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Do you want to write and get paid in Nigeria? Do you know how to be a freelance writer? As one of the most successful freelancers in Nigeria, that puts me in the position to write about how any freelancer can succeed in the freelancing business in Nigeria. Freelancing is now a new form of online business that most online entrepreneurs are taking leverage of these days.

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I don’t need to tell you that you can build your life as a freelancer and record huge success in Nigeria. The freedom to choose whom to work with, at what fee and at what pace makes freelancing very sweet.

Another good thing about freelancing is that there is no limitation to how much you can make as a freelancer except for the limitation you give yourself. I made my first 6 figures online as a freelance writer and I have scaled up in terms of the fees I charge per client.

Some freelance writers still think that landing freelance writing client is very difficult but, I do not agree with that. Webmasters these are even more than freelance writers and they are ready to outsource content creation for their blog to any freelance writer that is very good with creating content that is both SEO friendly and readers friendly too.

In this post, I will be sharing with you what you need to know to succeed in freelancing business in Nigeria so you can apply it to your freelancing business.

So, here are the steps;

How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Step 1: Build your Brand

The first thing that will make you succeed in freelancing business in Nigeria is that you have to build your brand. As a freelancer, you are your brand. This is just the truth among truths.

What separates what you do from any other freelancers? It is your brand that will make you stand out from your competitors.

I am a freelance writer that charge high fee per content but I still get clients that give me topics to write for them when they are many writers that can write for fees lower than mine.

I have been able to put myself in the position where clients don’t just want any other writer but a writer that knows what webmasters want.

How did I Build my Brand as a Freelancer Writer?

I know that almost anyone can write a plagiarism free content when they really give themselves the time to. This means there might be a competition in the future when everyone starts realizing that freelance writing is now the new online goldmine. This got me thinking about what I can do to make myself different from every other freelance writer out there.

I started researching and started noticing some things: webmasters are fighting for huge (mainly organic) traffic to their site, contents with rich SEO keywords that can drive organic traffic to a site and webmasters want content that can create thoughts in reader’s minds and keep them coming back. These were my observations.

Quickly, I started studying SEO and how I can create contents that can generate traffic. To cut long story short, I made it.

I have received so many calls from people telling me that they Google a particular topic and my post showed up and they will like to ask me some questions about what I discussed in the post.

That is not luck, I just wanted to be different.

I don’t just write for writing sake, I write for traffic sake. If only freelance writers will read this and make a change, it will really help them in their career.

There will always be those willing to do the exact thing you are doing for a lower price, but if your work stands out from the crowd, an employer that is truly interested in quality will single you out and give you what you are worth.

How Do You Build a Brand?

  • Make yourself an exception. Find something that makes your freelancing work different from other people in your niche. Check out my Hire Me page on my blog as a sample to see what I mean and if you will not be convinced to want to work with me if you were a client.
  • Build a good portfolio. Do great work for clients and display them. Let people see your work.
  • Build a good social image. This is very important if you want potential clients to see you as a professional in what you do. Go on to your various social media accounts and create a good profile about yourself. Profile speaks volume about you and gives clients an impression about you.
  • Take leverage of content marketing. Promote what you do with guest posting. You may not get an immediate result but it helps in the long term. Guest post on niche authority site as much as you can. You can never tell where your next client will come from.

Step 2: Create a Business Plan

I am not talking about those dictionary size business plan. The business plan I am talking about here is how you intend to operate your business. Your goals, expectations and how you intend to achieve them. The purpose of a business plan is to think of solutions to challenges before they occur.

When I started my freelancing, I carefully drafted a plan for myself which included how much I wanted to be making every month, my goals and how I intend achieving them. Your business plan is your blueprint.

Step 3: Always be Improving on Your Skill

Even when you’re a freelancer, it’s important to make sure you keep improving on your skill to stay relevant to your clients. Subscribe to blogs and websites that cover contents that relate to your industry and make it a point to read them regularly.

Always look for new skills that you can pick up and look for ways you can brush up on old ones. You and your business should both evolve with the times and with the changing needs of your client base.


Succeeding as a freelance writer is not all about knowing how to write very well, anybody can do that. You have to take it more seriously as a business and not just a way of making money to support yourself.

The three steps above are what you need to top up your freelance writing game and meet me at the top. I will be waiting!

Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s best freelance writer and blogger well known for his unique, engaging and traffic-generating content. He has helped small and big online businesses grow their income and traffic through content marketing.

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