Franchise Opportunities in New Jersey

Best Franchises to Own in New Jersey

If you are an investor or potential entrepreneur looking to tap into the franchise opportunities existing in New Jersey, this post is for you. New Jersey NJ, often referred to as “The Garden State” with over 8.9 million people is one pregnant with franchise opportunities for investment. Franchising has gained wide recognition as it allows investors the opportunity to by-pass the challenge of a fresh start and own businesses with reputable good will.

 Drafted below are detailed information on the franchise opportunities in NJ that can be further explored.
1. Merle Norman Cosmetics
Introducing you to the world of beauty and class, Merle Norman Cosmetics is a must for redefining the beauty that already exists within you. Their slogan “Passion for Beauty” reaffirms this. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, the company develops and manufactures its full line of beauty products.

Established by Merle Norman in 1932 and carried on under the great leadership of Jack Nethercutt, it offers affordable franchising opportunities for investors.

How to Start

Conduct a search for their site and fill out the interest form for franchising option. After this, you will be promptly contacted with detailed procedures and guidelines to follow.

Financial Requirements

The minimum cash requirement to join its team is $40,000. Net worth required is $100,000. However, financing assistance is also available to cover startup costs. Total investment is within the range of $61,000 to $190,000.

The minimum liquid capital requirement ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. No initial franchise fee, royalty or marketing and contribution fund is required. A 60% advertising reimbursement is also granted to franchisees.


Backed up by 85 years of continued success owing to the stable nature of the cosmetic industry, it offers investors key cost-saving support and a chance to be a part of a firm committed to being the best.


With over 2000 Merle Norman Cosmetics studios in US as well as Canada, there exists a lot of competition. However, the company is readily available to supply all the help you will need to strive amidst the competition.

Training and Support

Full hands-on support in lease negotiation, site selection, build out and store design will be provided. There are provisions made for extensive training and educational conferences for beauty experts-to-be. They strive for the success of their brand; hence, all hands will be on deck for the success of their franchises.

Veteran Incentive 

This offer is targeted to veteran investors only. The incentive includes inventory worth $5,000.

Other Requirements

Number of employees required is two. Allowance is made for absentee ownership.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc.
A globally recognised American company founded in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s as it is commonly known is one that is loved by all for its rich taste and unique flavours of ice cream. Founded by Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, it has become a household name that promises awesomeness for every scoop of ice cream because of its legendary taste.

With headquarters in South Burlington, Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s has been into the franchising business since 1981. Under the leadership of Jostein Solheim as the Chief Executive Officer, it offers affordable franchising opportunities for investors to experience the joy that comes with being part of their team.

How to Start

Search their official site and complete the form indicating your franchising. You will be thereafter contacted and invited to complete their franchise application.

There are set criteria your application must meet and if they do, a disclosure document will be revealed to you for deeper exploration of the opportunity. The final step is an invitation to their corporate headquarters for a Discovery Day in South Burlington, Vermont.

Financial Requirements

To be a part of this team, the minimum cash requirement is $100,000. $350,000 is the net worth requirement. Total investments range from $143,400 to $446,100. An initial franchise fee of $37,000 is to be paid.

Ongoing fee include initial investment of $16,000 to $37,000. Ongoing royalty is fixed at 3% with an additional advertising royalty fee of 4%. The royalty fees are a percent of gross sales.

Opportunities and Challenges

With over 39 years of existence and continued patronage, it offers a good incentive for investors to be a part of a world recognizable brand name with so much to offer.

Training and Support

They offer adequate training and support spanning from expert guidance on the right location, on site training, operational management, marketing strategies and general support for your business.

3. EarthWise Pet Supply
Founded in 2005, EarthWise Pet Supply is your one-stop destination to cater for the needs of your furry family with services ranging from pet supply, grooming to self-wash services. Based in Portland, Oregon and under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Michael Seitz, the store has grown to one that is well known for its care and quality services by pet lovers.

How to Start

Search their site and fill a form indicating your interest in entering into a franchising arrangement with them. You will be contacted immediately on the steps to take to finalize the agreement.

Financial Requirements

It requires an initial investment ranging from $211,000 to $476,000. Net worth is $250,000. Liquid cash required is $75,000. Other fees to be considered include; an initial franchise fee of $39,500, ongoing royalty fee of 6% and advertising royalty fee at 1%.

Financing options are also available. There are third party sources which offer financing covering franchise fee, equipment, startup costs, inventory, account receivable as well as payroll.

Opportunities and Challenges 

It offers a growth incentive program with reduction in initial franchise fees payable. Multi store management assistance is also given. With financing options made available, the franchisee is afforded the opportunity of being part of their brand. Since more than 60% of individuals and households in America own pets, it is a brand whose services will always be on high demand.

Training and Support

Support is readily available for interested potential franchisees. The company promises to offer training, marketing and operational support.

Veteran Incentives 

Veterans who want to invest and become franchisees are given incentives such as; waiver of first year advertising royalty, training for two days with the Chief Executive Officer as well as a free business plan.

4. Property Management Inc.
With Steve Hart as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this commercial, residential and association property management company, the sky is certainly not the limit. The company was founded in 2008 and has been into franchising since its establishment in 2008.

Located in Lehi, Utah, and with more than 100 franchises in 32 States, this real estate and property management company has set its foot in the right direction and is seeking for more franchisees to be a part of its success story.

How to Start

The first step is to search for their site and fill out an interest form after which feedback will be received with information on their franchise arrangement terms.

Financial Requirements

An initial investment of $19,400 to $60,000 is required. Net worth is ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. Liquid cash requirement is $50,000 to $55,000. Entry into a franchising agreement with this firm involves an initial franchise fee of $15,000 to $30,000.

Further ongoing fees include a 6% ongoing royalty fee and 2% advertising royalty fee. The royalty fees are a percent of gross sales.

Opportunities and Challenges

A lot of opportunities can be found within the real estate industry. With everyone striving for comfort that owning or renting a house brings, investors in this company have the opportunity to act as middle agents in fulfilling the accommodation dreams of the people of New Jersey.

Training and Support

It offers extensive online, on site and post training programs. Operational support as well as marketing support is offered to potential franchisees. Resources, tools and support systems are in place to help one build a successful business.

Veteran Incentives 

Veterans who wish to be potential investors are offered a 5% discount off the franchise fee payable.

5. Caring Transitions
This firm is one that has carved a niche with baby boomers as its target market. Established in 2006, this firm specializes in downsizing, organization of document, relocation of seniors, resettling, and a host of other services. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the firm has been franchising since 2006.

Under the leadership of Gary Green, it aims to provide services not only to seniors and their families but also to individuals who are passing through major changes in their lives like divorce, death, downsizing and other circumstances.

How to Start

If you are interested in joining this team, search for them and gain access to their virtual brochure which will expose you to a deep exploration of the operations of the firm. The number of employees needed to run this business is two

(2) Financial requirements:

It requires an initial fee of $49,500. Liquid cash requirement is $45,000. Other ongoing fees include an advertising royalty fee of $350 per month and an ongoing royalty fee of 5%. With regards to financing options, it has relationships with third party sources to offer financing covering franchise fees and startup costs.

Opportunities and Challenges

Entering into a franchise arrangement with Caring Transitions offers a lot of opportunities. Baby boomers are becoming one of the fastest growing market in the world and it offers one an opportunity to be a part of a well-recognized brand like theirs. The interesting fact is that no experience is needed and it is very flexible as it can be operated even from your home.

Training and Support

The franchisor assures potential investors of a strong support system all through the operation of your business. Lead referral systems are available to ensure wider reach. Marketing and operational support will also be provided. Intense training, boot camp sessions and meetings will be scheduled with franchisees to ensure they get all the support they need to thrive.

Veteran Incentive 

It further offers a massive $2,000 off its franchise fee in a bid to invite veterans to invest as franchisees.

Having followed this post, you will agree with me that the list of franchise opportunities in New Jersey is inexhaustible. However, the ones listed above can be further researched upon in order to set you on the right path to establishing your own business backed up by the support of the franchisor.

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