Low Cost Franchise Opportunities Under 10K

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities Under 10K With Good Returns

This article will be focusing on franchise opportunities under 10k. Low cost franchise opportunities are in focus here to help entrepreneurs with limited investment money still take advantage of the benefits of franchising.

With franchising gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and used as an avenue to escape the challenges involved with building a business from scratch, this business option has been embraced among many entrepreneurs as it affords them to own part of a very successful brand which comes with less challenges as compared to starting a business from scratch.


The entrepreneur is allowed to use the business model, secrets and the template for success the established franchise has built over the years.

The following are franchise opportunities under 10k;

1. SiteSwan Website Builder
This is a website building franchise with focus on the creation of websites and the sale of same to businesses, especially small businesses. The franchisee will not require starting to learning the skill of website building, as there is no need for that.

Site Swan website builder franchise has proprietary tools it has developed which is easy to use and enables anyone with no prior knowledge of website building to build a good website.

Minimum Cash Requirements for Site Swan Website Builder

As with most franchise opportunities, a minimum cash requirement represents the contract fee to be paid before the entrepreneur is given access to own this franchise opportunity. For Site Swan, the minimum cash required to join is $300.

Coverage Area for Site Swan Website Builder

This franchise provides franchising opportunities spread across the entire United States and beyond, to Canada. Franchise candidates in within these countries can take advantage of this franchise opportunity.

How Much Can You Make As A Franchisee for Site Swan Website Builder

This depends on the effort invested by the entrepreneur. But typically, website building charges range from $300 to $1k. But Site Swan has a recommended pricing amount, which is $499.

How to Open/Training Site Swan Website Builder

To join the Site Swan Website Builder franchise, your interest has to be registered to the filling of an online application form, from where a Site Swan representative will contact you for further business details. Training is provided to all new franchisees.

2. OpenWorks 
The OpenWorks franchise operates within the cleaning industry with services which include both commercial and residential cleaning. An added incentive to this franchise opportunity is its recession resistant feature.

Minimum Cash Requirements for OpenWorks Franchise

The OpenWorks franchise has minimum cash requirements to be met by the franchise candidate before this opportunity is sold. For this franchise opportunity, its minimum cash requirements are $7,000. This is compulsory for all interested franchise candidates.

Coverage Area

This franchise opportunity covers the following locations; Washington DC Texas, Washington, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and California. These are the states where this franchise opportunity exists in.

Financing Option for OpenWorks Franchise

The OpenWorks franchise has an in-house financing arrangement that covers some specified areas as may be chosen by the franchisee. Franchisees are beneficiaries to this finance option as the cost of doing business is reduced considerably.

How to Open OpenWorks Franchise

To Join the OpenWorks franchise, the interested franchise candidate has to visit its web address to register his/her enthusiasm through first and foremost, filling the online application form available in the franchise section. This section should be carefully filled and submitted as the information provided will be screened to determine qualification.

3. My Business Venture 
Providing services within the e-commerce industry with state of the art technology being deployed to bring about easy and reliable deployment of services that range from online payment systems such as credit cards processing, building of high-end websites and also the provision of shopping carts among a vast range of services, My Business Venture is the total solutions company whenever it comes to online business transactions.

Minimum Cash Requirement for My Business Venture Franchise

Interested franchise candidates willing to take advantage of this franchise opportunity have to meet the minimum cash requirements set by this franchisor. This requirement is mandatory, as anything short of that will result in the application being disqualified. The minimum cash requirement for the My Business Venture franchise is $3,995.

Financing Option/Training for My Business Venture Franchise

This franchisor has an in-house financing arrangement that provides financing covering selected areas of franchisee operations. The franchisor reserves the right to alter which aspects of its business it will finance.

On training, franchisees undergo a period of mandatory training including their managers, in the event that the franchisees will not be directly involved in the running of their franchises.

Franchise Coverage for My Business Venture Franchise

This is an international franchise, with operations in Canada asides the United States where it originates from. With this opportunity, with it provides interested franchisees the opportunity of owning an international brand with local operations.

How to Open My Business Venture Franchise?

To join My Business Venture, visit the website and navigate to the franchise section. There is an available online application form for interested applicants. This form should be carefully filled and submitted.

After the information supplied is screened, the franchisor determines if the applicant is qualified, and if so, a representative of the franchise contacts the franchise candidate for further discussions and deliberations in the build-up to eventual ownership.

4. iDealFurniture
With a nationwide coverage within the United States, this franchise provides product and services that include mattress supplies and furniture distribution centres. Connecting buyers with manufacturers through its unique distribution centres, iDealFurniture franchisees benefit from a 100% earnings of all the profits made from products sold from the factory direct to the consumer.

Minimum Cash Requirements for iDealFurniture Franchise

This franchise opportunity follows a strict minimum cash requirement criterion for ownership of its franchise. Their minimum cash requirement is $10,000 for all interested franchise candidates, and is compulsory.

iDealFurniture Franchise Financing Option/Training

The iDealFurniture franchise has a financing option available in the form of a third-party relationship the franchisor has with finance sources. These finance sources provide financing the area chosen by the franchisor. Training is also mandatory to all new franchisees, and their franchise managers.

Franchise Coverage

This is a nationwide franchise opportunity spread across all the states within the United States. Interested franchise candidates within the United States can therefore take advantage of this franchise opportunity.

How to Open iDealFurniture Franchise

Joining this franchise opportunity requires that the interested franchise candidate registers his/her interest by filling an online form made available by the franchisor on its website. The franchise candidate is contacted if he/she meets the criteria set.

5. MobileStamp
This is a global franchise opportunity with specialty in the mobile industry, rendering various mobile related services to clients across the world. With origins in the United State, its operations spread across several countries.

MobileStamp Franchise Minimum Cash Requirement

The minimum cash requirement for all interested franchise candidates is $149! Considering the fact that it is a franchise opportunity, the minimum cash requirement is relatively cheap, and is a great investment opportunity for any serious entrepreneur.

MobileStamp Franchise Financing Option/Training

There is presently no financing option information available on the MobileStamp franchise. However, on training, franchisees undergo a period of mandatory training to enable them get acquainted with the operations of this franchise.

Franchise Coverage

This is a franchise with global spread of operations. Hence, its franchisees are part of a global brand, providing the best services to clients, using global best practices.

How to Open MobileStamp Franchise

To join this franchise, indicate your interest on the online application form found in the franchise section of the franchisors website. The information supplied by the applicant is used to assess/screen the applicant if he qualifies for ownership of this franchise opportunity. Qualifying for it would involve a representative contacting the franchise candidate for further business discussions.

These are a compilation of franchise opportunities under 10k, with information on the spread or coverage of their operations. Also, how to join is made available including other details about these franchise opportunities.

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