Franchise Opportunities in Texas

Best Franchises to Own in Texas

Are you searching for franchise opportunities in Texas, and are confused about choosing a franchise from the many franchise opportunities available? Stay glued as I lead you through some good franchise opportunities that I have clearly detailed for you.

Here are five franchise opportunities that you can put your investment without worry in TX.

1. e2 Young Engineers
e2 Young Engineers is an engineering company that was founded in 2008. The company started franchising in 2012 due to the pressing needs of students across the globe and an effort to satisfy this need and provide an opportunity for them to benefit from the company’s programme.

This programme is termed ‘edutainment’, a combination of the words ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’. In addition, the company had created a number of programmes that could be used to aid the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Required Startup Investment to Join e2 Young Engineers

In order for you to be able to join this wonderful company and become a franchisee, you will be required a minimum liquid capital of $30,000. Total investment sum required amounts to $39,000.

Benefits of e2 Young Engineers

If you successfully qualify as a franchisee of e2 Young Engineers, the following are the benefits you will enjoy:

– You will enjoy working with a product that had been statistically proven.
– You will get to choose your own working hours that are convenient for you.
– A comprehensive training programme to get you started.
– You will also get to enjoy managerial as well as financial support for your new business.
– You will have a variety of options into which you can diversify your revenue stream.

Requirements to Join e2 Young Engineers

For you to become one of e2 Young Engineers franchisees, you need no special prior training or experience – although having some training could be helpful. You are only required to provide the minimum start up capital. Training and support will be provided as soon as you start.

How to Open e2 Young Engineers?

If you are so interested about starting with your own e2 Young Engineers franchise in Texas, the first thing you will have to do is to log on to their website and contact them for the initial details before proceeding to submit your Young Engineers Request for Consideration Application to find out if e2 Young Engineers is right for you.

2. Closet Factory
What sets out Closet Factory as unique, and gives them a competitive edge; is the wonderful combination of their design, sales process, as well as their gifted designers. It was founded in 1983 and it started franchising since 1985. Its headquarters is based in Los Angeles, CA.

How much does Closet Factory Franchise Cost?

A liquid capital of $150,000 as well as a net worth of $500,000 is required to startup a Closet Factory franchise. Franchise fee amounts to $46,500. Total investment required ranges from $225,000 – $350,000.

Closet Factory Franchise Benefits

The following are the benefits you will enjoy as a franchisee of Closet Factory:

– Direct training.
– Ongoing franchise business support.
– Sales and marketing assistance and support.
– Large, protected region where you situate your franchise location.

Requirements to Join Closet Factory Franchise

Closet Factory is looking for individuals who:

– Possess a good work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.
– Are capable of sharing the company’s vision.
– Possess leadership qualities.
– Possess management/marketing skills.
– Are willing to be committed to following the company’s proven market strategies.

How to join Closet Factory Franchise?

To get started as a Closet Factory franchisee in Texas, you should first contact the company by visiting their website on and request for a preliminary questionnaire which you will subsequently submit. You will pretty much continue the sign-up process from there.

3. Fleet Services International (FSI)
Fleet Service International (FSI) is a leading company in the Automotive After-Market Industry and has been operating for more than 40 years. They offer a 100% financing plan to individuals who qualify as franchisees.

Startup Cost for Fleet Services International Franchise

Before you can qualify to own a Fleet Services International franchise, you must possess a liquid capital of $75,000. Total investment sum ranges from $150,000 – $250,000.

Fleet Services International Franchise Benefits

In addition to the training you will receive from their team of experts, you will also enjoy the following once you qualify as a franchisee:

– The prospect of making as much as a $100,000 as first year profit.
– A customized enterprise class software package specifically for each dealership.
– A lifetime support for your franchise.
– No royalty fees; profits are all yours.
– Special financial assistance for you, which may qualify you to receive up to $150,000 if you have a minimum of $20,000 liquid investment without borrowing and you do not owe credit card companies more than $14,000.

Requirements to Join Fleet Services International Franchise

For you to be able to join, all you need is the required minimum startup investment. You are not required to possess any special or prior experience or training.

How to join Fleet Services International Franchise?

To startup your own franchise in Texas, all it takes to join is simply logging onto their website on and apply.

4. Concrete Technology Inc (CTi)
Concrete Technology Inc (CTi) was founded in 1991 and started franchising since then. It has been training, supporting and providing its franchisees for years with a successful business model without charging franchise fees, royalty fees and other fees.

Concrete Technology Franchise Benefits

Below are the benefits once you qualify as a CTi franchisee:

– Training at the initial stage as well as ongoing training through videos, meetings, and other venues.
– Ongoing support for your franchise.
– Financial assistance through third party.
– For veterans, a $499 training fee is waived.

Startup Investment for Concrete Technology Franchise

The investment sums you require to startup a CTi franchise include only a $20,000 liquid capital and your working capital.

Requirements to Join Concrete Technology Franchise

You do not need any special training or experience – even though some training might help. All you need is the required startup sum. They will pretty much take it up from there and get you started.

How to Open Concrete Technology Franchise?

All you need to sign-up as one of their franchisees in Texas is simply to place a phone call to the line available when you log onto the website on and take it up from there.

5. The Brass Tap – Craft Beer & Wine Bar
This beverage bar franchise was founded in 2007 and it started franchising since 2012. It is a glamorous beer bar that offers a variety of imports and local beers as well as cigars. It has its headquarters at Tampa, FL.

Required Startup Investment to Join The Brass Tap Franchise

To get started, a liquid capital investment of $250,000 is required; alongside a $450,000 net worth, 1.5% of gross sales and a 4% of gross sales. Total investment sum ranges from $664,500 – $1,223,000.

The Brass Tap Franchise Benefits

The following are the benefits you will enjoy as a franchisee:

– A 4-week formal training; 2-week training on site once you open.
– You will face limited competition.
– Ongoing support to help nurture your franchise.

Requirements to Join The Brass Tap Franchise

Aside having met with the required investment sum, Brass Tap requires that you must be a person who is very passionate about joining the company. No prior experience is needed. They will provide you with all the required training to run your franchise successfully.

How to Open The Brass Tap Franchise?

Getting optimistic about starting your Brass Tap beer bar franchise in Texas, all you need to sign-up is just to complete the application form available on the website and continue the rest from there.

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