Good Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Good Marketing Ideas for Restaurant, Landscaping Business, Apartment, Dental Office, Recruitment, Insurance Agents and Events

What are some good marketing ideas? Have you ever wondered how best to market your products and services, and through this process obtaining effective results? If you have, then this is meant for you as we seek to reveal some good marketing campaign ideas which are good for your business. These good marketing project ideas have been tested and proven to be very effective in generating or attracting the patronage of clients.

By implementing these strategies, your business will be the better for it as it will definitely experience growth in all areas. So what are these good marketing strategies you can use? Read on as we expose some of the most effective marketing strategies.


Customising your Facebook URL

While having a website or blog is very important for every business, it is also necessary that you are very active on social media platforms especially Facebook and twitter amongst others. You need to inform your online audience that you have a Facebook page and making it easier for them to access it by customising your Facebook url to make it much more easier to find. With this in place, your target audience can easily find you on Facebook without having to encounter difficulties in trying to locate your business on Facebook.

Choosing the Right Time to Publish your Posts

Posting great content on social media is not enough as you will also need to have an idea of the best times to publish a post as well. By this, we simply mean targeting periods when your target audience is most active on social media. Social media is used here consist of a variety of platforms that include Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. You need to be active on these social media platforms because these are where people spend most of their time doing a lot of things from socialising to learning etc.

In the United States for instance, the central and eastern time zones are the most busiest. According to a study, over 80% of America’s population is busiest during this period. What you do with this information can make a whole world of difference. For maximum exposure, it is important that you take advantage of this to publish your posts. Doing this will result in more people reading your post and more activity being generated relating to your business.

How Often Should you Post on Social Media?

Why publishing your posts on social media, it is necessary to understand the dynamics involved. Different social media platforms have their different methods of publishing posts. This has an effect on how active uses are on each. Hence a recent study by CoSchedule recommends that you publish a post per day on Facebook, while you can add to this by sharing related content or earlier posts. 15 tweets on Twitter, as well as 11 pins on Pinterest daily. The frequency of your marketing posts are necessary to avoid your target audience viewing your ads as spam.

Create Custom Hashtags for your Business

More businesses are increasingly using this strategy to generate a buzz around their products and services. The creation of customised hashtags for your business enhances the presence of your business online as well as makes it much more easier for both existing and potential clients to create discussion around your products and services. This significantly promotes your business and increases interests which leads to patronage at the long run.

Create Exciting Video Content

To obtain best marketing results, it is important that you incorporate the use of video. This video’s should contain detailed information about your products and services as well as promoting such business by educating the viewer on the benefits of using such products and services. This is likely to attract higher attention than text-based advertising. Also, the benefit of using this medium is that it can be used on a variety of platforms that include social media as well as on your blog or website.

Consider using Paid Advertising

While social media offers a free platform for you to market your products, there is also a paid option where you can reach a larger target audience by paying for such services. This significantly expands the reach of your business and as expected, creates a greater possibility for patronage.

Tracking Social Media Related Sales

When marketing your products and services on social media, you will need to know how well your marketing efforts and doing. This is an important consideration to make as you would need to measure your efforts if they are generating the desired results. Hence, google has come to the rescue by providing you with a google analytics tool where you are able to track every activity relating to your marketing activities on social media. This allows you to have a better understanding of which strategies are producing the best results and if there is room for improvement.

Creating a Close-Knit Community with your Client/Fan base

As a business, it is necessary to be highly interactive with your fan base as well as clients. There are lots of questions I will be raised by this setup people. Responding to their questions and concerns is a great way of creating brand loyalty where they feel their needs and concerns are fully addressed or met. This should cover all channels of communication such as social media as well as your website or blog.

Expand your Brand by Working with Influencers

Apart from businesses, there are individuals who have a great impact and how people think of behave. These setup influences came about this through a variety of methods. However what is most important is that you use this influence to the advantage of your business. A great way of achieving this is to enter into a partnership with these influencers to promote your brand. Before engaging the services of these Influencers, it is important that you clearly spell out the terms of your agreement which should be agreeable to both parties.

Weekly Newsletters

As a business, it is highly necessary that you have newsletter publications where you educate your readers about new products and services. In addition to this, you also need to provide an incentive such revealing all available discounts and offers your clients can take advantage of. Weekly newsletters are a great way to effectively market your products and services. Weekly newsletters is preferred because it covers all the necessary information as well as new products and innovations to your audience. This time interval is acceptable as anything more frequent than this can be seen as spam.

As shown above, effective marketing strategies require creativity and innovation. All efforts are channelled towards achieving the desired objective. To be successful, it is important that you fully understand the strategies as well as how best to implement them. Success will only be complete when the acquired knowledge is fully implemented.

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