How Much Does a Goat Cost?


How much does it cost to buy a goat? Where can I buy a goat? Everyone understands that goats can be so mischievous and cunning, but at the same time they are so playful and very cuddly. Owning a goat can be a form of therapy as they make you lively around them, especially when they get in a playful mood. So you now ask, how much does a goat cost per year. Goats are quite hilarious and you can be certain that after you get enlightened on the breakdown cost, you might decide to get one for yourself.

Goats are four legged animals and they have been domesticated for more than a thousand years. The most common ones that are best kept as pets are the Nigerian Dwarf goat and the African pygmy goats.


Buying a goat can come with a whole lot of benefits. So you might want to ask. What are these benefits that you can get raising a goat?

  1. You will be able to raise your own meat without having to spend more at the abattoir. It can also serve as a profitable business for you as you can sell the goat meat to your neighbors as well as in the market.
  2. Buying a milk goat can also give you the opportunity to produce your own milk for the family use. You can as well use the goat milk for the production of cheese, yogurt and any other dairy product that you might want to produce.
  3. For your information, goat milk is also used in the production of soap. It is most especially needed by people that have a very sensitive skin.
  4. Goats are quite easy to handle and train. They are very sociable animals and they easily do well around children, without showing any form of aggression. They have a bearable size when you compare them with cows and other large farm animals
  5. Managing a herd of goats can be so cheap without much cost on your side. Goats feed on virtually anything right from the leftover foods in the home, to garbage in the bin and so on.


How much does it cost to buy a Boer goat? Buying a goat will cost within the range of $100 to about $300 and that will depend on the sex, age and size of the goat. Generally, the male goats are quite cheaper. The price of a male goat will be around $100. The female goats can go as high as $300. It is quite recommended to have 2 female goats or does and a male or buck.


  1. Goats are most of the time of mild temperament and very playful. They can be as well curious sometimes so you have to put your home in order if you don’t want a kind of reorganization by these lovely animals
  2. A goat can live up to 15 years of age
  3. When you buy a goat, you will surely be given a health certificate. This you will need to transport the goat. This might cost you about $50


  1. Goats are vegetarians and they will consume up to about 10 pounds of meal in a day. If you decide to buy a 40 pound bale of goat feed, this will cost between $4 to $8 and this will last you for about 2 months.
  2. You can as well supplement the goat feed with yeast culture and goat chow. A chow can cost about $50 and this will last you for several months. Buying a 50 pound of yeast culture will go within the range of $30 to $40
  3. You have to put into consideration the cost of housing the goat. A standard goat breed will require a housing space that will cost you about $500 on the average. You will also need to lay the home with hays, to serve as bedding for the goat. Replacement of a goat bedding will cost you $10 in a month
  4. You will also need to visit the veterinary doctor on a regular basis if you want your goat to be in a perfect state of health. Your bills could be between $50 and $200 annually


If you intend to buy a goat, you must be sure to watch out for these:

  1. Lack of Johnes testing papers and CAE
  2. The inability of the seller to produce paper works for the goat
  3. Lack of photos of the growth stages of the goat
  4. Inability of the seller to produce information about the goats sire and dam
  5. Goats looking so unhealthy and unkempt should be totally avoided.


The season for goats is the spring. At the period there is always an influx of goat babies or kids. It may be difficult to get a desired goat breed outside of spring, so take note.

You can actually get goats to buy at any farm close to you or at the zoo if they have commercial goats for sale.

It is also possible to shop for goats on the internet. is one spot that you can get good breeds of goats. Although they focus more on dairy goats.

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