How to Get into the Mind of Your Prospects

How to Get inside the Mind of Your Customers and Influence them to Buy

Who doesn’t know how hard it is before getting into the mind of a prospect. It is really serious and jaw dropping to convince a prospect to be your customer if you can’t identify their true class, real color and understand what their needs.

Knowing fully about your potential prospects and finding out, even more, about them is the key and integral part of your business and/or sales process. Pitching your offering but without knowing fully your prospect is more or less like trying, scrambling and struggling to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Thus, you will just be pitching different solutions that may or wouldn’t be relevant to that of your prospect. Getting into the mind of your prospect is what would enable you to help them resolve their problems.

If your mission, goals and objective is to work toward making your prospect’s life simpler than easier, then, it should be, you shouldn’t afford to miss or skip this step.

To be discussed below are the various questions you can poise to your prospects that will guide you to know, have better understanding and get to the mind of your prospects.

Describe Your Prospect First
Getting into the mind of your prospect, the number one thing you need do is to make sure that you sacrifice your time speaking to any qualify individual who is a perfect candidate for your offering.

It wouldn’t speak well of you and rather would you find it interesting scaling through your whole sales process just to notice that your prospects are not a good fit for your product. What does this depict, it means most of your time have been wasted.

Designed your first question to ask your prospect perfectly so as to determine whether you should proceed or stop with the interaction. These questions will only serve as eye opener to you so as to avoid the mess of wasting up your time.

Questions like these will enable you to know what your prospects are up to;

• Can you afford to pay up for this product?

• Does the prospect actually need your offering?

Are your prospects the one to make and decide on the buying decisions?

Sometimes, these questions may probably not be appropriate to ask directly, but ensure you ask some other questions that will enable you to find out these things.

Determine your Prospect’s Current State

Having described the position of your prospects and realized that they are a perfect fit for your services or offering, then, now is the right time to know more about them. Here is when you will start to understand truly what your prospect needs is all about and ways you can help them solve it.

For better clarification, Let’s assume you are into skateboard business and you have a prospect but now in the market for new product. So, you wish to find out the type and cost of skateboard they are currently using.

Stop by to inquire if they actually like the skateboard they are using now or not. Find out more about what they enjoy about it and vice versa.

If their response is that they don’t enjoy the present one though, find out why. Persuade them and ask for what they would like to change in it if they could. Thus, the better you could understand and know about your prospect’s current condition or state, then the easier it will for you to provide the right and better solution.

To sum it up, you can arrange your questions these ways;

Are you happy with product X?
• If no, why?
• What would you change about it? Etc.

Focus on your Prospect Future

After you’ve find out about your prospect current state, to get into their mind, you must stay focus to determine their future. This is the aspect where you are going to find out, even more, what actually your prospect needs and wants, here, you will be able to read their mind as though you are both using a single hormone responsible for thinking.

The major thing you are to do in other to stay focus at this juncture is to know how your prospect feels. This may seem odd or irrational, but be appeal to your prospects emotions because you have to be aware of what they want to achieve.

Logically, to find out what and how they are feeling, what and how they (your prospects) want to feel; here is how you would go by it; ponder and provide solutions to these questions and you shall see how the magic works:

• How do they (i.e. your prospects) want things to look like? 

• How badly do your prospects want things change?
• How will these make their lives simpler?
• How do they (your prospects) want to feel?

Be patient and listen carefully when they are telling you how and what they feel, because this is where you are to address them when it’s high time to pitch your presentation and don’t make frivolous mistake by pitching what the prospects doesn’t need.

Find out What is Preventing Them from What They Want

Here, getting to know the mind of your prospect, your mission is to find out, in details, what their plain points is and what frustrates them from getting it. After you’ve identify what your prospect need and wants, very paramount it is need to find out what is preventing your prospects from getting it.

The problem you are to solve will surely surface here.

Be informed that you need to be acquainted with:

• Those obstacles that hinder them from getting their objective?

• What have they put in place to overcome those obstacles?
• How badly do those obstacles frustrate them?
• How can you be of help to them?

And lastly, this is the most crucial aspect to getting into your prospects mind. Since your aim is to solve a problem, it’s therefore important you understand duly what the real and actual problems are.
This will provide you the insight you need in other to provide the better and right solution.

Getting into your prospects mind is the key and most important angle of the business or sales process. Not until you get inside their head will you understand their mind, but without taking your time to read and digest this content, you won’t be of help to your prospect solving their problems.

Asking them the right questions won’t only help you in understanding your prospects’ mind, but also help in building trust.

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