How To Grow Your Brand’s Community Through Social Media

Powerful Ways To Build Your Business Brand on Social Media

Social media is no longer something strange or new. I remember when Facebook was just for connecting with friends and loved ones, when all you do is post pictures, like, comment on other people’s stuff and that was it. But today, social media is way more than that.

Small and big businesses are now using social media to build their brands as a way to leverage social media platforms to promote their products and services. Of course, there are so many social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more, which people use in promoting their businesses and build community around it.

In a global world where most transactions are done online, social media have now turned into one of the most important ways most brands use in reaching out to people and increasing traffic to their sites.

If you are a business owner and you are thinking of ways you can use social media platforms to build your brand, below are some easy but important ways to build your brand community on social media.

Identify with your Audience

Identifying your audience on social media is the first way to build your brand community on social media. There are so many people on social media with different interest and lifestyle and to build a community around your brand is by using content marketing to build followers.
Observe what your audience like and show them that you love them by either following them back when they follow you, liking their comment and replying back any comment that needs reply.

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I remember my first day on Instagram, I quickly went searching for my favorite authors and artists. I wanted to know what they would be posting and make them understand how much I loved and admired them.

I remember when I got a follow back from a celebrity, I spread the news all around to whomever that cared to listen, even the ones who didn’t know who the celeb was, I told them to hurry up and follow him because he follows right back. It even got to the extent that I started following that page and never missed a post.

The main point is a giving a little attention such as a re-tweet, repost, follow back, or re-gram to your fan base, increases and builds your brand community on social media.

Involve/ Engage your Audience

Another way to build a community around your brand on social media is by engaging your audience. There’s a product I started using recently and I have come to love. How did I hear about it? My younger sister told me the company was giving free products to people who could get them more followers by sharing their fan page and asking others to like them.

I started promoting their page to the extent that I have to give the product a try and that was how I fall in love with the product till date. Your brand community can increase if they feel they are participating in one or two things related to your brand or the other.

Get Feedback from Your Audience

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Another way to build your brand on social media is to always create an avenue for interaction and input of ideas or a medium for feedback on your fan page. This is very important. You ask their opinions on what they think could be done to improve your brand, ask them what they think about a new development concerning a particular product or service.

This will help you get free feedback from your existing customers and also open new ways in which you can satisfy your customers. It also helps you to easily find out and clarify wrong rumours going on about your brand. Read their opinions, comment on them, thank them and make them feel their opinion counts.

Give out Freebies

Another way involves giving out freebies. It can be free airtime, a ticket to an exciting movie that is on top chart list, 30% discount on your product or service, or cash price. I have never met anyone who never loved receiving gifts no matter how small it is.

Giving out freebies as a way of building a community around your brand on social media increases the interest of your brand community around your followers. It also increases traffic to your site especially if they have to compete for it.

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When freebies are given out, it is important to advertise the winners of such in order for them to know the legitimacy of your promo. Freebies don’t have to be something massive, or expensive.

Keep your Site Active

With the help of various social media platforms, businesses can easily send traffic to their sites taking leverage of their social media followers. Never leave your page, site or blog idle for too long. This kills interest and is one of the most effective ways of killing your brand community.

Always publish fresh posts that are engaging and shareable with the help of social media buttons beneath each post. Things you post don’t always have to relate to your brand, or the main idea behind it.

It could be a joke, a riddle or something totally different from the norm. But most importantly, don’t deviate totally from the main idea of your brand because this could also kill the interest of your audience.

This is because the reason they joined your brand community in the first place isn’t really what they are getting at the end. This is common among some sites or pages that start up as a site for promoting a particular article, only for them to end up being a gossip site.

Put all these steps explained above in to practice these little ideas and watch your brand community grow.

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