How to Get Private and Government Contracts in Nigeria

Get Private and Federal Government Contract Jobs

Are you interested in securing private and government contracts for your business? If you are like most people, you would probably think it is too much stress, too much “connections” and less work. Yes! You need the connection but it is much work too.

Securing contracts from both government and private companies in Nigeria is not very easy but with the right steps, you can actually ease your way towards landing the mouth-watering contracts. Every year, the Nigerian government award several projects and contracts to qualified contractors.

Securing a contract in Nigeria is a very serious business opportunity because it can make you millions of Naira at the blink of an eye and some can even guarantee your business steady and consistent cash flow for years. To secure these contracts, you will have to know the rudiments that will help you outbid the other companies and land that big contract.

These rudiments are the same for almost any condition you find yourself –whether private contracts or government contracts. Below are some ways to securing a private and government contract for your business in Nigeria.

How to Become a Government Contractor in Nigeria

Get your company/business Registered

This is the first thing you will have to do when trying to secure private or government contracts in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. If your company or business is not registered, you probably should go get it registered properly with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to obtain a business license or permit as well as other permits and licenses required for your line of business.

This is because, all bids to contracts –whether government or private contracts– must be through a registered company or business. No bidding through an unregistered individual or company is allowed. Whether you want to become a main contractor or a sub-contractor, you must have to get a business license before you can secure private or government contract.

Research and Get Acquainted with Companies and Government Agencies

The next step is to research the companies within your line of business who may be in need of your services or who are capable of going into a contract with your business. Find their contact information, contact their facilities managers and know all you can about them.

Contact the procurement managers of the companies you want to go into contract with. Request that they include your company or business if they maintain a list of potential contractors that they forward a request for a contract bid to.

Gather as much information as you can by requesting for an information packet detailing the company’s procurement process and bid requirements.

For government contracts, they are usually issued out through government agencies and it will be more rewarding to maintain a mutually healthy relationship with the agencies you wish to secure contracts from. Get their contacts and be personal with them. Keep contacting them from time to time in order to get useful information on when calls for bid will be issued out.

Attend seminars, conferences and workshops relating to your line of business. These are various interesting opportunities for socializing and meeting the right people that could help you in securing various contracts.

In Nigeria, “connections” –that is, who you know– matter a lot in securing the big contracts. As long as you possess the necessary qualifications, who you know can take you a long way. Often times, a call for contract does not leave a little confine to garner much needed publicity. It is only those who are closer to the inner circles that get access to information regarding contract bids.

Research the companies and government agencies in line of your business and get acquainted to them and you would wish you had done this earlier.

• Seek Small Contracts First and Partner with Pros

Now, you may be tempted to skip this one unto the next, but read on to see why. It is highly advisable to seek small contracts first for an upcoming company or business. These small contracts would help build the track record of your company or business and increase your chances of landing the big contracts.

When it comes to government contracts and even many big private contracts, companies or businesses without much experience are not recognized.

It is worth mentioning to also first start partnering with a reputable major contractor. This will help you get the needed recognition for your company or business; get the needed experience and boost the track record of your business as well as expose your business to major contracts opportunities.

• Make your Bid Convincing and Appealing

How To Bid For Government Contracts
Now, this is one noteworthy thing to pay attention to when making your bids. Make your bid compelling by talking more about them. Every aspect of your bid should convince your prospective employer why you are special and should be awarded the contract. Appeal to their self-interest.

They should understand that you have their best interest at heart but do not go about hyping your business. Talk to them about the project as if the project is specifically tailored for them. You should ensure your bid suits the following categories of people:

The boss – This is the most senior decision-maker. He is interested in results.
The money person – this is the finance director. He will evaluate your bid in terms of value for money.
The expert – he will scrutinize the details of your proposals with his knowledge.
The end-user – he wants to know how your product or service affects him and his team.

• Practice your Pitching

This is probably your last chance towards convincing your prospective client to award you the contract. They would want to know if:

• You offer them more value for money.
• You understand them and their business
• You are a team
• You are keen to work with them
• They can work with you.
The way you present yourself with your pitch will determine if you can secure the contract or not.
• Submit your Bid

Now, you want to submit your bid. You should begin your bid submission with an abstract and qualifications of your business and why you should win the contract. You should not forget to state clearly how you intend to execute and complete the project being contracted.

You should ensure you submit all paper works requested by the Request for Bid Proposal (RBP) with forms properly completed and signed. Include a listing of qualified subcontractors (if any) as well as any additional documents as required.

Make the calculations of your bid including overhead costs and profit margin. You should try to anticipate the estimated bid of your competitors. Keep your estimated bid low and realistic –especially in government contracts where the lowest bidder is usually more considered.

However, this is not a rule to keep your estimated bid very low. In fact you should not keep it so low that you do not make any profit from it.

Lastly, ensure you submit your bid on time. Sometimes, the client is in a hurry and does not have time for too much scrutiny. So, the first few people to submit their bids are at a better position to secure the private, local, state or federal government contract.

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