How to Get Real Targeted Twitter Followers Fast!

Best Way to Get Real Targeted Twitter Followers

Do you want to get more targeted followers on Twitter? Have you been wondering if it’s possible to get targeted twitter followers real fast?

One would begin to argue and wonder seeing others as they keep amassing huge numbers of targeted twitter follower as if they are using magic. The fact is that no magic wand is involved in their success but some tactics I am about revealing in this post.

I was baffled and felt exactly the same way you are feeling now, but eventually, after rigorous effort trying different tactics and techniques, it is now a thing of the past. I would love to help you out if you are ready to do the same thing.

The following are ways to get targeted twitter followers fast, though not limited to these 7:

How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers For Free

1. Tweet Regularly

One of the tactics you should implore to get targeted twitter followers fast is by tweeting regularly. You stand to gain more followers- targeted ones most especially -on Twitter by participating frequently. Make sure you send out a tweet at least thrice in a day.

Sending out tweet all in the name of tweeting is not a good idea and never does tweeting so much so that your followers can get sick of it will help you chart your targeted twitter followers. Tweet meaningfully. Something that your followers will like to retweet and mark as one of the favorite tweets.

You may not necessarily have to settle for any optimum number of your tweets, but the end note is to tweet regularly.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

This is very crucial in getting targeted followers on tweeter. You should be using keywords that are relevant to your niche. Keywords that you know that other people may also use to find people that are also in your niche.

I was so sure of this method that I used it for three weeks and my twitter followers increased. It did not only increase by just getting me followers, but targeted ones that I am interested in.

For example, if you are running a beauty business or makeup service, use relevant keywords such as “massage,” “facial” and “pedicure” in your tweets.

3. Retweet your Audience Content and Tag Them

Another key approach to gaining more targeted twitter followers is by helping your followers to retweet their tweet. Sharing other people’s post and content and tagging them at the same time is a surefire attempt to get on your followers’ radar.

This step is so important because it helps in cultivating mutual beneficial relationships. The more you keep helping other people out, and in return, they will definitely reciprocate. You never can tell if they are having plethora of followers who are your potential and target audience.

4. Engage in Twitter Conversations

Twitter conversations are also a great way to develop and cultivate meaningful relationships on Twitter. You get to know more people and from there you have more followers.

Join any relevant conversation going on, tweet something valuable and contributive that people will like to check you out and maybe follow you to get more valuable post in the future from you.

Find relevant on-going conversation using your niche keywords and hashtag and join with the mindset of contributing and not just tweeting to get notice and get followers.

5. Leverage and Optimize Hashtags

Take the advantage of hashtags to get your targeted twitter followers by making use of it often in post.

Hashtags begin with number sign “#” and follows by a keyword or a phrase. Take for example, if you always tweet about business, never forget to use this hashtag #business, #entrepreneur, #smallbusiness and any hashtag that is related to business.

With this, if anybody is looking for tweet related to business or entrepreneurship, your tweet will still pump out from the search. I learnt this from a business influencer on twitter and I got targeted followers who not only followed me but also retweeted my tweet.

Adding relevant hashtags in most of your tweets is a nice way to attract and get pretty eyeballs on your tweets. Adopt this tactic in your quest of getting more targeted twitter followers fast and see how it will work like a magic.

6. Ask for Retweets

Studies have proven that seeking your followers to kindly retweet your post can help in the increase of your retweets by up to 4 times.

More retweets count because it will expand your reach and in each retweet you stand to gain more followers. Add “Kindly retweet” before or after all your tweet. It has the ability to work purely simply because you have embrace a direct call to action for your followers. But it’s imperative to know that, some people do find this method annoying on twitter.

7. Make Use of Hard Copy

Don’t be misconstrued because I said use hard copy. This technique of getting targeted twitter followers fast is trying to focus on the use of printed material like business card or the likes.
Make sure you add the Twitter logo as well as your twitter user name on your business card, letter head paper, handbill, brochures, newsletters, fliers, signage or any printed material meant for your business.

Lastly, use other social media outlets couple with the fantastic 7 discussed above to attract your targeted Twitter followers fast.

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