Best Business Ideas to Start in Georgia – Small Opportunities


What are the best small businesses to start in Atlanta Georgia? Georgia is a state found in the south eastern part of the United States of America. The state has coastal marshland, farmland and beaches. It is ranked the 8th most populous state in the US and as a result, lots of lucrative business opportunities are available. One can choose from a number of profitable business ideas that can benefit both the business itself and the state at large.

A factor to consider when thinking about starting a business is the location. The state of Georgia consists of towns like Athens and Augusta. They are both college towns and usually host the Masters golf tournament which draws crowds of people from all over the country.

This also present make money opportunities in which one can entertain, sell products or render services to the visitors and earn an income. Another city found in Georgia that attracts tourists is Savannah. The city is known for its 18th and 19th century buildings and beautiful public squares.

Sandy Springs, Athens-Clarke County, Smyrna, GA, Savannah, Mableton, Athens, Roswell, Dunwoody, Columbus, Gainesville,Atlanta, Macon, Warner Robins, Macon-Bibb, Brookhaven, Johns Creek, Valdosta, Peachtree Corners, Alpharetta, Marietta, Albany,

There are many self employment ideas for people to use in order to start their very own business and become entrepreneurs. Below are some business ideas in Georgia that any aspiring entrepreneur can venture into;



Georgia has beaches due to the Atlantic sea on one side and several rivers found in various parts of the state. These water bodies contain sea food like fish (saltwater game fish like flounder, tarpon, shrimp oysters; fresh water fish like trout, bass, catfish), sea vegetables eg sea weed etc. So a good business to consider in Georgia is fishing. Fish is proteinacous and some sea food are good source of oil.


Georgia’s agriculture is a major contributor to the United States economy providing the country with billions of dollars worth of farm produce. With millions of acres of land used for farming, the state is known for producing a wide variety of food and crops like peanuts, pecan, blueberries, onions, vegetables, corn, cotton to mention a few. Poultry and eggs business is evergreen as is the meat and dairy product industry. These are good businesses in agriculture to get into, provided you are good at farming and have the passion for it.


Construction grade limestone, barite, ocher and small amounts of coal can be found in some parts of the state (the north-western part). You can decide to go into the mining business by processing these materials or even buying and selling them to earn money.

Another idea worth pursuing is to go into the construction business in this area. Even if one does not become directly involved with the materials, there are secondary businesses that can be developed, such as offering truck service for transporting the materials and so on.


You may decide to go into a business where you can offer your services. For example, owning a car rental service which will definitely be needed especially with Georgia’s ability to reel in tourists for visits or holidays.

Another business idea is starting a tour guide business. With the state’s many attractive sites and rich culture and history, this will definitely bring in tourists who would like to be shown round by someone who knows about the history of the cities and towns.


Tons of businesses can become success stories in this state because of the unending opportunities it offers. One other business that will work in Georgia is operating a bicycle repair shop.

Due to its large population, traffic in the state can be quite an ordeal. Bicycles are good alternatives for vehicles and motorcycles. Moreover, they provide good exercise for the body. One could also own a shop that sells them or their parts.

Finally, here are a few things to consider before starting any kind of business at all. First of all, you need to make sure your generated business idea works or will work. Sometimes it may work in your head but not necessarily in reality.

Secondly, have a business plan. It will help you as you set goals and remind you to prepare for success as you achieve these goals.

Thirdly, choose a viable business structure that you can incorporate before you register your business. Another important point is to finance your thriving business. There are several ways to do this, like applying for government funded loans, crowdfunding etc.

Lastly, please remember to pay your taxes and take care of other legal obligations least you stand to have your business dissolved which means, you lose everything including your business license. Even major businesses created or founded in georgia which are already being offered for sale do not take this lightly.


This article discusses different businesses that thrive in Georgia.  This state that prides itself in rich economy, as it is considered one of the fastest growing economies in Eastern Europe. The state records boom in agriculture, hospitality and tourism, and real estate management. The climatic condition of the state is favourable to most business activities.

When it comes to ease of doing business, the state of Georgia is ranked the 18th most favourable country in the world. Thus, business survival rate in Georgia is higher than most countries / states.

Below is a list of some big cities for starting a business in Georgia;

Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Albany, Valdosta, East Point, Warner Robins, Peachtree City, Gainesville, Augusta, Columbus, Dunwoody, Rome, Athens, Savannah, Johns Creek, Roswell, Atlanta, Marietta, Macon

Discussed below are 20 viable businesses that can be done in the state of Georgia;

1. Grocery Store Business

Starting a grocery store is a business that will always thrive among the Americans. This is because they can hardly do without groceries. Before you start this business, ensure you have suppliers that would provide you with fresh items all the time.

Also, promptly sell out items that are few weeks from their expiry date at a discount and remove all items that have expired from your shelf. Following this simple tips will encourage customer loyalty to your business.

The startup capital for this business would be determined by the size and scope of the business.

2. Anti-Aging Spa

Nowadays, many people look out for different and effective anti-aging treatments to rejuvenate their skin and make it succulent. This implies that there are more demands for skin treatment procedures and treatments to prevent aging.

Even in a state like Georgia, running an anti-aging spa will never run out of demand, as long as you offer good customer services to your clients.

3. Online Businesses

One of the coolest and legitimate ways of making money these days is through online businesses. There are several forms of these businesses that one can venture into and generate income. You can start e-Commerce business which involves buying and selling online or venture into blogging, which is known to have made some tenacious and hardworking people millionaires in recent years.

Affiliate marketing is another way to generate income online. This however involves marketing of other people’s or company’s products on your website, while you get a commision when someone makes a purchase through your advert link.

The main work tool needed for online business is computer system, laptop or mobile device with good internet connection.

4. Fishing

The state of Georgia has many water bodies; there are rivers in different parts of the state and shares borders with the Atlantic ocean on one side. These makes it easy to consider fish farming a viable business in Georgia.

There is need to understudy a professional before you venture into this business. The startup capital is dependent on the expected size and scope of the business.

5. Agriculture

Georgia is one of the states that contributes to the economy of the United States of America through agriculture. Billions of dollars are generated through agricultural productions. Food and crops like; pecan, onions, cotton, vegetables, corn amongst others are cultivated in large quantities in Georgia. Also, poultry and dairy production experiences boom with large market in this state.

Thus, venturing into agri-business in Georgia is a good business idea that is profitable. You can start this business with small, medium or large capital.

6. Windshield Repair

Visit car parks and marts and be on the lookout for broken or bad windshields, meet the owner(s) and offer to render repair services. You can generate reasonable side income through this business. Prior knowledge of windshield repair and little capital to invest in basic work tools is required for this business.

7. Private Investigation

You can work as a private investigator for individuals seeking information or attorney watching out for evidence for a case. You need to be smart, intelligent and analytical to venture into this type of business. No startup capital is required to start a private investigation business.

8. Business Plan Consulting

Good knowledge of business process and project management will make you an efficient and effective business plan consultant. With the good number of both public and private organizations in the state of Georgia, you have a viable market to showcase your skills and earn income at the same time.

This business can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

9. Packing and Unpacking Service

Relocating from one from one location to the other is a common activity that is not peculiar to the state of Georgia alone. Moving one’s belongings to a new home or office is a tedious task. Thus, they engage the services of entrepreneurs that specializes in packing and unpacking items.

This business can be done by college students or other able-bodied men and women. You do not need any capital to start this business.

10. Travel Management

In a commercial city like Georgia, many people travel in and out of the state for business purposes. You can venture into travel management business which has large market. Due to saturated nature of the travel business in Georgia, you need to be strategic and create special packages for your new, existing and prospective clients to foster repeat purchase.

Book low price tickets and give discounts to loyal customers to increase your market chances. Prior knowledge of the travel industry is necessary to excel in this business.

11. Carpet Dyeing

This business is sellable in Georgia because of the high influx of people that patronizes stores, hotels, community centres amongst others. Therefore, the owners / managers of these buildings need to constantly keep the floors in good condition to boost its aesthetics.

They dye carpets that are fading out or has unsightly marks in order to reduce cost that would have been incurred from replacement.

12. Hospital Bill Auditing

A lot of patients get confused about the bills they are issued after being treated in a hospital. If you are billing savvy and pay attention to minutest details, then the work of a hospital bill auditor might be right for you. Help patients analyze and scrutinize the bills issued to them in hospitals. This business is viable if you market your services well.

No capital is required to start the hospital bill auditing business. You can also promote your medical billing business with American Business Systems.

13. Specialized Staffing

If you have human resource management skills, you can help employers in Georgia recruit credible and qualified staff members to fill vacant positions. Also, you can serve as consultant to experienced professionals that wants to change jobs.

By venturing into these, you then have different means of generating income within one business line. Usually, it is required of you to have an office and get registered with relevant bodies.

14. Book-keeping

Although there are several softwares that makes the bookkeeping task easier, they however do not make the task less time-consuming. As a result of this, some organizations still engage the services of book-keepers to carry out tasks.

You need to be knowledgeable about different accounting softwares and packages. This business can be done on part-time basis with no required startup capital.

15. Computer Repair

With the increase in technology and the frequent use computer systems to carry out various tasks, users mostly take their computer systems for repair rather than replacement when it develops faults.

You need to have good knowledge of computer hardware to function effectively in this business line. Medium startup capital is required if you are setting up a repair workshop and investing in some work tools.

16. Tourism Consultancy Services

This business idea has good prospects in Georgia due to the high rate of travels and tourist activities that occurs in the state.

Also, the state is a link-way to many countries. You need to be trained, certified and get your business registered if you want to venture into tourism consultancy services. As a tourist consultant, you render transportation and welfare packages to your clients throughout their stay.

Medium capital is needed to start this business.

17.Senior Care

As each year rolls by, the number of elderly people in our communities grow. Therefore, the demand for senior citizen care will always be in higher demand. Health-related or non-health services like cooking, running errands, driving, body massage, can be rendered to these senior citizens.

There are business opportunities in retirement real estate. This involves selling real estates to retired people in choice areas mostly suitable for senior citizens. Also, you need to have good knowledge of real estate business.

You need to be patient and friendly if you are rendering health or non-health related services to these type of people.

18. Event or Party Planner

If you enjoy organizing and planning for parties, then this business is suitable for you. As an event or party planner, you need to be familiar with different trends and have good bargaining skills. It is also advisable you specialize in specific sectors like; corporate events or weddings.

This business can be done on large, medium or small scale.

19. Window Cleaning Service

First impression they say lasts longer. For many stores, offices and companies, the need to keep their external ambience clean is paramount to them. One of the steps they take to achieve these feat is by engaging the services of window cleaners.

With the numerous stores in Georgia, this business is viable. You can start this business in your locality till it expands.There is need to invest in simple cleaning tools to start this business.

20. Car Rental Business

This type of business will thrive in a state like Georgia due to the beehive of commercial activities that occur in most cities in the state. The use of cars are almost inevitable in most of our daily activities, especially if our businesses involves moving from one location to the other.

Thus,  car rental services will definitely be required by people with different reasons. You can rent out cars to tourists and visitors in Georgia. Most people involved in car rental services always charge per hour. This business can be done alongside other businesses.

Apart from having a car or cars for this business, you do not need any startup capital for this business.

It is profitable to start-up a business in Georgia due to the flexibility on business growth. However, one needs to also adopt various strategies that would encourage business growth and generate income.

Whatever you set your mind to do, you can achieve. Its a matter of self discipline, determination, lots of patience, passion and love for the job. Go ahead, spread your wings and take a leap of faith as you jump and grab hold of any of the major business opportunities available in Georgia. After all, life is risk but this risk just might pay off in the end.

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