Franchise Opportunities in Oregon

Best Franchises to Own in Oregon

Do you reside in Oregon and are making plans to start a business franchise in Oregon?

There are several franchise business opportunities in Oregon, but here are five well-detailed franchise business opportunities in Oregon that you can actually invest in and realize business success.

1. Wienerschnitzel
Founded in 1961, and started franchising in 1965, Wienerschnitzel started as a single hot dog stand. It offers a low cost of entry with its memorable design and small real estate. Wienerschnitzel delivers salivating food that customers can get nowhere else. Its head office is located in Irvine, CA.

Wienerschnitzel Franchise Startup Cost

To startup as one of Wienerschnitzel franchisees, you will be required a liquid investment sum of $250,000 and a net worth of $600,000. In addition, the total investment sum required ranges from $480,000 – $1,300,000. How much you will make annually largely depends on you.

Benefits of Wienerschnitzel Franchise

As a Wienerschnitzel franchisee, you will get to enjoy all of the following benefits:

– A new cost-effective restaurant design for your new restaurant.
– You will enjoy small requirements for real estate footprint.
– You will enjoy awesome products, with great quality and taste.
– You will enjoy a wide customer base.
– You will greatly benefit from world-class training before you set up your new franchise.
– Enjoyment of strong and experienced leadership team with lots of financial backing through third party.

Requirements to Join Wienerschnitzel Franchise

Wienerschnitzel requires from new franchisees the following:

– You must be a person who is committed to being a brand ambassador operator.
– You must be agreeable and be willing to follow a proven training model.
– You must be outgoing and fun to be with.
– You must have good attributes and be able to relate well with customers.

How to Open Wienerschnitzel Franchise?

Once you feel you meet up with the above requirements and startup investment, and have made up your mind to become one of Wienerschnitzel franchisees in Oregon; proceed to make a request for more information on Wienerschnitzel’s website to continue sign-up procedures.

2. Planet Smoothie
Planet Smoothie is a fruit-drink related fast food business. Planet Smoothie started business operation in 1995, and started franchising in 1997. It has its head office in Franklin, TN.

Startup cost Required to Join Planet Smoothie Franchise

Before you can startup as one of Planet Smoothie franchisees, you will be required a minimum liquid investment of $100,000, and a net worth sum of $400,000. In addition, you will be required to pay a $25,000 franchise fee (full service) or a $20,000 franchise fee (express/kiosk). Total investment sum ranges from $91,600 – $290,750.

Benefits of Planet Smoothie Franchise

The following are the benefits you can enjoy as a Planet Smoothie franchisee:

– You will enjoy assistance from Planet Smoothie’s experienced commercial real estate network in site selection.
– You will enjoy a comprehensive training prior to opening your store.
– You will also enjoy financial support through third party.
– If you are a veteran, you will get to enjoy a 20% discount off the initial franchise fee.
– You will enjoy a proven marketing support to your new business.

Requirements to Join Planet Smoothie Franchise

Planet Smoothie requires a prospective franchisee to be:

– A person who is outgoing and have a desire to provide customers a healthy option.
– A person who enjoys promoting the brand.
– A person who will enjoy building partnerships in the community.

How to join Planet Smoothie Franchise?

If you are keen on starting a Planet Smoothie franchise in Oregon, first, you will have to decide whether you want to operate a full service or an express/kiosk. Then you will have to make a site selection with the assistance of Planet Smoothie’s team.

To apply, you should proceed to request for more information on their website to continue the sign-up process.

3. UPS store
UPS store was founded in 1980 and has since been largely considered as one of the world’s largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal, printing, and business services centres with 30 years’ experience of franchising.

Startup cost Required to Join UPS Store Franchise

To become a UPS store franchisee, a minimum liquid investment sum of $60,000 – $350,000 would be required, as well as a franchise fee of $29,950. The total investment sum required ranges from $139,673 – $353,580.

UPS Store Franchise Opportunities

For a new UPS store franchisee, the following are what you will enjoy:

– Financial support through a third party.
– Training from UPS expert team.

Requirements to Join UPS Franchise

Anyone could become a UPS store franchisee. All that is required is the minimum startup liquid investment sum of $60,000.

How to join UPS Franchise?

Follow up with the sign-up process by logging onto the UPS Store’s website if you are very interested in starting a UPS Store in Oregon, as long as you have the required startup capital.

4. Ziebart
Ziebart was founded in 1959, and considered as world’s leading name in the automotive industry. It has its headquarters located in Troy, MI, and has since 1963 started franchising.

Startup cost required to join Ziebart Franchise

To start a Ziebart franchise business, you would be required a minimum liquid investment sum of $100,000. Total investment sum ranges from $167,000 – $326,000.

Ziebart Franchise Opportunities and Benefits

The following are the benefits you would enjoy as a Ziebart franchisee:

– Provision of an in-depth employee sales and technical training programme.
– Provision of assistance from Ziebart’s staff of professionals in setting up your store.
– Access to Ziebart’s sales and marketing programmes for your store.
– Opportunity to build relationships onsite and acquire accounts with businesses that require automotive services that Ziebart provides.
– Provision of financial assistance and support.
– 100% waive off the franchise fee, for veterans.

Requirements to Join

Before you can become one of Ziebart franchisees, you must fulfil the following requirements:

– Have the entrepreneurial spirit to be in business with Ziebart.
– Have your interest aligned with the automotive aftermarket industry.
– Must be a sales-oriented and driven person.
– Must welcome commitment to follow a proven business model.

How to Open Ziebart Franchise?

If you fulfil all of the above requirements and are serious about becoming a Ziebart franchisee in Oregon, simply apply by making a request for more information on Ziebart’s website to continue sign-up procedures.

5. Jon Smith 
Jon Smith has since 1988 been serving high quality food right to the table. It has consistently been delivering fresh and yummy food to the tables of its customers. It has its headquarters at West Palm Beach, Florida.

Jon Smith Franchise Startup Cost

To join in this franchise, a minimum of $150,000 liquid investment capital.

Benefits Jon Smith Franchise

The following are the benefits you will enjoy as a new Jon Smith franchisee:
– An in-depth training and ongoing support from their team of experts to help you with your new store.
– Provision of marketing support from their team.
– Financial assistance through third party.

Requirements to Join Jon Smith Franchise

The ideal candidate who can become a Jon Smith franchisee is someone who can bring something new and exciting to the business. You do not need any restaurant experience or any set of special skills to become a franchisee as long as you have the required startup capital of $150,000.

How to Open Jon Smith Franchise?

If you think you meet the above requirements and are keen on starting a Jon Smith sub in Oregon, go ahead and fill the online form by requesting for more information on their website. If you get accepted, you can proceed to select a site for your franchise in Oregon.

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