Fuel Pump Replacement Cost – Average Prices to Replace

How Much Does a Fuel Pump Cost?

How much should I charge or pay to change a fuel pump? How many miles does a fuel pump last? How long does the replacement take? The fuel pump is a very vital component in the vehicle. It transfers fuel from the tank to the engine. When a pump is faulty, the performance of the engine will be reduced simply because it is not able to receive the adequate amount of fuel it needed. And since a bad fuel pump is not hard to diagnose, it is advisable to take crucial notice of this to safeguard the engine of the vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fuel Pump?

In any situation whereby a faulty fuel pump is noticed, it should be replaced immediately to avoid breakdown of the vehicle in the middle of the road, especially at a point where help will be quite hard to locate. Fuel Pump Replacement Cost will depend on a whole lot of factors, one of which is where to decide to purchase the Fuel pump.


Fuel pumps on most cars utilise an electric motor that drives a fluid pump. The pump is located inside or outside the fuel tank. In either case, the fuel will be sucked out of the tank and then drawn through a fuel line, directly into the fuel filter, and then transferred into the fuel injectors.


When you try to start the engine of a vehicle and it refuses to start, the mechanic will need to check for fuel pressure in the injectors when the vehicle is being started. If it now happens that the fuel pressure is enough as the manufacturer specifies, they will then need to check if the pump is delivering enough quantity of fuel.

In a situation whereby the pressure is nonexistent or low, the next thing to do is to check the electrical circuit and observe the fuel pump. In a situation whereby the pump does not receive enough voltage or the ground connection is bad, then the fuel pump is not the issue. The next thing to do is to make a diagnosis of the electrical circuit.

If it now happens that the fuel pump is working, but the pressure it provides is low, then the mechanic will need to check the fuel filter, mechanical and electrical condition of the fuel pump itself


In a situation whereby the fuel pump has failed completely, it will be impossible for the car to run, so the benefit of a fuel pump replacement is to be able to drive your vehicle smoothly. When a fuel pump is faulty, the likely scenario is that the fuel pump is either finding it difficult to send fuel or send much fuel to the engine. This will definitely have an impact of the performance of your vehicle engine, which will eventually make it slow, and the overall effect could be on the amount of fuel that your vehicle consume. Replacing the fuel pump will make the car be able to perform at an optimum level.


The question to ask now is how much is the cost of a fuel pump replacement. This is going to be between the range $300 and $700 and this will also depend on the model, brand and the year of manufacture of the vehicle, even the location of the vehicle.

The total cost of fuel pump replacement will include the cost of buying a new fuel pump, which is very much likely to be around $200 to $400. The labour cost will also be included and this will be charged on a hourly basis. You might pay about $200 for the service of most mechanics.

Considering the model of the car, you will need to pay differently for different types and versions of cars. For instance, the BMW 750i Fuel Pump will go for around $500 and the mechanic is likely to charge you around $200 for their service. A Kia Rio’s entire Fuel Pump Replacement will be about $400. And so on.

Toyota Camry * Nissan * Dodge Ram * Chevy * Honda Accord * Grand Cherokee * jeep Liberty * Mercedes Benz * Audi a4 * Ford * VW * BMW etc

Mind you, this cost varies according to the maker of the vehicle and these are just average cost. You should expect it to differ depending on the location that you are.


Have you taken your time to consider the amount of cash you can save when you decide to buy fuel pumps over the internet? First thing you need to do if you are going for this option is to check if the mechanic is certified to sell the needed components. You also need to enquire about the price and part number before you go ahead to make purchases. Once you get the part number, enter it on the internet. You are certain to get cheaper prices of fuel pumps on different websites.


If you need to locate the fuel pump that fits your car and at an unbeatable price. It is more advisable to use the make, year and model search on the internet. With this tactics, you will be able to locate the specific Fuel Pump Price that fits your vehicle.

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