How to Produce Germicide (Izal) – Formula Guide

Izal Production Guide: Free Ebook Manual Guide

Production of Izal Germicide: How To Produce Izal Antiseptic

Let’s take a quick look at what a germicide is together.A germicide is any type of product that is designed to kill germs and bacteria on different types of surfaces. Many household cleaning products are formulated to function as germicide. Over the years, a number of uses of germicide products have come into common use.


Some involve the utilization of basic germicidal and antibacterial products as a way of minimizing the chances of spreading colds or other forms of illness.

Wherever there are people, there are bacteria. Since bacteria are invisible to the Unclad eye, their presence is usually unsuspected. Germicide therefore helps to rid the area of bacteria and germs that have the potential to cause harm to humans and other living things.


Germicide can be used to clean surfaces such as:

-Door Knobs
-Counters and
-Garbage cans, etc.

Summarily, germicides as disinfectants aid in maintaining a clean environment to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that may cause infections.


Izal Booster Germicide as disinfectant can be used in the:

¤Eateries, etc


Composition of izal formulation

(Ingredients Used in Making of Izal at Home – 10 Litres)
Texapon………2 tin milk cups
Pine oil………..4 tin milk cups
Phenol…………4 tin milk cups
Lysol……………4 tin milk cups
Izal booster… .4 tin milk cups
Carbolic Acid…..4 tin milk cups
Izal concentrate………4 tin milk cup
Whitener……………..2 tin milk cup
Water…………………..5 litres

These are the basic chemical materials for izal production but what is izal concentrate?

I promised to explain our izal production process in units. Looking at the formula above, you notice that texapon used is 2 cups, whitner 2 cups and our water is 5 litres while other ones are 4 cups each. Now, explaining this in unit, I would say:

Texapon————2 units
Pine oil————-4 units
Phenol————-4 units
Lysol—————4 units
Carbolic acid——4 units
Izal concentrate—4 units
Izal booster——–4 units
Whitener———–2 units
Water—————5 units

From the above, let’s use texapon as our determinant factor. As in, the quantity of texapon to determine the quantity of other active ingredients of izal production and the total volume of final product.

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Here, you can use anything as your measurement (measuring tool). For instance, if you choose to use a spoon as your measurement, it means texapon is 2 spoons, whitener 2 spoons, then the rest 4 spoons. If you now choose to use a bucket, it means two of that buckets of texapon, 2 buckets of whitener and 4 buckets of the rest.

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-Pour the Texapon into a bowl
-Add the pine oil and stir very well
-Add the phenol and stir
-Add the lyzol and stir
-Add the booster and stir
-Add like 3 liters of water and stir
-Use some quantity of water to dilute the carbolic acid before you add it to the mixture
-Add the izal concentrate and stir
-Also use some water to dilute the whitener before you add to the mixture and stir together
-Pour the remaining water and stir properly
Finally package the product for use or sale.

You can get all the materials(chemical) for making izal in Nigeria at Ojota chemical market. With just 5k you can start something, at least, on a small scale. For the plastic to use, packaging is very important, you may just get any attractive plastic and have your own well designed stickers on it. If you are buoyant enough, you may approach any plastic company for a customised one.

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Function of all the chemicals used in the production of germicide.

On a good day, almost all the materials for izal production are disinfectants, except for some few like: izal booster, izal soap and izal whitener. The izal booster is just to increase the quantity of your product while the whitener is to give it that white colour look. So, the combination of all of the chemicals (antiseptics or disinfectant) is what gives you a powerful germicide.

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