How to Grow your List of Business Prospects

Growing your List of Leads and Business Prospects

Do you know how to increase prospects for new customers? Every business that started out from the beginning often started small and had little or no contact or customer lists. In fact, it is not uncommon that a good number of businesses will also go through weeks and even months without making any contacts or just a handful.

Contacts are critical for the business, which rides on this mechanism not only for the making of actual purchases and repeat transactions but also as a means of marketing and advertising the business to others.

So, what happens in the teething days of a new business when there are no new contacts/prospects for the business? Does the business cave in to the challenges and close shop? Or does it embark on an evaluation of its methodology to find out what better strategies it can deploy, in order to shore up its lists of business prospects?

With proper analysis and insight, the latter option will open ways by which a company can grow its business prospects. These ways include the following:

Ways to Build List For Future Business Prospects

1. Laying the Foundation for Future Engagement

Consider that your organization has just concluded a sensitization and familiarization workshop on the benefits and uniqueness of your organization’s goods/services. This forum presents a great opportunity for the key speakers and members of staff to seek the permission of the audience to engage with them at a future date and possibly on a frequent basis.

This strategy can be implemented by with a 1-page evaluation form that includes ways of keeping in touch through newsletters and bulletins, receiving emails about future events/updates as well as contacting the company directly about its goods/services.

2. Creating a Lead Capture

Consider that an individual visits the website of a business. However, this individual does not make a purchase or initiate any transaction. However, the business can put in place a strategy for making this individual a potential customer by capturing; this involves giving the individual something valuable for investing the time and patience to visit the website of the business.

The exchange for the valuable resource or content is the email and contact details of the potential customer. In that way, the business is now able to keep in touch with the prospect with service/product offering and at the same grow its prospect list.

3. Growing your Social Media Presence

Building one’s social media presence is proving to be as vital to the business, as the air we breathe.

There are millions of people surfing the internet daily, looking for information, resources or to simply purchase an item.

The beauty of the social media which is a practical point of use for the millennial business of today, is the presence of built-in permissions for reaching out and staying in touch. Most social media platforms have features that enable users to request, connect, like, follow as well as to update contacts and connections.

So, the business can grow its prospects lists by extracting usable information from the mechanisms of connections. One veritable way of going about this is to put in place a blog, where valuable resource/content can be shared for free, in order to grow a following.

One social media platform that can be explored is the LinkedIn platform. This platform is usually employed by business people and career professionals, who can grow one’s list of business prospects.

4. Teaming up with other Organizations

Another way of growing your list of business prospects is to partner with relevant bodies and institutions, in order to mutually benefit from whatever advantages each possesses. These partnerships work best when there is a common ground of association, like both or more parties being in the same niche market or particular sector.

In this case, the partnering businesses can share resources, information as well as other items, which will include the contact details of existing clients and potential customers.

5. Employing Tools

You can grow your list of business prospects with the use of tools such as GetResponse, AWeber and iContact. These tools have features that help you create forms and panels that make the collection of customer contact information seamless and tidy.

It will come in the form of a webform which you can place on your website. At the minimum, it is expected that you collect names and email addresses, as you do want to be seen as being too pushy/insistent.

6. Going for Valuable Prospects

In order to grow your list of business prospects and to populate that list with valuable customers, it is necessary that your business searches in the right direction for contact details and information.

For instance, a business that deals with the sale of choice property/land, will be advised to search out contacts of potential customers who either are high earning individuals or who stay in urbane and exclusive neighborhoods. The thinking is that this group of people will have the wherewithal to seal a transaction.

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