Gadget Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Gadget Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you looking for ways to promote your blog site and do you blog about gadgets? Why don’t you try guest posting on this top ten gadget blogs that accept guest writers.

Top Ranked Gadget Blogs that Accept Guest Posting


This is a guest posting blog site that gives room for gigs writers on gadget or technology content to post freely on it page.

Hither to, Callingallgeeks blog page has been ranked 3 and Alexa rank of 22K, and currently, the gadget blog site invite all other fellow bloggers to guest post on it wall and get a free backlink to their various blogs.

To get started, your article to guest post should be original and shouldn’t be published anywhere either beforehand or after the posting. You will however, have your name written boldly on top and at the end of the article. No required number of words, you can write as much as 1000+ words.


Here, you are advice to register as a member on the blog page, reason, and your article will be published under your name as a member of the community. You can upload an image of 500px so far it corroborate with your article.

Mind you, the content must be plagiarism and error free, and you can write as long as 1500 words for there is no words limit. Visit the contact page and post your content for publish consideration. There allow follow back link to your blog or social media outlets.


This is another beautiful gadget blog page that welcome guest writer on its page wholeheartedly. In as much your content is meaningful and inspiring.

For your article to be published, it mustn’t be self-oriented and needs to be grammatically correct and well- written. It should be original and shouldn’t be seen on any blog or website, for the content shall be checked for originality.

Nevertheless, you have three sentences for your bio and a link to your blog on this blog as a guest writer. To submit your post, email for your article to be considered.


This blog site focused on gadget relating to real estate technology, the new media marketing and the likes. If you are interested in submitting content on this blog, be cautioned that consumer facing posts aren’t welcome on board.

To get started, email by stating your reason and interest in guest posting for them, add at least an original sample post of your work with brief bio about yourself.

Worthy of mention on the mail is your address and phone number you will be reached on when the need arise.


TechWalls is another gadget blog that do welcome all potential writers who love to guest post on it wall. By becoming their writer, your content will be viewed by more than 1 million readers before the year runs out.

To contribute on this gadget blog, your articles should be free from copyright infringement. On the same vein, it should not be reproduced or published anywhere else even on your very own blog.

Informatively, your write up must have at least 600 words and should be free from any irrelevant outbound links. You will be reward for the work well done of $4.00 per article that is extremely coined.

Visit the blog contact us to submit your content together with your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ url.


Do you really want to promote your blog site that much? Are you seriously in need of a gadget blog that accept guest posting? Then, this blog is readily available to render you it service, so far you meet up with its requirement.

Browse through the blog to read the already post content to grasp their ways and styles of writing. Your content should be properly formatted and well arranged.


Read thoroughly through the blog’s content before you start guest posting on this blog site. Click on the write for us page to learn more about what you stand to gain by volunteering or becoming a contributor to this blog. Also, read through the guidelines you will find on the guest blogger page to know what it entails to become a contributor.

To submit your content, send your complete write up of about 1500 words to the email address provided on the contact or write for us page. You will therefore, be credited by for your article in the author bio.


This blog, Techattitude has also been ranked 3 and Alexa rank of 65k, huge, right? To get started, log in to the blog page and read through its archives to understand the blog writing approaches.

Click on the guest posting area to know more on what to add or subtract in your article. Note that, there is no limit to the number of words, you can write as lengthy as you like. 1500 words ain’t bad, I suppose!

To submit your content, you are expected to register an account as a member of the community. Afterwards, send your article through the email address provided on the guest blogger guidelines page. You are allowed to add two backlinks to your blog site from your author bio.


Enetblog happily accept post from any wannabe or would be writers that love to exploit its potential as a writer. Your article should be well written and grammatically arranged with word counts of 1000 or thereabout.

To submit your guest article, send it to the email address provided on the contact page. You’ll be allowed a do-follow backlink to your blog site via the author bio.


Read the stipulated guidelines and instructions on how to guest post and details on what is expected of you to write about. Tutorial, explanation and news articles especially do work best on this gadget blog.

To submit your guest post article, send a draft of the content to Michael through the contact page. If your article is accepted, you will be ranked as a contributor on the blog page. However, you will be given the opportunity to link to your blog site in the author bio.

At the latter end, it is very imperative to note that, now, is the best time, ever than before as the best opportunity for authors and gadget bloggers out there to exploit their potential and engage with different users through the aforementioned top notch blogs.

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