How Much Does a Headstone Cost?

Grave Heastones Prices – Average Gravestone Cost to Buy

What is the average cost of flat, double and upright headstone engraving? When you bury a body in the cemetery, you will need to install some kind of marker: this is commonly referred to as the headstone. This is often placed at the head of the grave and used as a marker to identify who is buried underneath.

Headstones are mostly used traditionally in Christian, Muslim and Jewish burials

The marker states the name of the person, date of birth and death and also may bear other personal information such as a quote, called an epitaph. In the course of the article, we will discuss much on the cost of a Grave Headstone


Before we go into discussions on a grave headstone cost, it will be quite enlightening to know about the different types of headstones. Headstones most of the times, come in a number of different styles, which includes:

  1. Flat markers: These are also called grass markers. They lie flat on the ground and usually positioned at the head of the grave and then flushed with grass.
  2. Bevel markers: Bevel markers can be as much as 8 inches thick and they are also laid on the ground and a little bit raised above the grass.
  3. Slant markers: These are also called pillow stones. They are mostly about 18 inches tall and sit flat on the ground usually angled back to create a wedge shape
  4. Monuments: These are commonly referred to as headstones and are tablets that usually stand uprightly above the ground.


Headstones are most of the time made from granite and bronze or sometimes a combination of the two. Granites come in many colours from pink to gray to black and browns. A headstone is usually engraved, which is mostly available in different type of styles. Headstones usually come in different styles and shapes and they may range from the traditional rectangles to more elaborate sculptures.


Headstones can be bought from funeral homes, cemeteries, third party retailers or even over the internet. You will also need to have this in mind that most cemeteries are not covered by the FTC Funeral Rule and so they may hinder you from buying the headstone from a different retailer. In most cases, you may be charged an extra cost for bring a  headstone you purchased elsewhere.


The cost of a headstone will depend on different factors. The type of granite and the size of the marker will go a long way in determining how much you pay for a headstone. The headstone cost will also depend on the weight, so the larger the headstone, the costly it becomes.

Be informed that the cost of a headstone will not include the additional features that you might need to be on it. Features as engraving, photos will surely attract additional fee and so will drive up the price of the headstone.

If you are buying your headstone from a 3rd party of from an online vendor, you might also be charged cost of shipping the headstone to your preferred location and this might be quite on the high side as cost of shipping is most of the time calculated by weight of the item to be shipped.

The average cost of a headstone is about $100 and it is possible to see some that will run to about $10,000 depending on the materials and the vendor that designed the headstone

For instance, it is possible to find flat grave markers at about $1,000 or even less. An upright headstone will cost $10,000. However you can still buy a simple upright headstone for about $1000 to $3,000


Cemeteries usually have their own rules guiding the installation of headstones on their premises. These rules might include the size, style, features of the headstone. It is quite advisable to find out about the rules and regulations guiding the installation of headstones at any cemetery before you go ahead to shop for the headstone.

This should be done to avoid any form of misunderstanding that might lead to some kind of embarrassment to the family


It is quite interesting to know that some families spend as much as $5,000 and even more on headstones and will definitely want to ensure that it is covered against damage, either by vandalism or by accident. Yes, it is possible for you to insure a headstone against damage, especially the grave marker. Many home insurance policies now incorporate accidental damage on a headstone into their plan and this may be as much as $5,000


Most cemeteries will prefer that you buy a headstone from them directly, or better still from any of their vendors. In a situation whereby you prefer to buy your headstone from a 3rd party seller, it is advisable to pre inform the cemetery before taking this step and confirm if you will be allowed to do so. You will also need to acquaint yourself with any fee the cemetery might charge you to bring in a headstoneyou buy elsewhere.

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