Guest Posting Guidelines For High Traffic Blogs ( 400+ List of Sites )

7 Lessons from Guest Posting on Popular Blogs – Mega Site List and Opportunities

As a blogger, one of the quickest and most effective means of kick-starting your online writing career and creating a market for your target niche is to submit guest posts to popular blogs. The big gains accruable from writing for bigger and more established blogs include the exposure that the writer draws to his/her style of writing.

Another important benefit of guest writing is that the contributor receives feedback on the effectiveness of the writing style from editors; such critical analysis will definitely make one a better writer.

Writing for other blogs can rapidly improve one’s writing craft. The following are lessons learned from making contributions in the form of guest posts on popular blogs:

1. Your content should Aim and be Patterned for their Audience

It is an established fact that you love writing. And you are probably great at it; correct grammatical constructions, fluid writing style, logical presentation of ideas, facts and figures.

However, what writing for a popular blog will do for the writer is that it enables one to channel energy and content to meeting the demands of a particular reading audience, in this case the niche audience of the blog you are guest writing for. Writers suffer rejection, because they submit great but irrelevant content, which always gets rejected.

One of the ways to avoid rejection is to carry out a detailed study of the popular blog you intend guest posting, in order to have an idea of its reading audience, writing specifications as well as other important information that can help you serve the needs of the blog, which in turn will make you a better writer.

2. Have a list of Possible Headlines

Most popular blogs that accept guest posts are usually inclined toward accepting contributions from writers who submit materials with a number of different headings/titles. Submitting multiple headlines presents the administrators of the popular blog with options that can go with their blog’s style and structure. In addition, the guest writer is deemed to be versatile and resourceful.

3. Add Real and Concrete Examples

The intending guest contributor to a popular blog must determine from inception, the type of reading audience the popular blog caters to. More often than not, the reading audience will comprise of people that are active practitioners and professionals in that particular niche or market.

Therefore, this category of people will be in need of concrete and actionable information, that can be applied in real life situations. Therefore, the guest writer should provide content and material that subsumes real life situations and events, whose outcomes can be applied and scaled by others.

4. Structure Articles with Sub-headings

The guest writer can spice up the guest post to a popular blog with inputting sub-headings in the submitted guest post. What sub-headings do to content is to serve as reading fodder; it keeps the reader interested on a point to point basis, on the article.

Evidence shows that sub-headings that come in the form of questions usually compel the reader to keep reading the article to the end or to start all over with reading the article, in order to grab the finer issues being raised.

One of the ways to effectively present a sub-heading is to state in clear terms, what the section is all about and how it contributes to the overall thrust of the article or material.

5. Go a Step Further by Answering Futuristic Questions

The guest writer can prove to be anticipatory with his/her guest post by providing answers to problems and situations that have not arisen yet. The guest contributor to a popular blog must not only submit material on things that reading audiences already know.

He or She must also endeavor to provide moments of illumination and awareness; an ‘Aha’ moment for the reader, where the article harps on details and situations that were given little thought but found to be full of potential.

In addition, the intending guest writer can write with a certain level of authority, only to the extent that the material is highly relevant and situational.

6. Incorporate Details and Proof

The popular blog’s readers will like to have facts, figures and proofs, at their disposal, in order to make more informed decisions. Did a move on a blog result in more success in terms of attracting more readers? The guest writer should endeavor to provide screen shots, tables and figures, to drive home the statement of fact.

7. Be Prepared for Comments and Feedbacks
Guest writers who submitted guest posts to popular blogs and achieved great success in their writing, harp on the need to always handle with great care comments and feedback. Whether these comments/feedback come from editors or readers themselves, the guest writer must make out the time to analyze these inputs and use the findings to produce better writing and more compelling content.

Here is a collection of blogs that accept guest posts in different niches:

Gadget Blogs, Freelancing Blogs, Food Blogs, Science Blogs, Politics Blogs, Photography Blogs, Pet Blogs, Music Blogs, Movie Blogs, Make Money Online Blogs, Green Energy Blogs, Gaming Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Business Blogs, Blogging Blogs, Entrepreneurship Blogs, Computer Blogs, Family Blogs, Book Blogs, Entertainment Blogs, Writing Blogs, Travel Blogs, Tech Blogs, Sport Blogs, Small Business Blogs, Finance Blogs, Health Blogs, Religion Blogs.

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