Franchise Opportunities in Ohio

Best Franchises to Own in Ohio

Are you in search of franchise opportunities in the Ohio? Or perhaps, you are situated in Ohio and in search of a franchise opportunity to grab? Some many entrepreneurs in Ohio are making fortunes buying into franchise opportunities.

Just what follows in this article are franchise opportunities in Ohio open to any entrepreneur ready to start a business. Below are some franchise opportunities in Ohio.

1. Sculpture Hospitality
Being in the market for roughly 30 years, sculpture hospitality deals on inventory management and has had a working relationship with over 45,000 restaurants and bars, nightclubs and hotels, taverns and amusement parks etc.

The methods and approaches taken by this organization has proven its capacity to boost sales volume by over 10% and cut down on losses incurred in inventory from 28% to 4%. They have an impressive method of auditing that sets the firm on the spotlight.

How Much is Needed to Join Sculpture Hospitality Franchise

The capital required goes between $39,900 to $49,900. For startups in an environment that is best described as low investment, a total of $50,000 would cover both training costs and the franchise cost.

Ongoing Fees of Sculpture Hospitality Franchise

Royalty fee is $15 per audit, and the fee for Ads is $4 per audit.

Sculpture Hospitality Training and Support

As a franchisee, you will undergo one week of training in the corporate center of the organization and afterwards you will undergo another one-week test training doing field works. A support team is also available for technical, sales and marketing assistances needed.

How to Open Sculpture Hospitality Franchise?

If you are interested in becoming a Sculpture Hospitality franchisee, you can check up Click on franchise info; you would be taken to a page containing a form request some information, fill out this form, and then wait for their response to proceed.

2. Andy Oncall
If you are on the outlook for home repair services such as door repairs, windows and carpentry services, then you should consider Andy Oncall franchise opportunity.

This company is quite influential in the industry of home repairs and its headquarter is located in Columbus. Having been 20 years in the business, this company makes it possible to do your work and at same time have good time with your family.

Cash Requirement to Join Andy Oncall Franchise

Minimum cash requirement is $23,150; and you should have a net worth of $150,000. The franchise fee itself is $25,000.

Andy Oncall Franchise Support

They train and support franchisees. The company ensures that you are updated with all the necessary information, and also assist you in site selection and lease bargaining, marketing and advertisements, etc.

How to Open Andy Oncall Franchise?

For more clarity as to this franchise, you can visit or call 1-877-263-9662, and they are located at 921 E Main St, Chattanooga, TN 37408. Fill the franchise consultation form, and you would get a consultant attend to you after some time.

3. Concrete Technology Incorporated
Founded 25 years ago, CTI deals on remodeling products. Having a presence in over 24 countries, the company offers cost effective resurfacing products for existing concrete; and the product requires no expertise in using it.

As to cost, the company provides this product at a rate that falls below the standard prices offered by other companies in the niche. And to top it off, they do not charge franchise fees.

How Much does a Concrete Technology Incorporated Franchise Cost?

All you need is just $19,500. The option of financing via a third party is also permitted. There are no franchise fees, you only pay for the marketing materials and equipment, and products.

Concrete Technology Incorporated Franchise Training and Support

There is an established format taken by the company to enlighten new dealers about the product and the industry itself. Franchisee advisors are available to walk you through the way. Seminars are also organized in view of exposing more about the product line of the company, as well as the operating business models etc.

How to Open Concrete Technology Incorporated Franchise?

Log on to and you would find yourself in a page requesting some information from you; afterwards you can indicate your franchise interest in the message box provided.

4. All County
When you think of fundamental needs, you think food and house, and when you think of real estate and property management in Ohio, you should think of the All County establishment founded in 2008.

The company is renowned for its customer services expertise. The services range from maintaining relationship with tenants, fixing repair issues, and taking charge of any trifle responsibility that a property owner is entitled. It’s a great opportunity to look out for as franchises that have been recording rapid growth in twenties of percentages.

The Cost of All County Franchise

A minimum of $75,000 is required before you can become a franchisee, and the franchise fee is $30,000. Note that All County owe their franchisee no financial obligation.

All County Franchise Training and Support

There is training for the franchisee for a while before he fully setup his own location. Then subsequently, routine follow ups are carried out to ensure the smooth running of the franchisee’s own establishment.

How to Open All County Franchise?

By visiting, you will meet a “get started today” form that you would have to fill to register your interest. A franchise representative would take it up from there.

5. Caring Transition
Offering services ranging from sales of estates, online auctions, downsizing and decluttering, relocation and resettling, and total household liquidation. So if you are interested in the business of assisting seniors, widows and widowers, divorcees in moving from one place to another.

This company was founded in 2006, and has been into the business of franchising for the past 11 years. The CEO is Gary Green.

Financial Requirements for Caring Transition Franchise

The investment ranges from a low of $58,112 to a high of $85,812. The requirement as regards liquid cash is $45,000.

Ongoing Fees for Caring Transition Franchise

The royalty paid is 5% while the Ad royalty is $350 each month.

Caring Transition Franchisor’s Support

Franchisee gets 5 days of training at the headquarters, and also other additional trainings at meetings. There is marketing supports such as advertisements in national and regional media. Provision of internet, security, and field operation assistance. As a point to note, they require two employees to take part in the running of the business.

How to Open Caring Transition Franchise?

Look up and fill out the free consultation form at the bottom of the page, there is a section of the form that cater for the interest you indicate.

There you have it! Although this is not an exhaustive list, the above are some really great franchise opportunities in Ohio.

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