound uncomfortable, there are so many other treatment that a patient can go for and are at the same time cost effective.

The gums of an individual may recede with time as a result of aggressive brushing, genetics or diseases. Gum recession will expose the root of the teeth and in some cases will increase the sensitivity of the tooth to cold or hot items. One of the viable ways to treat a gum recession is by gum grafting. A soft tissue graft will be utilised to cover up any exposed root to prevent this kind of sensitivity. And the overall purpose of the procedure is to increase the appearance of the teeth.

Before we go into discussions on the cost of a periodontal gum graft, let’s understand what a gum recession is


A patient will experience gum recession when the tissue that surrounds the teeth pulls off from the root of the tooth leading to the exposure of a larger part of the tooth root. If this is left untreated, it might cause damages to the bones that offer support to the dentition.

Gum recession is a very common dental problem and it affect a tangible percentage of the adult population. In most of the cases, it goes unnoticed until it become a sever problem. Gum recession can also lead to tooth loss. So here is the Cost of a Gum Tissue Graft:


What is the average Gum Recession Surgery Cost? When you are considering going for a gum graft, the cost can be between $600 and $1,200. This will be the cost for a single procedure carried out at the base of a single tooth or in a small localised area. The cost will also depend on the level of gum recession, the tissue used as well as the dentist that carried out the procedure.

If the dentisits will be using material from a tissue bank, it is likely for the cost to be higher than when the tissue was harvested from the patient.

In the process of gum grafting, the dentist might also recommend gum trimming, which is done to give the gum a better appearance. This will bring the total cost of the procedure to about $1,000 per localised area.

When there is the need for sedation during the procedure, the cost will definitely be increased as well. The cost of sedation can vary depending on the type that is being used. When the patient opt for the intravenous sedation option, they may be spending more as this i quite expensive than the oral sedation.


There are so many way through which a patient suffering from gum recession can save money and still get a very good result. Here are some idea on how a patient can save money:

  1. SEEK MORE OPINION: A patient might get different recommendations for gum grafting. Unfortunately it is a normal occurance to get an over treatment or aggressive diagnosis. While some doctors will prefer to wait and watch the patient’s dental issue as it progresses to a critical stage before making recommendations, other dentists will be swift to recommend gum grafting

What a patient even need to understand is that not all gum recession requires treatment. If the patient is able to understand what caused the recession and stops the habit, then the progress of the gum recession will cease and cost of gum grafting will be averted.

  1. TREATMENT PLAN PRIORITIZATION: In a situation whereby the patient will need more than one area to be treated. It is best to ask the dentist which area is more affected and the treatment can start there. Since the spread of the recession is slow, the treatment can sometimes be delayed and the cost of treatment spread out over time.
  2. INSURANCE BENEFITS: For patients that have insurance, they can actually maximie the benefits. If your insurance benefits in a year have not been utilised, you can channel this into your gum grafting procedure


Before a dentist will recommend gum grafting to a patient, there must have been a prior dental examination, which could go with a xray. The cost of xrays can be between $100 to $400. Patients might also need to get some additional drugs after the procedure. This might be between $50 and $100


A patient might be bothered about the best place to get a gum graft. That is not much of an issue as the procedure is performed at almost all dental clinics. For patients that have insurance, the insurer will be able to provide a list of certified dentists that can carry out the procedure without issues.

A patient will either need the service of a dentist or a periodontist to carry out the procedure. Most dentist will even recommend a certified periodontist to the patient

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