GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting + Free Domain: Best Reviews

Best GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting Review

This article seeks to throw light on Godaddy’s economy webhosting and free domain offering that has made it quite attractive to many users. With increasing interest on cost effective webhosting and free domain services available in the market place this article brings to the fore one of these cost effective webhosting and free domain company’s in the mould of Godaddy Webhosting Company.

The Website, its Importance and Reach

Because of the global information age the world has found itself in, the way things are being done has witnessed a total revolution and departure from the way they were earlier done. The most basic human activities such as communication, commerce, entertainment among several others have seen a total departure from the old ways such activities were carried out.

This has been largely driven by ICT. It is based on this reality that the website has come in handy, made possible by webhosting companies which have made it possible for web addresses to be visible to anyone who simply types in the site address on the World Wide Web.

Webhosting and its Importance

Webhosting is the critical service needed by any website designer to enable him/her showcase his/her website to the world. The World Wide Web is a network which allows for easy access to information across different sources, all hosted to ensure their visibility/presence. Without webhosting, it is impossible for a website to be visible.

Godaddy webhosting and free domain service provides this critical service at very cheap rates to clients, making it one of the best webhosting and domain providers.

Another plus to the Godaddy webhosting company is that it provides free domain services to its clients. Benefitting from Godaddy’s webhosting services is quite easy! Following its 1-click setup process, you benefit from an array of services that include a round-the-clock security monitoring, a seamless resource upgrade and a huge storage capacity in addition to a high bandwidth capacity.

Godaddy’s Economy Webhosting Solutions and Attendant Costs

Godaddy provides an array of economy webhosting solutions to choose from. Choice and freedom is given to users with different needs, skill level and capacities. Some of the webhosting solutions available to Godaddy clients include;

  • Basic Web Hosting Service

This is a service provided to clients in need of cost-effective, yet efficient, reliable and fast webhosting. The skill level required for this webhosting option is mid-level, and mostly recommended for personal websites and small business interests. This option benefits from a round-the-clock support that ensures that all complaints are professionally handled. This service has a price tag of $3.99/mo.

  • Commercial/Business Hosting Service

As the name implies, this service is mainly provided for businesses which typically would require more interactive features and speed including other resources necessary for seamless business transaction. This is particularly recommended for those businesses which have more demanding needs that cannot be satisfied by a basic webhosting service. The commercial/business hosting service comes embedded with an Office 365. The tech skill level required for this option is also mid-level, and starts at $19.99/mo.

  • Managed WordPress

This webhosting solution is especially recommended for websites, WordPress blogs and web stores. It is the best for users with preference for less involvement with technically associated tasks such as updates and other related tasks, and prefers these tasks to be handled for them. The tech skill requirement for this option is mid-level. The starting cost for this option is $3.99/mo.

However, apart from the above mentioned webhosting solutions Godaddy provides there are also advanced hosting services that are also cost-effective and comparable to the most competitive webhosting services available within the industry. They include the following;

  • VPS Service

This is among Godaddy’s advanced webhosting services that are provided for websites in need of advanced flexibility and power and also, resource-intense based. The VPS service costs starts from $16.99/mo.

  • Dedicated Servers

This is Godaddy’s premium webhosting service that offers total and absolute control over your server resources. Setting up this option does not take much time as Godaddy ensures there is minimal time delay in delivery. This service starts at $69.99/mo.

Web Security

With the increasing wave of cyber-attacks, Godaddy has ensured that it provides an efficient web security system that eliminates any threat that may occur. This is a vital requirement for any business to win the confidence of users of its website.

The security provided ensures that threats like identity theft, virus, hacking among others are effectively kept at bay, providing the much needed secure space for business and other activities.

Availability of Promotional Tools

This is a feature made available by Godaddy to its clients. Features that enhance increased visit and patronage to businesses are provided, giving businesses the much needed leverage on effectively marketing their products and services.

Inclusion of Value Added Services Like Email and Office

Godaddy has ensured that it includes email and Microsoft office services that ensure that users are given the best work environments to effectively manage their business.

This article has focused on the Godaddy’s economy webhosting and free domain services, including other details that include its competitive services and the several options made available to its users to ensure that choice is available for clients that may have different needs.


Buying a domain name is not the only step involved in creating a website. You need a Godaddy economy web hosting review to make your website go live. After all the process of web design and development, you need a very competitive plan like godaddy free hosting with domain economy hosting to complement your efforts.

Godaddy economy Linux hosting or windows has won several awards and reviews as the best hosting plan for your blog. This is not surprising considering the rate at which you get some of its awesome features.

Godaddy Economy Web Hosting Features

10GB Disk Space

After purchasing Godaddy economy hosting windows free with domain with coupon codes available online, you will be given 10GB of space. You might have seen several hosting companies advertised unlimited space and you think this storage space is too small. The truth is 10GB is not as sall as you think. This restriction on godaddy economy hosting wordpress and other website is instituted to ensure that webmasters cannot upload files exceeding 10GB size in total whether it is in form of script, apps, video or music.

100 Email Accounts

Email accounts from hosting sites are personalised. With the Economy hosting plan, I have access to create up to a hundred emails in this structure: myname @ A fuctional blog may not need more than 15 of such emails. If you need such personalized emails, you should give Godaddy economy hosting a trial.

Monthly Transfer of 300GB 

Another benefit of subscribing for Godaddy economy hosting Linux with cpanel is that you enjoy 300 GB of traffic every month. This translates to the fact that your website visitors can download up to 300GB worth of data on your site monthly. Very few websites with enormous traffic manage to reach this limit. Visitors would have download heavy files like movies, music and PC software and games to reach this stage.

With the features of GoDaddy economy hosting plan highlighted above, I’m sure you want to know how much the economy plan cost from linux to godaddy economy hosting – windows. The price of Godaddy economy hosting is $4.74 per month for the annual plan and $4.49 per month for a two-year plan. You will end up saving 15% on a three-year hosting plan which comes at rate of only $4.24 per month.

Godaddy economy plan is designed for website or blog owners who are just starting. It is not appropriate for an established website with huge traffic and stats. Choosing the best hosting plan and cheapest domain registrar for your website is important. I will recommended that try Godaddy economy hosting whenever you are ready to host with Godaddy.

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