How to Get Invite For Google Plus For More Followers

Great Ways to Get Followers for Your Google Plus

Do you know how to get more followers on a new social platform called Google Plus? Do you know how many people have registered and are sending and receiving Google+ requests presently? As an online marketer, if you are not a registered member and neither do you know how to send or request a Google+ invite, then you are not widely known in the internet.

Google, the technology behemoth, has always been at the fore experimentation, design and research.

It is always keeping the technology scene busy with innovations and cutting edge developments that aim to give mankind a better life and to carry out both basic and complex everyday tasks in smarter and more efficient ways.

From the electric car to smarter phones to business solutions software, Google Inc continues to lay down the marker in terms of innovation and R&D.

Google+ (or Google Plus) is an interest- based social network operated by Google. Google Plus, which was launched in June 2011, gives users the ability to post pictures and render status updates in a shared community, classify different friendships into circles, engage in a multiple person instant chats in a virtual environment called Hang-out as well as to edit and paste pictures and videos to private cloud sourced storage.

In the first few weeks following the release Of Google Plus, the service attracted over 10 million active users.

By October 2016, there were close to 50 million users on the social media platform. By mid 2013, Google Inc announced that the service attracted an average of 540 million active users per month. Google Plus, has since 2011, undergone a number of changes and it now comprises the following features:

• User Profile:

A registered account holder on Google Plus will have a user profile created for him/her. The user profile, which is interlinked with the user’s other accounts with Google, displays information such as the user’s profile photo, about section, background picture, cover photograph etc.

• Circles

Circles is one of the most important features of the Google Plus platform. It grants users the ability to organize people/friends/family into groups or lists for the sharing of information. Circles are formed when contacts are dragged and dropped into a created group interface on Google Plus.

Once a group or Circle is created, the Google Plus user can then share specific information to only members of that circle. And another important function of Circle is that it enables the user to control the content that can be viewed within the circle of friends.

• Stream

Stream is a feature on Google Plus that enables users view updates and statuses from members of the circle the user is in. Streaming also allows the user as well as members of the same circle to upload texts, pictures and to upload videos.

• Hangouts and Hangouts-on-Air

This feature on Google Plus enables free video conferencing calls for a number of users, pegged at 10 persons via the Google Plus interface or through a mobile app. This feature in Google plus permits the use of an array of devices and operating systems, whereby users are able to share documents or notepads on their screens across devices.

• Privacy

This feature on Google plus enables the user to control and restrict the information that can be viewed by other users on Google Plus. Users can also see their profile visitors.

• +Button

This feature in Google Plus enables the user to like and recommend other online media platform, wholly or in part, to other users.

• Google Plus Pages

Google plus pages is created for corporate organizations and businesses to reach out to individual users on the Google Plus, in order to share marketing and other related posts.

• Events

Events allow users to share pictures and videos of happenings and events, as they occur in real time.

How to Get Invite For Google Plus

Are you looking for how to invite people by email or contact list to Google+ ? In order for an individual to receive a Google Plus invite, the individual should endeavor to perform the following tasks:

1. Endeavor that you have a Gmail account (very important), which serves as a veritable platform for admission to Google Plus. The person who will send the invite to you must also have a gmail account and must have registered for the Google Plus service. You must also be a contact in the person’s contact list.

2. From the person‘s Circles page, your contact will be dragged into that new circle. You are to accept the Google+ invitation, when the prompt is received.

3. Now, all that is left is for the person who handed out the invite to you, to share something in the circle that you are now a member of. It could be a post, a picture or a video.

The information just stated above is everything you need to know about Google plus, how to get Google plus invite and what you tend to enjoy when you are a user.

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